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What is a VPN?

Security and privacy are two important pillars to a successful online venture today. While these are implemented through a number of solutions, an important step in making sure that a system does not get breached is to set up a virtual private network. A virtual private network creates a segregated online environment for your organization’s infrastructure, thus

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Top Tips to Create the Best Desk Setup for Digital Artists

Digital artists create brilliant sketches, videos, paintings, and other attractive digital illustrations on computer applications. Like most artists, digital graphic artists draw inspiration from their surroundings, and having a great desk setup is essential to boosting productivity. In this article, we discuss the best desk setup for digital artists working in graphic design or other digital arts.  The

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Top New Trends in AI for the Future

Chatbots, facial recognition devices, virtual assistants, and autocorrect are some of the real-world AI examples you interact with daily. The field of artificial intelligence is vast and has impacted multiple industries. According to Statista, the global market in AI accrued $328 billion in 2021. Given that an increasing number of investors are channeling their money into it,

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The Only List of Top UX Newsletters You’ll Ever Need

Are you a digital designer who’s curious about the latest design trends? Or maybe you design blogs and are seeking cutting-edge design knowledge to keep your work up-to-date. Regardless of where you are in the UX design career path, you can always find a wealth of information available in the best UX newsletters.  The best UX newsletters offer

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The Only List of Top Mobile Newsletters You’ll Ever Need

Mobile newsletters are a common way to get news about mobile app development. They are online collections of news and resources for mobile developers, including information about the best mobile developer tools. The biggest mobile newsletters are not only popular among companies for being great email marketing tools, but they also help developers stay updated on trends in

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