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The Best Coding Bootcamps in Cincinnati

The demand for tech services and talent in the US is at an all-time high and still growing. Roles related to IT and computer science are becoming ever more important to a company’s success. One way to become a part of this growing trend is to attend a coding bootcamp. In this article, we’ll review the best coding bootcamps in Cincinnati, Ohio.

These intensive courses allow you to obtain a specialization in software or web development in no time. We’ll look at the benefits of the top four Cincinnati coding bootcamps so you can discover which one is the right fit for you.

The Cincinnati Tech Scene and Job Market

Cincinnati is one of the largest cities in Ohio and has seen significant growth in its tech industry in the past decade. In 2016, the Cincinnati Business Courier reported that Cincinnati experienced 59.2 percent growth in tech jobs between 2011 and 2016, the second-highest in the Midwest after Indianapolis. More than 18,000 people were employed in high tech software jobs in the city in 2016.

Tech Salaries in Cincinnati

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The salary of a coding specialist in Cincinnati is $19.72 per hour, according to Indeed. Wages will vary depending on the employer, the worker’s rank, and their years of experience. However, it’s important to keep in mind that salaries in this field are rising each year.

The Top 4 Cincinnati Coding Bootcamps in 2021

Max Technical Training

Max Technical Training Logo
Courses Offered.NET Coding and Java Coding
Program TypesFull-Time, Immersive
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Loan Financing
Scholarships AvailableWomen, Veterans

MAX Technical Training organizes bootcamps in Cincinnati and other major US cities. The company’s Cincinnati coding bootcamps are called Cincy Code IT. Full-time courses lasting 11 weeks are offered in full stack, .NET, and Java programming, with a part-time option also available for the latter.

The courses can be attended either in-person or remotely, and are designed for small groups. Both of these programs are intensive, covering a lot of ground in a short period of time. Students will begin by learning the basics of either Java or .NET, then will learn how to apply their knowledge to database management, and web development.

As with many other coding schools, MAX Technical Training also teaches soft skills and offers career counseling to prepare students to start their careers. This training organization is a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner, so you can trust that its instructors will provide a high-quality education.

Nucamp logo
Courses OfferedFront-End Web and Mobile Development, Full-Stack Web and Mobile Development, Web Development Fundamentals
Program TypesOnline, Full-Time, Part-Time, Self-Paced
Financing OptionsDeferred Tuition, Upfront Payment, Month-to-Month Installments, Loan Financing
ScholarshipsActive Duty Military Personnel, Veterans, High School Graduates

Nucamp has offices all over the US, including one in Cincinnati. The school offers a few detailed courses on web and mobile app development and prides itself on its low price point. Among Nucamp graduates, 78 percent are hired into tech roles.

Currently, all Nucamp courses are offered online only. On the weekends, students will attend workshops with their instructors and other industry professionals where they’ll learn to apply the skills they have gained throughout the week.

Web development fundamentals is the only course that’s offered part-time, taking four weeks to complete. The other two full-time web and mobile development programs take 17 weeks.

The two more advanced courses get into topics like user interface frameworks, JavaScript libraries, and how to develop Android apps with software like React Native and iOS.

Inspiring further confidence in these bootcamps, Nucamp hires professional instructors with experience in the tech industry at all of its offices. It’s common for Nucamp teachers to come from companies like Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, or Zillow.

Tech Elevator logo
Courses OfferedCoding Bootcamp
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive, Online
Financing OptionsLocal Government Grants, Hebrew Loan, Person With Disabilities, Veterans & the GI Bill
ScholarshipsRacial and Ethnic Diversity, Gender Diversity

Tech Elevator is one of the most well-known bootcamps in Ohio because of the success of its graduates. According to the school, 92 percent of its graduates land a job in tech within six months of graduating. Before COVID-19, Tech Elevator only offered courses in person at its campuses around the US. However, the pandemic has forced the company to turn to online learning for now.

In the school’s 14-week online coding bootcamp, students will learn full stack development, starting with Java and C#, and moving on to other coding languages. After studying APIs and JavaScript frameworks, students will be able to build their own websites.

Thinkful logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Engineering, UX/UI Design, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Product Management, Data Analytics, Technical Project Management
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive, Online
Financing OptionsInterest-Only Loan Repayment, Upfront Payment, Deferred Tuition
ScholarshipsGender Diversity

Although Thinkful does not have a campus in Cincinnati, it is a very reputable online bootcamp. The school offers both immersive and part-time bootcamps to accommodate students from all walks of life.

The full-time bootcamps take five months to complete and are taught in a live online classroom, from 10am to 5:30pm five days per week. The part-time courses are offered on a completely flexible schedule, with the student deciding when they want to learn.

However, it is suggested that students commit 20 to 30 hours a week to study, as the program must be completed in six months.

In the software development course, students will study both backend and front end development so that they will be fully prepared to take on web development projects independently upon graduation. The course also covers JavaScript and Node and React frameworks.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is an intensive course that gives students the knowledge they need to work at a tech company. Bootcamps usually cover aspects of web and software development and data science. Most of these programs last three to six months, and can be attended either online or in person.

Bootcamps are a popular alternative to a degree at traditional four-year college education because they are much faster and cheaper. Most schools provide a variety of payment plans for students including loans, scholarships, or income share agreements.

Is a Cincinnati Coding Bootcamp Right for You?

If you’re interested in gaining tech skills and are looking for a growing tech scene to join, consider Cincinnati. The bootcamps listed above offer a variety of courses, from front end web development to technical project management.

The demand for software developers is part of an ongoing process of digitization, both in Cincinnati and worldwide. The more companies virtualize their businesses, the more tech talent will be needed to fill these openings, and the salary will reflect this demand.

If you live in Cincinnati and are thinking of attending a bootcamp, you have picked the right time. Due to COVID-19, many bootcamps have adopted more flexible schedules so that students can attend from anywhere and study on their own time. Once you sign up for a Cincinnati coding bootcamp, you’ll be ready to enter the tech workforce in a matter of weeks.

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