Best Angular Bootcamps

The Best Angular Bootcamps

Angular is one of the most popular front end web development tools for writing both simple and complex code. As the demand for programmers who understand Angular has increased, so has the number of Angular bootcamps.

Check out our list of the best Angular bootcamps to find out which institution offers the right curriculum and resources to help you learn Angular quickly.

The Angular bootcamps below have received positive reviews online, and offer flexible payment options and career services to prepare students for a career in tech.

What Is an Angular Bootcamp?

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An Angular bootcamp is a fast-paced, short-term tech program that teaches the in-demand Angular framework. While some coding bootcamps only admit students with experience in tech, most Angular coding bootcamps don’t require prior experience. You can get in as long as you are at least 18 and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

While the timeline for an Angular bootcamp is usually 12 to 14 weeks, some can take up to 52 weeks to complete. The cost can also vary greatly from one bootcamp to the next, but most are cheaper than a university degree.

The Top 8 Angular Bootcamps of 2021

There is a lot of competition in the bootcamp industry but the list below is made up of the eight best Angular bootcamps.

CareerFoundry logo
  • Cost: $690 to $6,900
  • Locations: Berlin, Online
  • Angular Courses Offered: Web Development
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

All CareerFoundry courses are currently taking place online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All programs are flexible and self-paced, taking from eight weeks to 40 weeks to complete.

In the school’s Web Development course, students will learn how to use JavaScript and popular JavaScript frameworks to design the client-side and server-side of a website. In their final project, students will use Angular to build an advanced web or mobile app.

CareerFoundry Financing Options

CareerFoundry’s premium courses can be paid for upfront, through loans, or installments. The installment option is the most popular. With this option, students first make a $1,400 deposit to secure their admission. The rest of the tuition will then be paid in 10 monthly installments.

If you would prefer to take out a loan, you will have to apply for one from Ascent Funding or Climb Credit. The school also has a few free introductory courses.

Codeworks logo
  • Cost: $7,857.85 to 11,847.22
  • Locations: Barcelona, Berlin, London, Toronto, Online
  • Angular Courses Offered: Software Engineering Immersive, Web Development Immersive
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

Codeworks offers 12-week software engineering and web development bootcamps that use Angular frameworks. It is one of the few bootcamps with a 100 percent job placement rate, making it a favorite of prospective developers.

Students will cover Angular and React front end frameworks midway through these two programs. These two courses also cover other programming basics like CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5.

At the end of their course, Codeworks attendees will get the opportunity to network with industry experts as part of its mentorship program.

Codeworks Financing Options

Codeworks offers two primary financing options to its students: upfront and deferred payment. For the upfront payment, students must put down an initial deposit, then make the remainder of their payments before they graduate.

With deferred payment, students don’t need to begin covering their tuition cost until after they have finished school and gotten a job.

DevMountain logo
  • Cost: $4,900 and $9,900
  • Locations: Lehi, Dallas, Online
  • Angular Courses Offered: Web Development
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Devmountain is a web development and design school that offers a range of courses other than Angular, such as iOS Software and Software Quality Assurance.

Angular is part of the curriculum in the Web Development program, which can be taken either full time for 13 weeks, or part time for 43 weeks. Students will learn about Angular alongside front end libraries like React.

For all of its full-time on-campus courses, Devmountain stands out from other bootcamps by providing free housing, allowing students to focus on their education. However, housing isn’t currently available due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Devmountain Financing Options

US citizens or permanent residents can apply for Climb Credit or Ascent Funding to pay their tuition bills. If you have a co-borrower who is also eligible, your chances of getting the loan approved will be higher. You can choose between deferred payment, interest-only payments, and instant repayment.

Epicodus Logo
  • Cost: $11,700
  • Locations: Seattle, Portland, Online
  • Angular Courses Offered: Full-Stack Development, JavaScript
  • Program Types: Part-Time, Full-Time

Epicodus offers a specific JavaScript course that builds on the basics taught in its Introduction to Programming class. In this course, students will spend two weeks studying Angular frameworks.

The full-stack development course, which lasts 27 weeks or 40 weeks depending on whether you attend on a part-time or full-time basis, also covers Angular, AngularJS, .NET, ASP.NET, and more.

All Epicodus programs also include career coaching to help students transition from their course straight into a programming job.

Epicodus Financing Options

At Epicodus, students who pay upfront will get a discount. Still, many students choose to sign up for an income share agreement that allows them to pay their tuition only after they have been hired.

Epicodus also offers loans sponsored by Ascent Funding and Climb Credit, but even if you choose this option, you will still need to pay $100 to secure your spot when you receive your admission letter.


Neoland logo
  • Cost: $6,251 to $7,840.83
  • Locations: Madrid, Online
  • Angular Courses Offered: Full-Stack Bootcamp
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Neoland is a good option for people who want to learn full stack development with an emphasis on JavaScript and Angular. The third module in this course is focused on creating interactive websites with Angular frameworks. This includes adding animations.

The 12- or 24-week course also includes a mentorship program and career placement services.

Neoland Financing Options

There isn’t a lot of information available about how you can pay your Neoland tuition. The school recommends students directly contact the admissions department if they have questions.


Pragra logo
  • Cost: $3,000 to $8,000
  • Locations: Toronto, Online
  • Angular Courses Offered: Java Full-Stack Developer
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

Pragra is a flexible coding bootcamp that offers a job guarantee after the programs are completed. The school offers a 16-week Java full-stack development program that includes 12 lectures on Angular. Students will learn how to use the framework to enhance user experience. This includes Angular directives and forms, and routers.

Apart from Angular, the program also covers how to build database backed applications, and how to deploy those apps on cloud servers.

Praga Financing Options

The two financing options available at Praga are upfront payment and loan financing. With the upfront option, you will be required to pay a portion at the beginning of the program, then pay the remainder a few weeks into the course.

If you opt for a loan, Ascent Funding or Climb Credit will cover your tuition. Then, you’ll start repaying your loan with interest after you have landed a job.

Skill Distillery logo
  • Cost: $14,950 or $19,950
  • Locations: Colorado, Denver, Online
  • Angular Courses Offered: Full-Stack Development with Java
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Skill Distillery is one of the most popular training institutes for full-stack web development. This program lasts 12 to 16 weeks and helps students build all the technical skills they need to start a career in tech.

Angular is one of the focuses of the front end development portions of Skill Distillery’s full stack program. However, the course also covers much more, like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and programming frameworks like Git and Spring.

Skill Distillery Financing Options

Skill Distillery offers a range of financing options, from scholarships and loan financing to income share agreements.

Students who can afford to pay upfront at Skill Distillery will be required to pay a $1,000 deposit when they are accepted, then $18,950 when the 16-week Java full-stack development program starts.

The easiest option for students might be the school’s ISA and zero percent interest loans. These loans and the ISA don’t need to be repaid until after the graduate has secured their first job.

Tech Elevator logo
  • Cost: $15,500
  • Locations: National Live Remote, Chicago, Charlotte, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas, Pittsburgh.
  • Tech Elevator Courses Offered: .NET for Web Development, Java for Web Development
  • Program Types: Part-Time, Flex

With a 92 percent job placement rate, Tech Elevator has grown to become one of the most reliable bootcamps for launching a career in tech. The courses mentioned above include lessons on Angular, .Net, C#, and CSS, as well as JavaScript frameworks.

The bootcamp also offers great career services to prepare students for the tech industry. This bootcamp has gained a reputation for having the best career readiness program in the industry.

Tech Elevator Financing Options

Tech Elevator offers loan financing from Ascent Funding and SallieMae. Both options give you a chance to repay your debt after you’ve graduated and gotten a high-paying job and you will get additional cash to cover living expenses.

You can also pay your tuition with GI Bills, get disability discounts, local government grants, and the free Hebrew loan among others. Many other external forces offer scholarships to bootcamp students.

Best Web Angular Job Opportunities

With so many bootcamps offering courses in Angular frameworks, it’s clear that this skill is in high demand. Learning Angular for web development can open the door to many new opportunities in tech. Below are just a couple of the options out there.

Web Developer

This one is a no-brainer since this is probably the main reason you decided to study Angular. Countless companies are seeking developers with knowledge of Angular frameworks. Although there is currently a high demand for web developers, it’s best to gain all the skills you can now so you’ll remain competitive even if the job market gets crowded.

Angular Instructor

If you don’t want to work as a web developer, you may want to consider a job teaching Angular frameworks to others. There aren’t many live instructors for Angular out there, so this may be a good way to put your skills to use. You can start my working at a coding bootcamp, or look for work in a formal college setting.

Why You Should Enroll in an Angular Bootcamp

You should enroll in an Angular bootcamp because knowledge of this web development framework will make you more valuable in the tech industry. Since Angular is used with the very popular language JavaScript, it is likely to remain relevant for years to come.

With Angular as part of your coding toolkit, you will have an edge over other developers when it comes to landing a well-paid job. Developers in the US who can make Angular applications earn between $58,492 to $94,740 per year.

Find a training program that will help you start your tech career journey.


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