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The Best Coding Bootcamps in St. Louis

St. Louis may not have a reputation for tech, but several well-known companies call this city home. Bootcamps can make you a great candidate to keep these organizations running smoothly. The best coding bootcamps in St. Louis are tailor-made to give you the skills you need to start a career in tech.

Besides the large tech companies in this city, plenty of work takes place behind the scenes to make our everyday lives better. St. Louis has a rich startup culture and you could be its next success story.

The St. Louis Tech Scene and Job Market

The St. Louis tech scene is growing more every year. Panera Bread, Energizer Batteries, Anheuser-Busch, and Spire Energy all have their headquarters in St. Louis. International companies need help with their tech infrastructure to serve their customers.

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You can also find startups like workplace collaboration software Coolfire Core, employee experience platform Bonfyre, telehealth company SteadyMD, and musician loyalty platform Tunespeak. These modern organizations run almost solely online. They are always looking to hire locally to expand and maintain their systems.

With companies that have a national and local footprint, there are plenty of opportunities to break into tech. Companies in St. Louis are willing to pay the best workers in the scene.

Tech Salaries in St. Louis

The tech salaries in St. Louis are slightly lower than the national average, according to Glassdoor. However, you’re entering a marketplace that has room for advancement.

Entry-level software engineers can expect to make an average of $62,756 a year. Cyber security specialists are looking at an average salary of around $67,387. A DevOps engineer can expect to make $86,424 a year on average.

These salaries are in line with the average salary in St. Louis of almost $65,000 a year. You can live quite comfortably with a tech job in St. Louis, and you might even enjoy it more than your current position. If you’re thinking of making the switch into tech, you can learn new skills with a bootcamp.

The 5 Best St. Louis Coding Bootcamps in 2021

Centriq Training

Courses OfferedFull Stack Web Development, Systems & Security Administration
Program TypesFull-time Immersive
CostAround $19,000
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Government Funds, Private Loans, GI Bill
Scholarships AvailableN/A

Centriq Training is a company that can prepare you for a career in IT. It has locations in both Kansas City and St. Louis.

Centriq focuses on two different career paths: web development and security administration. The full stack development program focuses mostly on the .NET/C# platform, which is popular among St. Louis employers. The systems and security program can teach you how to build and maintain networks using Microsoft Windows Server.

Centriq also makes job placement a priority for graduates. It allocates a portion of your time at the bootcamp to prepare you for the next step. The course and the career placement services cost about the same as an average year of college, so you may have to contact them for an exact figure.

Claim Academy

Courses OfferedJava Full Stack, C#/.Net Full Stack, JavaScript Front End Software Developer, Cyber Security
Program TypesFull-time Immersive, Part-time, Online
Cost$13,998 for Full-time
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Vet Tec, Private Loans, GI Bill
Scholarships$1,000 Recent High School Graduate Scholarship, Minority Scholarship, Veteran Scholarship

Claim Academy is a St. Louis-based accelerated coding bootcamp. It can take you from no coding skills to expert in just three short months. It offers a variety of options depending on your chosen specialization, with evening and online courses for busy students.

Over 200 companies like IBM, Boeing, MasterCard, Wells Fargo, FedEx, and Bayer have hired Claim Academy graduates. It is a great option with a proven track record of helping people break into tech. The program is intensive and asks about 70 hours per week, but with this short high-effort burst, you’ll be prepared for a long-term career.

Claim Academy is good for people who want to learn from a local company instead of a nationwide bootcamp. If you’re based in St. Louis or Kansas City, this bootcamp is a great choice.

General Assembly logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Engineering Immersive, Data Science Immersive, UX Design Immersive, Product Management, Front-End Web Development, JavaScript Development, Python Programming, React Development, Data Analytics, Data Science (Part-time), UX Design (Part-time), Visual Design, Digital Marketing
Program TypesFull-time Immersive, Part-time, Online
Cost$14,950 to $15,950 for Full-time, $2,800 to $3,950 for Part-time
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Income Share Agreement, Private Loans, Installments, GI Bill
Scholarships$10,000 Make It Happen Scholarship, Social Impact Scholarship, Tech Hire Scholarship

If you want a streamlined national experience, General Assembly is the choice for you. It has a wealth of full-time and part-time offerings, and you can find them all online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With General Assembly’s course selection, you can focus on anything from launching products to analyzing data. This bootcamp company has many scholarships and financing options in order to help you take that crucial first step into tech.

General Assembly grads have gone on to work at companies from Google to Microsoft to Conde Nast. Its relationships can help you find a job right when you complete the program.

Savvy Coders

Courses OfferedData Analytics + Python, Full Stack Web Development
Program TypesFull-time Immersive, Part-time, Online
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Private Loans
ScholarshipsSt. Louis Agency on Training and Employment, Tech Hire, Skills/Skill-Up

Woman-owned bootcamp Savvy Coders helps traditionally underrepresented groups break into tech. It wants to make tech more accessible, help communities succeed, and give students a great education. The programs only last 12 weeks, and you’ll also have access to job placement and networking resources.

The Savvy Coders full stack bootcamp can teach beginners how to code. You’ll be learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to start. Then you’ll learn more complicated tools like MongoDB, Heroku and more by building your own website. The data analytics course is for more experienced people, so you may have to work your way up to it.

Savvy Coders is based in St. Louis and Chattanooga. Much like other companies in this field, it has had several successful placements with companies in the area.

Washington University Coding Boot Camp

Courses OfferedCoding, Cyber Security, Data Analytics
Program TypesPart-time, Online
Cost$11,495 to $12,495
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Private Loans, GI Bill
Scholarships$500 Alumni Scholarship

Washington University Coding Boot Camp in St. Louis offers three 24-week courses to help you kick-start your career. You can take a course in coding, cybersecurity, or data analytics. You’ll learn key, in-demand knowledge and techniques in each field.

The coding course covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React, MongoDB, and more. The cybersecurity course can teach you how to keep data safe and prepare you for crucial certifications. The data analytics course can help you find patterns in data. By the end of each program, you’ll be ready for an entry-level job.

Washington University is well-known in St. Louis and worldwide, so the name alone may open doors in the job hunt. It also offers career services to help you land a job once you’ve finished the bootcamp.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is a fast-paced course that can make you an expert in a short period of time. Usually, they don’t ask for prerequisites, and coding bootcamps are much cheaper than a traditional degree.

Many coding bootcamps send out free pre-work to help you prepare. By committing to pre-work and other extra practice, you can learn to code in no time.

Is a St. Louis Coding Bootcamp Right for You?

A St. Louis coding bootcamp is right for you if you’ve been thinking of making the switch into tech. There are plenty of options, whether you want to gain a new skill or improve old ones.

St. Louis is a city with a great concentration of companies large and small that are always on the hunt for new tech talent. If you’re thinking of making the switch to what could be a great career, you’re in the right place. The best St. Louis bootcamps will help you find a good education and a good job.

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