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An associate's degree in computer science usually takes about two years to complete in a community college. People who hold an associate's degree qualify for some entry-level computer science jobs.


A bachelor's degree in computer science takes four or more years to complete at a university or state college. People who earn a bachelor's degree in the field qualify for the majority of entry-level computer science jobs.


A master's degree in computer science usually takes about two years to earn, but students must complete a bachelor's degree program first. A master's degree opens the door to entry-level and high-ranking tech jobs.


A PhD in computer science is an expert-level degree for students who already have a bachelor's and a master's. A PhD can take 8 years to earn. PhD holders have many computer science job opportunities.


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Online Computer Science Degrees

Today, you can earn a computer science degree or certificate online. If you have a busy schedule or otherwise can't attend an in-person course, consider an online computer science degree.

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Coding bootcamps are a proven route into a high-paying computer science position, often in six months or less. Browse top coding bootcamps, learn computer science job placement statistics, and see if a bootcamp is right for you.

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Computer Science Schools

Looking to start a career in computer science? Browse top coding schools and universities and find the best course for you.

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Computer Science Careers


Software engineering is one of the most popular computer science career paths.  Software engineers apply engineering methods to coding, and use their skills to create computer programs for a wide range of industries.


Data scientists earn high starting salaries and play an increasingly important role in the tech industry.  These professionals use coding languages such as Python to manage databases and interpret large data sets.


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