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the Best Online Automation Testing Courses in 2021

Automation testing is a technique for testing software based on comparing the expected outcome and the true outcome. Automated tests are used mainly in graphical user interface testing and API-driven testing.

Manual tests require a lot of time and effort to ensure that software code performs as designed. Automation testing can save time, and many aspiring software testers are turning to online courses to help them learn about the software testing process. The following article focuses on the best online automation testing courses.

What Is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is the process of using automation tools to manage, test, and improve software quality. This is the opposite of manual testing, which is done by humans rather than a computer program. Automated testing uses code analysis, unit tests, integration tests, and automated acceptance tests.

What Will You Learn in an Automation Testing Course?

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You’ll begin with the basics and progress to measuring fault-finding effectiveness in a test suite. You will also develop an understanding of Selenium Webdriver Challenges using real-life examples. A standard automation testing course should focus on developing skills in software testing and programming languages.

Different automation testing courses have different lessons. Most are categorized according to education level, from beginner to advanced. This allows newcomers to learn the basics and professionals to upskill.

Top Online Automation Testing Courses in 2021 at a Glance

There are many automation testing courses available online. To make the selection process easier for you, we’ve compiled a list featuring 10 of the best online automation testing courses. The table below outlines the price, length, and certificate options. More details are provided on each course later in the article.

Provider and Course Price Length Certificate
Google (through Coursera)
Automating Real-World Tasks with Python
Membership subscription ($49-$79 per month) 13 hours Yes
Selenium WebDriver With Java-
Novice To Ninja + Interview
$194.99 Self-paced, 43+
hours of lectures
Selenium Webdriver with PYTHON
from Scratch + Frameworks
$114.99 Self-paced, 18+
hours of lectures
Automating Tasks with Python
$69.99 Self-paced, 17+
hours of lectures
Mobile Automation: Appium Cucumber
for Android&iOS + Jenkins
$114.99 Self-paced, six
hours of lectures
Learn SDET Essentials
$114.99 Self-paced, 10
hours of lectures
University of Minnesota (through Coursera)
Software Testing and Automation Specialization
Membership subscription
($49-$79 per month)
Four months Yes
University of Minnesota (through Coursera)
Introduction to Automated Analysis
Membership subscription
($49-$79 per month)
Approximately 19
hours to complete
University of Minnesota (through Coursera)
Introduction to Software Testing
Membership subscription
($49-$79 per month)
Approximately 30
hours to complete
University of Minnesota (through Coursera)
Software Development Processes and Methodologies
Membership subscription
($49-$79 per month)
Approximately 22
hours to complete
Best Automation Testing Courses of 2021

Best Automation Testing Courses of 2021

Automation testing courses are usually categorized according to student level. With that said, most software testing courses will start with the basics of programming languages. As you advance, you’ll learn how to test with Selenium and other automated testing tools. We’ve provided details on the best courses below.

Automating Real-World Tasks with Python by Google

This Google course is ideal for students with no background in automation or software testing. According to the course page, over 38,000 students have enrolled in this program. It has a 98 percent positive rating, making it a strong choice from a top tech company.

By the end of the course, you will have learned how to use external Python models and how to use code to communicate. The course covers manipulating images, interacting with web services, and automatic output generation. Upon completion, you’ll receive a shareable certificate that can be used in resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Automating Tasks with Python by Udemy

For this program, you’ll need to have Python and basic computer skills. It doesn’t require programming or coding experience. Python is a popular choice for artificial intelligence and automation, and this course focuses on that programming language.

By the end of the course, you’ll have learned Python, including reading and writing files using Python script. You’ll also learn how to encrypt a PDF file and extract information from a website using Python. This course is ideal for those looking to start their journey in programming or automation.

Introduction to Automated Analysis by the University of Minnesota

This course is ideal for intermediate students looking to advance their knowledge in automated analysis. You’ll dip your toes into automated analysis, static analysis, and automated test generation.

The subscription option through Coursera allows you to take as many courses as you want. You can study online at your own pace as the videos are accessible at any time. The total duration of the program is 19 hours.

Introduction to Software Testing by the University of Minnesota

If you are looking for an advanced course, consider this program delivered by the University of Minnesota through Coursera. It takes about 30 hours to complete. During this time, you’ll learn about the theory of testing, develop and implement test plans to help with the software development lifecycle, and write good unit tests through a series of coding assignments.

The course is a popular choice for those looking to advance their knowledge in software development testing as over 29,000 students have enrolled. You will receive a certificate when you graduate that can be added to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Mobile Automation: Appium Cucumber for Android&iOS + Jenkins by Udemy

This course is a good option for beginners without prior coding experience. Offering 55+ video lectures with hands-on training material, this program is delivered by experienced software engineers who are widely familiar with many automation tools, including Appium and Watir.

The course is composed of 60 lectures, which cover different automation tools, including Appium, Selenium, and Cucumber. You’ll learn to install all the tools necessary to start automation and use basic elements to work on iOS and Android app projects.

SDET/Test Architect Essentials -Road to Full-stack QA by Udemy

This intermediate-level course is suitable for automation testers, quality assurance (QA) engineers, and software engineers looking to advance their knowledge in Selenium and TestNG. You must be well versed in Java and have some knowledge of Selenium to enroll in this course. You’ll learn more about dockerization, dynamic monitoring of server logs using Java, integrating Selenium with Docker, and Windows batch job scripting.

Students have access to online tutorials, and the course takes about 74 lectures to complete. A certificate is awarded upon graduation.

Selenium WebDriver With Java - Novice To Ninja + Interview by Udemy

This course from Udemy has over 31,000 enrolled students, the majority of whom have given the course a positive rating. It is ideal for those with no automation, Java, coding, or programming experience.

The course covers essential automation concepts, including Java, data types, Selenium Webdriver architecture, and ways to locate elements. Upon graduation, you’ll receive a certificate.

Selenium Webdriver with PYTHON from Scratch + Frameworks by Udemy

With over 33,000 students enrolled in this course, the Selenium Webdriver with PYTHON from Scratch + Frameworks is a popular choice for beginners looking to get into the software automation field. The course is delivered online and students have lifetime instructor support, meaning you can contact your instructor even after you’ve completed the course.

The course covers Python automation using Selenium Webdriver as well as Python Unit Test frameworks like PyTest, which is helpful for integration testing. The program puts a special emphasis on Python as it is a popular choice for implementing artificial intelligence.

Software Development Processes and Methodologies by the University of Minnesota

If you are looking for a flexible online class, consider the University of Minnesota’s Software Development Processes and Methodologies. The program is ideal for newbies as it introduces the learners to software development, processes, and traditional models. This means that no prior experience is required.

The faculty instructors are experienced software engineers. They will help you learn the software development process and other development models. According to Coursera, 33 percent of the students who completed this course started a new career.

Software Testing and Automation Specialization by the University of Minnesota

This specialization course is suitable for advanced learners. It consists of four sub-courses, each of which has a practical project. To complete the course and earn a certificate, you have to complete all four sub-courses, which will take about four months to do.

You’ll learn all about software testing, web and mobile testing with Selenium, and automated analysis in this program. There is also a self-paced learning option that allows students to access the videos and other tutorials at any time.

Automation Testing Certifications

Certifications are an excellent way of proving your skills in a specific field or discipline. Earning one could be the difference between being offered a job and that same job going to another candidate. Most certifications are issued to students who pass a series of exams.

In some cases, certifications are awarded to professionals who have worked for several years in the field. Here are some popular automation testing certifications.

Holders of this certification have demonstrated proficiency and a high level of competence in software testing principles. The test costs $100, which students must pay upon completing the application forms.

This certification program requires students to have completed a three or four-year bachelor’s degree program from an accredited university or college-level institution. If you do not meet this requirement, you need at least three years of professional experience in software testing or a related field.

If you are new to the software testing industry, you should consider acquiring this certification. The CSTP certification will give you a deeper and broader understanding of software testing. The application includes a non-refundable fee of $50.

Next Steps After Your Course

There are a few things you could do after completing your course. Consider getting certified. Certifications are a great way to prove your skills in a given field. They also give you an advantage when applying for competitive job positions.

Another option that you should consider after graduating is acquiring work experience. Software testing requires hours and hours of practice. It would be best if you took on side projects to help you improve your coding skills. As you do so, remember to keep up-to-date with communities and forums dedicated to automation or software testing.

Should You Learn Automation Testing?

Yes. There is a rise in demand for software testers and automation testing makes that job easier. Taking online courses in automation testing is the fastest way to become a professional software tester.

If you are interested in a career in the information technology field as a software tester, you should learn automation testing. You may even be able to find free online courses for automation testing. After completing a course, consider earning professional certifications to improve your employment prospects.

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