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The Best Coding Bootcamps in Phoenix

You may not think of Phoenix, Arizona when you’re thinking of big tech cities. However, the Phoenix tech industry has quietly grown in the past few years. Some people now call it the Silicon Desert. If you’re in the area, you can take advantage of this boom with the best Phoenix coding bootcamps.

Phoenix didn’t build up its scene overnight. The strong real estate market and startup culture has led plenty of investors to this city. Your tech career could be off to a fast start after just a few weeks with the right bootcamp.

The Phoenix Tech Scene and Job Market

Phoenix’s tech scene is very strong, with at least 24 well-known companies calling it home. These companies include big names like Lyft and PayPal, and lesser-known businesses like Apriva and Kudelski Security.

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Because there’s such a diverse set of businesses in the area, you can get an awesome tech job in almost any industry. Software engineers can help build and maintain rideshare apps and point of sale systems. UI/UX designers can make those same apps attractive and user-friendly. If you have tech expertise, you’ll be able to find your niche in Phoenix.

Many companies are constantly looking for ways to increase their market share. In order to up their offerings, they’re going to need capable workers. And they’re willing to pay them well.

Tech Salaries in Phoenix

A high concentration of tech companies means a host of good options for workers. Like the tech havens in Los Angeles and San Francisco, plenty of Phoenix businesses pay competitive wages for talented workers.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average software engineer in Phoenix makes around $86,700 per year. The average cyber security engineer makes around $105,234 per year, and the average DevOps engineer makes around $100,902 per year.

These figures are calculated from a mixture of third-party data and job postings on the site. They’re an accurate picture of how much you can earn straight from the companies making the listings.

The Top 5 Phoenix Coding Bootcamps in 2021

Galvanize logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Engineering, Data Science, Python Fundamentals
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive, Part-Time, Online
Cost$17,980 for Full-Time and Part-Time, Free Prep Courses
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Income Share Agreement, Private Loans, G.I. Bill
Scholarships AvailableWe Stand Together Racial Equity Scholarship, General Scholarship, Galvanize and Iterable Scholarship + Paid Internship

Galvanize offers great courses. They come with a high price tag, but they make up for it by offering thorough and immersive options. They focus on three basic courses, which you can take full-time or part-time.

Due to COVID-19, the full-time courses have become online courses. This benefits people in and outside of the Phoenix area by making education more accessible. Galvanize offers free prep courses that will prepare you for more rigorous learning.

They also offer an impressive scholarship with Iterable, a cross-channel marketing platform. This scholarship covers your full tuition at Galvanize while offering a $1,500 monthly stipend. After your bootcamp is complete, they transition you into a paid internship at Iterable. It’s hard to top getting paid to switch careers and get a head start on your tech resume.

General Assembly logo
Courses OfferedData Science, Software Engineering, UX Design, Visual Design, Product Management, Data Analytics, Front-End Web Development, UX Design (Part-Time), Digital Marketing, Data Science (Part-Time), React, JavaScript, Python
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive, Part-Time, Online
Cost$14,950 - $15,950 for Full-Time, $2,800 - $3,950 for Part-Time
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Income Share Agreement, Private Loans, Installments, G.I. Bill
Scholarships$10,000 Make It Happen Scholarship, Social Impact Scholarship, Tech Hire Scholarship

General Assembly is one of the largest companies on the bootcamp scene. They have the resources to make them a fantastic option for newcomers. They have over 30 campuses and 19,000 hiring partners, which includes classes and connections in Phoenix.

General Assembly has moved online due to COVID-19, but you’ll still receive a top-notch education from one of their acclaimed instructors. Because of their size, General Assembly offers diverse courses for newcomers and professionals alike.

They also have generous financing options, so if you’re worried about how to pay for it, just know that their courses are more affordable than they seem. With so many companies looking to General Assembly for their next tech employee, you’re on the right track no matter which course you choose.

Tech Talent South logo
Courses OfferedCode Immersion, JavaScript Application Development, Data Science
Program TypesFull-Time, Part-Time
Cost$6,750 for Full-Time, $4,750 for Part-Time
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Income Share Agreement, Private Loans, Split Payment, G.I. Bill
ScholarshipsGeneral Scholarships, Diversity and Veteran Scholarship, Women in Tech Scholarship

Tech Talent South offers some of the highest regarded bootcamps in the Phoenix, AZ area. They’re particularly known for their code immersion bootcamp.

The code immersion bootcamp teaches students the basics of web development, whether front-end or backend. At the end of the course, you’ll walk away with your own app for your portfolio. Tech Talent South gets a lot of attention from prospective employers. Graduates of their bootcamps have gone on to work at companies like RedHat, Amazon, Google, and more.

Tech Talent South offers general bootcamp scholarships along with special scholarships for diversity, veterans, and women in tech. The company itself is led by women, so they care about helping marginalized people enter the tech world.

Thinkful logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design, Product Management, Technical Project Management, Digital Marketing
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive, Part-Time, Online
Cost$7,500 - $18,500 for Full-Time, $4,500 - $7000 for Part-Time
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Deferred Tuition, Income Share Agreement (with or without stipend), Month-to-Month, Private Loans, G.I. Bill
Scholarships$600 - $1,200 for Veterans, $600 - $1,200 for Women

This is another company with a host of campuses and hiring partners around the country. Thinkful offers networking events and a Slack with your fellow students to help you build a community. Their classes range from digital marketing to software engineering. You could learn how to build a website, design the UI/UX, and then market it all at the same institution.

Thinkful offers a wide range of scholarships and amazing payment structures. They have a unique tuition refund guarantee if you haven’t found a job in your industry within 180 days of graduation. The generous financing options make Thinkful a front-runner when it comes to an affordable start in tech.

University of Arizona Coding Boot Camp

University of Arizona Coding Boot Camp logo
Courses OfferedCoding, Data Analytics, UX/UI
Program TypesFull-Time, Part-Time, Online
Cost$12,495 for Full-Time Coding, $9,995 for Part-Time or Online Coding, $11,745 for Data Analytics, $10,245 for UX/UI
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Payment Plans
Scholarships$500 for University of Arizona Alumni

The University of Arizona is a couple of hours outside of Phoenix. They have a robust online service and a big name that makes their bootcamps worthwhile. Their coding courses are fast-paced and designed to get you started with your dream position quickly.

After you’ve wrapped up your bootcamp, you can take advantage of the University of Arizona’s career services to kickstart your career. You’ll get help building your resume and nailing the job interview, all as part of your curriculum.

UA offers a $500 scholarship for alumni. They have payment plans for different students so you can comfortably invest in your future.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is an intensive course, as distinct from a degree program. It teaches you an aspect of coding over the course of a few weeks to a few months. These courses range from data science to full-stack web development and any other computer science field you can imagine.

Is a Phoenix Coding Bootcamp Right for You?

A Phoenix coding bootcamp is perfect for you if you’re in the area and are keeping a tech career in mind as a possible option for your future. As we’ve discussed, Phoenix is a growing hotbed for tech. Your bootcamp options include several local and national organizations that can give you the tools you need to succeed in the field.

You can give yourself a leg up on the competition with the aforementioned bootcamps. There are tons of options for financial aid and online learning, so these bootcamps suit any lifestyle. Phoenix is the right place for a fresh start in tech, and the opportunities are waiting for you to seize them.

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