The Best Web Design Bootcamps

Web design is often considered one of the most interesting tech fields. More people are studying to become UX designers and UI designers so that they have access to rewarding careers and high salaries. The best web design bootcamps help students start their career transition as they learn all the necessary skills to stand out in the industry.

What Is a Web Design Bootcamp?

Web design bootcamps are intensive training programs that teach students how to design websites within a short period. They’re a lot more affordable than traditional degrees. Bootcamps also help students build both professional and practical skills.

The average web design bootcamp takes six months to complete, although some can be longer or shorter. Bootcamps have a focused curriculum that covers popular programming languages. The programs help students learn in-demand skills and secure a job in the tech industry.

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This type of training program is similar to that of trade schools. Web design bootcamps often offer full-time and part-time programs with online and in-person options. Students can choose the program that suits them the most.

The 10 Best Web Design Bootcamps in 2021

Web design bootcamps have become quite popular. They offer programs that help students prepare for careers in tech. The ten best are surveyed below.

BrainStation logo
  • Cost: $3,250
  • Locations: New York City, Miami, London, Toronto, Vancouver, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

BrainStation is a UX and UI design bootcamp that provides project-based learning experiences. It has both full-time and part-time programs.

The curriculum of this UX design program includes key concepts and techniques in web design. Students will learn how to apply these techniques in their project work.

They learn to design web pages by considering the needs of the users. Students work on projects and test the design’s functionality. These projects become part of their portfolio for job searches.

BrainStation Financing Options

BrainStation offers a few financing options through scholarship opportunities and flexible payment plans. Students can also pay their tuition in monthly installments.

The school has a diverse scholarship program with options for women, students from diverse backgrounds, college students or recent graduates, veterans, and entrepreneurs.

CareerFoundry logo
  • Cost: $6,900
  • Locations: Berlin, Online
  • Program Types: Part-Time, Flex

CareerFoundry is a Berlin-based online bootcamp that offers flexibly paced programs. It has courses in UX Design, UI Design, web development, and also a data analytics program.

Its UX design programs explore the processes involved in UX design, including rapid prototyping, user testing and research, iterative design, responsive design, and interaction design. Students will also learn to use tools like Sketch, Balsamiq, InVision, and Figma.

This UI design course explores visual design principles, responsive design, designing for platforms, and mockups. As they learn UI design, students will gain experience in prototyping, wireframing, UX design, and testing.

CareerFoundry Financing Options

CareerFoundry offers an installment payment option. Students must first pay a $1,400 deposit to secure a place in the program. Then, one month after the program starts, students make monthly payments for the next ten months.

DevMountain logo
  • Cost: $7,900
  • Locations: Dallas, Lehi, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

Devmountain is a design school and coding bootcamp in Dallas. It offers a multi-faceted UX design course that covers the design process.

Students learn web and mobile design principles in this program. They practice ideation, creative discovery, wireframing, critical thinking, basic front end development, and research collection.

They also learn how to apply modern web design standards during the product creation process. At the end of the program, they test their products on several devices to measure the effectiveness.

Devmountain Financing Options

Devmountain students can either pay upfront, use a scholarship, or apply for loan financing with one of the school’s lending partners. The school’s lending partners are Skills Fund and Climb Credit.

Both lending partners offer low-interest loans and stipends for living expenses.

Students can also apply for scholarships at this bootcamp. Devmountain offers several scholarships to people who have shown great strength in the face of adversity.

General Assembly logo
  • Cost: $14,950
  • Locations: Los Angeles, Boston, New York City, London, Washington, Online, Atlanta, Singapore, Melbourne, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Toronto, Paris, Detroit, Raleigh, Minneapolis, Austin, Sydney, San Francisco, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

General Assembly offers a variety of courses at campuses around the world. The courses are immersive and are held either onsite or online.

Students in this program get hands-on experience using important tactics like prototyping, wireframing, user research, and usability testing. The curriculum also dives deep into user and visual interface design. Other important topics the program covers include design leadership and service design.

General Assembly Financing Options

At General Assembly, students can use an Income Share Agreement (ISA) to defer their tuition until after they secure a job. After that, they can repay with monthly installments. The school also has bootcamp scholarship programs for underrepresented people in tech.

Lastly, students can finance their tuition through the school’s lending partners. General Assembly’s lending partners are Meritize and Climb Credit.

Ironhack logo
  • Cost: $12,000
  • Locations: Miami, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, São Paulo, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Ironhack is an online and onsite design bootcamp that offers full-time and part-time courses. Some of the programs are data analytics, web development, and UX or UI design.

Students learn the fundamentals of design as well as how to validate ideas from user research. They also learn heuristic evaluation and rapid prototyping. The program ends with a capstone project where students build a project from scratch to launch.

Ironhack Financing Options

Ironhack has two financing options. Students can choose to either pay upfront or use a loan. The school has partnered with Skills Fund and Climb Credit to ease the financial burden of the tuition payment.

Skills Fund offers living expenses on top of covering the cost of tuition. Students also have the option of customizing their repayment plans. Thankfully, employment history and current income do not affect a student’s eligibility for the loan.

Kenzie Academy logo
  • Cost: $11,000
  • Locations: Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Kenzie Academy is a web design bootcamp that offers a project-based full-time program in UX engineering.

During this program, students get a basic introduction to visual design, research, copywriting, presentation, and project management. At the end of the course, students will be skilled enough to land user experience design roles. They will also learn to make a product usable, useful, and enjoyable for users.

Kenzie Academy Financing Options

Kenzie Academy’s three main financing options are installments, upfront payments, and loans. With the installment plan, students can choose either a 12-month or 24-month plan.

Students can also finance their tuition with Skills Fund, the school’s lending partner. Skills Fund provides students with loans to cover their tuition and repayments don’t start until after they find a job.

LearningFuze logo
  • Cost: $3,995
  • Locations: Online, Orange County, Irvine
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

LearningFuze is a coding bootcamp with live, virtual classrooms and onsite training. Students learn to create intuitive designs in the school’s UX design program.

The curriculum teaches students how to use powerful design tools like Figma, InVision, and Adobe XD. Projects are used to teach students how to apply what they have learned. In the end, students will become seasoned web designers ready for the job market.

LearningFuze Financing Options

Students can finance their tuition by either paying upfront or using a loan. If they choose to pay upfront, they will be eligible for a discount.

Skills Fund is the school’s lending partner. Skills Fund provides students with loans to cover their tuition. It offers fixed interest rates with a monthly repayment option.

Springboard logo
  • Cost: $10,000
  • Locations: Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Springboard is an online coding bootcamp that offers immersive programs. Students receive great one-on-one support even though all of its programs are online.

This web design bootcamp offers a UX and UI design career track. The program’s curriculum covers design projects as well as an externship with industry clients. Students will get the opportunity to explore all stages of the design process.

They go from design thinking to ideating and then to sketching. After nine months, students graduate with the right mindset for a web design career as well as a great portfolio.

Springboard Financing Options

Springboard has a few ways to pay for the bootcamp, which include paying upfront or paying by installments. Students can also choose to use loans with the school’s finance partners.

Students who pay upfront are eligible for a 14 percent tuition discount, while those who choose to pay by installments can spread the payments into nine monthly segments. The school also allows students to defer their tuition and pay when they graduate and secure a job.

The Tech Academy logo
  • Cost: $19,974
  • Locations: Portland, Online, Salt Lake City
  • Program Types: Part-Time, Full-Time

The Tech Academy offers online and onsite immersive web design programs. The UX design course at this school is for students who already have some knowledge of programming.

Students learn to create aesthetically pleasing programs and websites that are easy to use. The curriculum is combined with full stack development and it covers different programming languages. Students start from basic coding and then move on to create sleek user interfaces and provide a user-friendly experience.

The Tech Academy Financing Options

Students in this bootcamp can defer tuition by signing an ISA. This way they don’t need to pay upfront. Students won’t need to repay the tuition until after they secure a tech job.

Also, students have the option of paying with a loan from the school’s lending partners. The Tech Academy’s lending partners are Climb Credit, Affirm, and Supermoney. They all offer varying terms with a single goal of reducing the financial burden of tuition.

Thinkful logo
  • Cost: $12,150
  • Locations: Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

Thinkful is a fully online bootcamp that has fast-paced and career-ready programs. This coding bootcamp offers an immersive online course for aspiring UX/UI designers. Students at Thinkful learn the basics of design and apply them while completing their own projects. This forms a part of their portfolio.

Thinkful Financing Options

This bootcamp offers a few financing options to help its students pay their tuition. Students have the option of using an ISA where they can defer tuition payments until after they start their career.

It also has an installment payment option that allows students to spread out their tuition into monthly payments. Or, they can opt for a loan from Skills Fund, the school’s lending partner. Lastly, students can make an upfront payment if they can afford to.

The school also has a scholarship program that provides scholarships to veterans, women, and non-binary people. If eligible, students can use a scholarship to reduce tuition costs.

Web Design Bootcamp Job Opportunities

According to a LinkedIn report, UX design is a top in-demand skill. As UX also becomes a factor for Google ranking, this will continue in 2021. Businesses will need to concentrate on their website UX to stand out among their competitors.

This creates a viable market for web designers who specialize in UX design. It is an excellent field for people considering a career change. It welcomes transferable skills as well as varied life experiences. Below are some of the job opportunities available to web design bootcamp graduates.

UX Designers

These experts are considered the jack of all trades in web design. UX designers participate in all stages of the user experience process. However, they don’t specialize in any single function. They take part in user research, implementing what they learn to create a UX strategy in collaboration with stakeholders.

UI Designers

UI design follows the principles of UX. It applies them to the product’s interface, which includes the website screen layout, menu, sitemap, and form placement. Since the focus is on the user interface, a UI designer’s job is designing all screens the user engages with. They create visual elements and interactive properties.

Interaction Designer

Interaction designers focus on the product interface. However, they do so from a different angle than UI designers. Interaction designers do not create the look or arrange the interface like UI designers.

Rather, they focus on how the user interacts with the interface. They check how menus slide off the screen or the transition that follows an open window.

UX Researchers

UX researchers oversee and conduct research. They interview people to discover what makes them tick. The results of this research can then be used to propose product solutions. They also conduct competitive analysis and create user personas.

Why You Should Enroll in a Web Design Bootcamp

Web design bootcamps are cheaper alternatives to university degrees. They teach you in-demand skills that turn you from novice to professional in a few months. Priding themselves on job readiness, bootcamps structure their curricula to match the requirements of employers.

If you have a flair for web design, a bootcamp would be a good place to start.

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