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The Best Coding Bootcamps in Washington, DC.

Searching for the best Washington, DC coding bootcamp can be draining. In this guide, we have narrowed down your options to the five best bootcamps in the city. These bootcamps offer courses that can help you make a successful career change, or earn a promotion at your current workplace.

The Washington, DC, area is home to a large number of tech professionals, from data scientists and data analysts to programmers, and there are still many more positions opening up in the industry. Attending a data science or programming bootcamp can easily help you access these varied opportunities.

Washington, DC Tech Scene and Job Market

Washington, DC is an exceptional place to launch your tech career. The city is home to many STEM practitioners, and there’s plenty of venture capital to go around.

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Many DC-based companies are seeking employees with skills in cloud security, business intelligence, and cybersecurity. The list of start-up companies who have recently moved into the area is long. Among those now based in the city are HireBid, Aspired Technologies, CareerGig, RedGov, and Bumblebee Data.

In a bid to lure Amazon to DC, the governor took the initiative to try to double the number of computer science graduates in the district. He has worked with Virginia Tech to develop a platform that will help recent graduates fill the numerous openings in software engineering, data science, data analytics, and computer science in DC.

According to the Brookings Institution, Washington, DC is one of the most inclusive tech cities in the country. There are even special venture capital funds dedicated to female tech practitioners in DC. The city is the headquarters of movements such as Black Female Founders, Black Girl Ventures, DCFemTech, and Beacon DC.

Washington, DC hosts many tech companies that are always on the lookout for highly skilled employees. By taking the right courses, you can land a job at Microsoft, Deloitte, Leidos, IBM, Oracle, or Accenture. These companies are continually advertising tech openings on their official websites.

DC is already well-known for employing tech professionals at the federal level. And with Amazon currently setting up camp in the city at an office that is expected to open in 2023, it’s reputation as a diverse tech hub is guaranteed to grow.

Tech Salaries in Washington, DC

According to Salary.com, a Washington, DC-based software engineer earns an average of $77,972 per year. This average may even increase due to the growing demand for programmers in the city.

The top companies in the area offer handsome pay and comprehensive benefits. The average IT employee in DC earns about $117,000 per year. The Department of Transportation, Department of Labor, and Department of Defense pay their IT professionals at least $125,000. Tech leaders like SAIC, Verizon, DXC Technology, and The CSI Companies pay their personnel anywhere from $127,121 to $132,480.

A database administrator in DC will earn about $106,678 per year, the highest average of any US city. This includes 401(k), visa sponsorship, and paid vacation time.

The Top 5 Washington, DC Coding Bootcamps in 2021

Washington, DC is a huge draw for both budding and established companies. The capital is home to many coding schools that offer bootcamps that will make it much easier for you to enter the city’s tech market. Below are five exceptional institutions that offer classes in many tech specializations, such as software engineering, data science, and programming.

Code Partners

Code Partners logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Development
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive, Part-Time, Online
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Income Share Agreement, Private Loans
Scholarships Available70 percent off for veterans, women, and college students

Code Partners has many study options. You can choose to attend only part-time if your schedule doesn’t allow for a full-time bootcamp. These software and mobile application development courses are taught in Bethesda, Maryland. This institution is a good option whether you want to change your career or improve your existing skills.

You can apply on the Code Partners website, at which point you will be required to take a technical test and pass a technical interview. This is to gauge your level of expertise, and to determine whether the bootcamp you have applied for will effectively help you achieve your goals.

The full-time courses cover essential coding topics including a variety of programming languages, full-stack web development techniques, and basic product management skills.

Coding Temple logo
Courses OfferedFull-Stack Immersive Web Development, Full-Stack Python + Data Science
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive, Part-Time, Online
Cost$12,995 for Full-Time
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Income Share Agreement, Private Loans
Scholarships$500 for veterans, women, and college students

Coding Temple provides training in full-stack coding and data science fundamentals. The bootcamps can be taken in person in Washington, DC, or online.

In the full-stack coding bootcamp, you can expect to learn about JavaScript, jQuery, MVC, and ASP.NET. The data science course covers SQL, Python, React, and NumPy. The instructor will also teach best practices for coding and will show how to build industry-standard applications using Agile development processes.

You can fill out your application online, and the team will evaluate your goals and expectations before accepting you. Once you have been accepted, you should complete 60 hours of online learning before the first class begins.

Data Science Dojo logo
Courses OfferedData Science and Data Engineering
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive, Part-Time, Online
Cost$2,799 for Full-Time
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Income Share Agreement, Private Loans

At this data science bootcamp, you will learn data science or data engineering through a comprehensive hands-on approach. You will study the theory behind data science and will apply it using tools such as Amazon Web Services and Azure. The curriculum also delves into artificial intelligence, business intelligence, data analytics, data structures, data visualization, and Hadoop software.

The instructor will teach you the best practices of machine learning, and how to deploy machine learning models. The instructors are experts in data science, data engineering, and software development. These classes are suitable for beginners and professional developers. However, having some experience with one of the most common programming languages will make your learning experience much easier.

If you decide to cancel your Data Science Dojo application, your registration fee will be refunded. You can also transfer your registration fee to another bootcamp in the area.

Nucamp logo
Courses OfferedFull-Stack Web and Mobile Application Development
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive, Part-Time, Online
Cost$1,880 for Full-Time, $1,480 for Part-Time
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Income Share Agreement, Private Loans
Scholarships$50,000 available for veterans, high school graduates, and economically disadvantaged individuals

This is a great online option if you want to learn about web and mobile development in a part-time, self-paced setting. The experienced instructors have backgrounds in many programming languages, including HTML and CSS.

The instructors will teach you how to code using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, NativeScript, MongoDB, Git, jQuery, and Express.js. You will also study DevOps techniques and data structures. As part of the coursework, you will also complete some team projects.

Pragmatic Institute

Pragmatic Institute logo
Courses OfferedApplied Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence with TensorFlow and Keras, Data Science Fellowship
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive, Part-Time, Online
Cost$3,495 for Full-Time
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Income Share Agreement, Private Loans

These data science courses are for individuals working in STEM who want to give their skills a boost. These immersive courses will help you gain world-class skills, and provide career coaching services to help you enter the tech industry.

Anyone interested in tech can easily apply online, but you are more likely to get accepted if you have a background in statistics, scripting, or programming.

The instructors will cover topics including artificial intelligence, machine learning, Python, data visualization, data analytics, SQL, and business intelligence. All of the instructors at Pragmatic Institute have years of experience in data science.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is a training platform that helps students learn how to code in a short amount of time. In the training sessions, aspiring tech professionals will build practical and professional skills that they will apply to careers in web and mobile app development, data science, artificial intelligence, or machine learning.

Coding bootcamps are an excellent education option if you want a career in tech. These courses are the most thorough way to gain experience in programming languages and web frameworks.

There are different types of coding bootcamps, so choose the one that works best with your schedule and preferences. You can sign up for part-time, full-time, in-person, or online bootcamps.

Is a Washington, DC Coding Bootcamp Right for You?

Yes, if you want to learn programming, a Washington, DC coding bootcamp is a good choice. After attending one of these bootcamps, you will leave equipped with all the knowledge you need to start your career in DC’s growing tech industry. These platforms play an important role in training new talent who will go on to create innovative tech solutions.

According to Indeed, most tech employers consider job applicants who have graduated from bootcamps as equal to those who have obtained bachelor’s degrees in computer science. Since they are shorter and less expensive, coding bootcamps are a great alternative to a degree. Attending a coding bootcamp in Washington, DC is a great starting point to reaching your tech career goals.

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