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Hiring Process, Careers, and Job Search FAQs

If your dream job is working at YouTube, this guide will help. You will find details about the company background, YouTube’s hiring process, what to expect in the interview, and available job opportunities. Gain more insight into how to get a job at YouTube below.

About YouTube: Company Profile

YouTube is an American tech company based in San Bruno, California. It is an online content-based platform where anyone can upload, share, and comment on videos. Users can search for video content, build playlists, and develop exclusive content by starting their own YouTube channels. The content can be accessed on a PC, mobile phone, tablet, or TV.

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Originally, YouTube was supposed to be a dating site, but the idea never gained traction. Former PayPal employees Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, and Chad Hurley decided to switch their focus to an online video-sharing company with cutting-edge technology. The first YouTube video appeared on the site on April 23, 2005.

From there, the company blossomed. Google acquired YouTube in 2006. The company paid $1.65 billion for the acquisition, making it the second-most expensive buy by Google ever. By 2019, according to Statista, users were uploading over 500 hours of content per minute to the platform.

Apart from its streaming service, YouTube also provides job opportunities with high-paying roles for job seekers. There are over 20,000 job openings at the company. Whether you are a designer, video editor, consultant, or manager, you can easily land a job at YouTube.

YouTube features plenty of products to address different target audiences. You will find hours of content on YouTube Go, YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, YouTube Originals, YouTube Premium, YouTube Select, YouTube Studio, YouTube Shorts, and YouTube TV. You have the freedom to use any of these products to let your voice be heard.

What's It Like Working for YouTube?

Working at YouTube is a hugely rewarding personal experience, according to many employees. You will experience the fast-paced and dynamic nature of a reputable tech firm while reaping amazing benefits. Learn about the company culture below.

Life at YouTube: YouTube Company Culture

YouTube’s entire culture revolves around freedom of expression, information, opportunity, and belonging. These values foster a workplace in which everyone can express opinions, access information, and share ideas up and down the corporate ladder.

YouTube believes the world can be a better place when we share, listen, and appreciate each other’s stories. Its main agenda is to ensure that everyone has a voice, and they should use their voices to make themselves heard.

This principle extends to the millions of people who use the platform to upload videos for the world to see. Even if you do not end up working at YouTube’s corporate office, you can still make money off of a successful YouTube channel. Those who manage to earn a living by expressing themselves on YouTube are a testament to the power of the company’s ideals.

What Do Employees Say About YouTube?

Employees working at YouTube reveal that it’s a satisfactory experience. According to anonymous employee reviews on Glassdoor, YouTube provides food for them daily and gives them space to cultivate an excellent work-life balance. Eighty-two percent of YouTube reviews on Glassdoor give the company an overall positive rating.

Former employees also tend to give props to the company for its diversity and inclusion. And while most current employees are happy with their salary and benefits, a small number of Glassdoor reviews suggest that YouTube does not pay its employees a fair wage.

Applying for a Job at YouTube: Overview

Applying for a Job at YouTube: Overview


You must first take the time to assess your qualities and expertise. Keep in mind that YouTube is keen on hiring candidates with passion, skills, experience, and unique perspectives.


Researching YouTube’s company policies is next on your list. You can check YouTube’s About page, its own YouTube channel, its blogs, or its official website to get an idea of how the business is run.


Read the job listings using the website’s career search tool to find out available positions and what qualifications they require. You can also turn on the notification alert on Google Careers to keep tabs on any new listings.


Tailor your application to suit the advertised job needs. Ensure you write and submit a great resume and a polished cover letter. You can also attach your professional portfolio.


Submit an application and wait for an interview. YouTube interviews are different for each position. You may be required to participate in online assessments, short virtual chats, or in-depth interviews. You can learn more about the interview process down below.


The hiring decision is made by a couple of people. Once you finish the interview, they will gather together assessments from everyone on the hiring committee. If you are successful, a recruiter will be in touch.

YouTube Hiring Process

YouTube’s hiring process is very straightforward. The streaming company does not emphasize degree requirements, but candidates with bachelor’s degrees tend to have an easier time landing job opportunities. The tips below will help you familiarize yourself with the application process and learn what to expect from the interview.

YouTube’s hiring process is very straightforward. The streaming company does not emphasize degree requirements, but candidates with bachelor’s degrees tend to have an easier time landing job opportunities. The tips below will help you familiarize yourself with the application process and learn what to expect from the interview.

YouTube Job Application

The YouTube job application process starts with self-reflection. You must first know the kind of job that comes easy to you and look for one in the relevant field. Build the skills that come naturally to you.

Once you are confident about your selection, you can use the careers search tool to find listings that match your technical field. It is important to note that YouTube only allows three job applications within a 30-day range. You may not receive instant feedback once you apply, but this does not reflect your skills and knowledge.

You cannot overlook the importance of reviewing your resume. It is very important to curate each resume to fit the job you are eyeing. Ensure all your skills and expertise match the job description and don’t forget to include a cover letter.

YouTube Interview Process

The YouTube interview process varies between job roles. If you submit a resume for a coding role, you might find yourself sitting for an online assessment. A recruiter or hiring manager may then reach out to you via phone or video call. This step is a preliminary check to see whether you really do have the skills necessary for the role.

Some candidates are required to prepare professional projects. This can range from coding samples to case studies. It’s an excellent way for the hiring team to establish your approach to solving problems.

Successful candidates will sit for three or four in-depth interviews. The intention here is to help you find out more about the company and vice versa. They will rely on open-ended questions and structured interviewing to determine whether you’re the best candidate. If you’re up for a coding role, read up on the top computer science interview questions.

If you ace all your interviews, a recruiting officer will be in touch. At this point, you will find out more about benefits, salary, compensation, and insurance. Before being officially hired, you will be subjected to a background check.

YouTube Salaries, Employment Benefits, and Perks

Working at YouTube has plenty of perks and incentives. Not only is the company a champion of equal opportunity and affirmative action, but it also offers the promise of an excellent work-life balance, which is the most valuable benefit of all. It is for these reasons, and many more, that millions of people aspire to work at YouTube.

How Much Do YouTube Employees Make?

PayScale reports that the average salary of a YouTube employee is over $91,000. You can easily increase your earning potential by adding more skills and experience. Find out more about available job opportunities and their respective salaries in the list down below.

YouTube Employment Benefits and Perks

There are many benefits and perks of working at YouTube. This is why you will find plenty of candidates applying to join YouTube’s team. The company champions inclusivity, making its employees comfortable at every stage.

In addition, the company provides 401(k) matching, comprehensive health insurance, free shuttles, gym membership, employee stock options, an employee assistance program, and paid time off. The company’s generous incentives attract attention from candidates all over the world.

Tech Jobs at YouTube: Requirements and Job Description

Tech Jobs at YouTube: Requirements and Job Description

There are many roles at YouTube whether you want to be a part-time or full-time employee. Your level of commitment and passion should determine your career choice. If you want to find out whether you qualify for a particular role at the company, keep reading.

Database Engineer

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Skills Requirements: Managing PostgreSQL databases, scripting, automation, backend development, coding with Java, C, or C++

Required Experience: 5 years of experience in designing and maintaining PostgreSQL databases

Location: Sunnyvale, California

At YouTube, database engineers are responsible for designing, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting relational database issues. The most important skill for this position is knowing how to code using C or C++. You should also have extensive analytical thinking skills to identify issues before they cause irreparable damage to the company’s data.

Software Engineer

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent

Skills Requirements: Programming with Java, Android framework development, mobile application development in iOS or Android

Required Experience: 7 years of experience in software development

Location: San Bruno, California

As a software engineer at YouTube, you’ll be required to come up with innovative designs for an excellent user experience. You will work hand-in-hand with mobile application developers to realize new heights of application development for YouTube. You should also possess cross-cultural skills because YouTube champions diversity and inclusivity.

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Analytics & Decision Support

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Statistics or equivalent

Skills Requirements: Extracting, loading, and transforming ETLs, programming, front-end reporting, analysis skills, business skills

Required Experience: 8 years of experience in business analytics and data engineering

Location: San Bruno, California and New York City, New York

As a senior business intelligence analyst, you will be responsible for identifying and steering the business into a more promising future. You must be able to effectively implement any operation that will contribute to the general success of the organization. As part of the role, you will work with technical data analysts.

Program Manager

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree

Skills Requirements: Project management, management consultation, SQL, data visualization

Required Experience: 4 years of experience in project management

Location: San Bruno, California

As a program manager, YouTube expects you to support the company’s priorities and drive business. It is your responsibility to ensure the business is operating optimally at all times. You’ll find yourself in board meetings with key stakeholders, department heads, and technical consultants.

Product Manager

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree

Skills Requirements: Internet product development, communication skills

Required Experience: 4 years of required experience in product development or product management

Location: San Bruno, California

As a product manager working at YouTube, you will link products’ technical and business sides. The job requires you to be hands-on from the product’s conception to the product’s launch. You will work closely with the legal, marketing, and design departments.

How Hard Is It to Get a Job at YouTube?

It is challenging to land a job at YouTube, but it is not impossible. Anyone can land a job based on education or experience. The entire hiring process is designed to employ the best candidates for the advertised positions

Many applicants desire the employment benefits and incentives offered by YouTube. This means that you will compete with hundreds if not thousands for different jobs.

YouTube is keen on hiring candidates who are passionate, skilled, and innovative. To achieve this, applicants go through rigorous interview sessions. The interview sessions provide the recruiting team with insight to hire the best candidate. If you have the right qualifications and experience, landing a job at YouTube will be a breeze.

However, if you do not want to work directly for YouTube, you can choose to become a content developer. If you have excellent video editing skills, you might find it easy to create valuable content. You can easily earn revenue simply by incorporating Google Ads Manager into your account.

How to Get a Job at YouTube FAQ

Yes. However, it is advisable to apply for jobs that are in line with your level of experience, skills, and knowledge. The hiring team will review your resume and cover letter to determine if you are the best fit. It is important to note that you are limited to three job applications per 30-day period.

No, you do not need to have completed a software engineering degree program to land a job at YouTube. There are plenty of job opportunities available at YouTube, spread across different degree types and levels. With the right professional experience, you can land a job at YouTube.

Yes, some YouTube job postings do have application deadlines. It is always advisable to apply for job opportunities early to increase your chances.

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities for veterans on YouTube. The company encourages veterans to take advantage of the programs, roles, and initiatives it offers.

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