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A woman with a big smile holding a business report in front of her computer top benefits of business intelligence

Top Benefits of Business Intelligence Software: 2021 List

Every business needs a fool-proof strategy for improved efficiency, growth, and revenue. Here, we’ll examine the top benefits of business intelligence software. This article will cover how BI works and the best business intelligence tools.  Whether you want improved visibility, easy data-driven decision-making, or higher customer satisfaction, BI can help you. Small, midsize, and large businesses need business intelligence.  What Is Business

A hand throwing a large black die with white dots Essential Statistics Concepts in Data Science

Basic Statistics Concepts Data Scientists Need to Know

Prospective data scientists need to know deep learning, business intelligence, and programming languages. They also need to understand basic statistical concepts. Professionals use these concepts daily for running statistical tests, balancing sample sizes, and defining the relationship between variables. Learning basic statistics concepts allows you to work with independent, dependent, and random variables. Below are the essential statistics concepts in data

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