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Coding Bootcamps of 2021 to Learn How to Code

Technology and development careers are experiencing one of the best growth stages in their history. This means more job opportunities, more development, and better salaries. Among the skills with the highest demand is coding. Code is used to build websites, develop software, create games, and more.

If you are looking for a career in tech and want to learn to code for free, you should enroll in online coding classes or bootcamps. In this article, you will see the best free coding bootcamps of 2021. Below you can find the schools, career path options, and content to help you find your dream career.

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

A coding bootcamp is a specialized school that offers tech courses ranging from three to twelve months in length. One characteristic of these institutions is that they have traditional campuses as well as remote online programs. They also include real-world projects and help you with the job search for your tech career.

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In a coding bootcamp, you will learn essential skills in a short amount of time. These bootcamps cover subjects like programming, design tools, languages, and special projects useful for the digital world. Many institutions have a repertoire of divided classes that span beginner to advanced levels.

The best bootcamps have locations in various cities around the world, teachers with experience in the tech industry, high reputations, scholarship programs, free courses, job guarantees, and job assistance during classes. These elements can help you decide on a bootcamp to enroll in to land your dream career.

What Do You Do in a Coding Bootcamp?

The coding bootcamp structure and lessons depend on the school and the type of program you choose. After paying the registration fee, you must pass exams and preparatory workshops to learn the fundamental concepts of coding. These stages can take a few weeks.

After passing the introductory courses, you will attend the regular classes. Most bootcamps handle intensive full-time schedules, so classes can be complex with a lot of informative content and evaluations after every lesson. This is to prepare you for a career in software engineering, web development, and more.

Bootcamps evaluate your practical performance. Therefore, you will have to do technical tests and real projects to pass each level. In these schools, you can create a team or individual project, although the dynamics of the classes depend on each bootcamp.

In addition to classes and projects, you will have a job guarantee and career placement services in many of these tech bootcamps. These are special workshops where you will learn how to look for work, pass job interviews, participate in salary negotiations, and other professional techniques to open opportunities in the tech industry.

Coding Bootcamp Costs

The cost of tuition can vary considerably depending on the type of program, the reputation of the school, and benefits for the students. For example, General Assembly’s full stack development program costs $14,995. Other bootcamps are more affordable, like Nucamp, which only charges $1,880. However, some schools offer free programs and prep courses.

Popular Coding Bootcamp Careers

Popular Coding Bootcamp Careers

After finishing a coding bootcamp, you can access various careers depending on the specialty you choose. In the list below, you will see the jobs, average salaries, and descriptions of responsibilities for each tech job.

Software Developer: $110,140

Software development is one of the main goals for students studying at online coding bootcamps. These schools can offer online courses to learn the fundamental skills of this career. As a software developer, you will create, maintain, and manage digital platforms from scratch.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), software developers earn approximately $110,140 a year. Most of these workers are in the tech development, manufacturing, and software publishing industries.

Game Developer: $101,644

Another common career goal for coding bootcamp graduates is game development. This practice consists of using programming to create video games for different platforms. As the demand for entertainment continues to grow, game developers will be in demand. According to ZipRecruiter figures, the salary for game developers is about $101,644.

Game development is a branch of coding, so you can access education programs in this field in the best bootcamps today. You can learn and work alongside professionals with experience in game design.

Cyber Security Analyst: $99,815

If you want to utilize your knowledge in security practices and data analysis, consider becoming a cyber security analyst. In this career, you will apply data science and programming fundamentals to create secure platforms for a company.

According to ZipRecruiter, a cyber security analyst earns approximately $99,815 per year. Job opportunities may be more abundant than you think, as the demand for these services increases every year. Your job will consist of planning, analyzing, managing, and creating security systems for network and tech service companies.

Computer Programmer: $89,190

In a coding bootcamp for computer programming, you can learn the skills and tools necessary to work as a programmer. In this job, you will configure and program the functions of a computer or operating system. For this position, you need experience with Java and C++, among other programming tools.

According to the BLS, computer programmers earn $89,190 per year. These figures may vary depending on the project, state, company, and level of professional experience. Either way, this is a great average salary.

Web Developer: $77,200

A web developer is a person in charge of programming and coding web platforms. In this job, you will need programming skills and the right tools. In this case, you must be able to work with HTML and platforms like Sketch, InVision Cloud, and Chrome Dev Tools, among others.

BLS statistics say that web developers have a median salary of $77,200. Most of these professional coders work in software and web services design companies, publishing industries, or as freelancers on remote platforms.

The Best Free Coding Bootcamps of 2021

The Best Free Coding Bootcamps of 2021

Bootcamps are perfect alternatives to turn pro in no time. Although most programs cost between $2,000 and $13,000, you can find many free options to start your coding journey. In the list below, you will see a description of each school, the content, and the benefits it offers to its students. Take a look at the top 10 free coding bootcamps of 2021.

Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy is one of the leading programming bootcamps of computer education in the United States. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. This school is one of the only bootcamps to provide a 100 percent free program for women. It teaches software development for women, non-binary individuals, and low-income students.

At Ada Developers Academy, students will learn to write code with practical tools and principles. In addition, they will receive training to be effective software developers. Its one-year intensive classes combine classroom training and paid internships. This bootcamp will help you enter the tech industry in no time.

App Academy

App Academy can be your ideal alternative if you are looking for a complete and advanced curriculum. This school has sent thousands of graduates to tech jobs thanks to its hiring partners and career services. App Academy Open is a plan that offers extensive free content for web and mobile development enthusiasts around the world.

The curriculum includes more than 1,500 hours of educational content, including videos, interactive activities, projects, readings, and more. In addition, App Academy will help you participate in forums with clients and professional developers to start preparing for your future. Some of the topics include JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.


Bridge is an excellent option to learn front end development, backend development, or product design. It offers training programs between one week and 12 weeks. In addition, it provides practical instruction from expert instructors in the industry. This school is another great free option for women and non-binary individuals.

This bootcamp is based in Toronto, Canada. All of its programs are completely free. Although it has paused operations due to COVID-19, it should still be high on your list of free bootcamps to learn the best technical skills and full stack web development principles.

Founders and Coders

Founders and Coders is a bootcamp based in London, United Kingdom. This school is a non-profit organization. It offers free coding courses to train students in web development who are complete beginners. It also works with the UK government to bring coding bootcamps to the Middle East.

Some of the admission requirements to enter Founders and Coders include living in London, being over 18, applying correctly for the learning program, and speaking English. In addition, your method of study is divided into two schedules: part-time and full-time. Both options take 12 weeks to complete.


freeCodeCamp is one of the best ways to learn to code for free. It is an online bootcamp that offers free interactive lessons to teach students how to become good programmers. More than 40,000 freeCodeCamp graduates have jobs in high-profile companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Spotify.

Students will learn responsive web design, JavaScript algorithms, data visualization, scientific computing, data analysis with Python, information security, and machine learning with Python. This school is supported by donors, so every program is free. There are many online resources to help start your dream career.

General Assembly Dash Program

General Assembly is considered one of the best bootcamps in the world. The school’s objective is to teach its students the most advanced programming languages ​​in the market. The Dash Program is a free online course that teaches the basic principles of web development to help you become a full stack developer later on.

This bootcamp teaches the correct way to establish HTML codes in the construction of web structures. Students will learn how to create modern websites and produce their first landing page through CSS3. They will also learn to create dynamic interfaces with JavaScript. General Assembly has its headquarters in Manhattan, but it offers online options.

Kenzie Academy Free

One of the best free bootcamps in the United States and the world is Kenzie Free, Kenzie Academy’s free intensive program. This school offers a series of mini-courses that are dedicated to forming experts for the tech industry. Your study program has the most effective and interactive methods to learn to code and become a full stack developer.

You will learn basic coding principles with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many other tools. After, you will be able to earn a basic coding job with your coding skills. To apply, you will need to have a high school diploma, be over 18 years old, and speak fluent English.


NodeSchool is an open-source coding bootcamp based in Canada. This prestigious online school has a very flexible study program. It offers a free high-quality web programming course to teach you coding skills. On GitHub, you will learn to code and workshop your projects with code challenges to learn more about the craft.

Students will learn about basic concepts of computer graphics, code writing, and JavaScript programming in the NodeSchool workshops. This coding bootcamp develops its workshops to create effective professionals in the production and organization of web pages.

The Odin Project

If you are looking for a free online coding course, The Odin Project is a great choice. In this school, you will learn to build functional and optimal websites appropriate to real projects. It is a completely online and free program to help you learn the basics of coding and lines of code.

Once you learn foundations, you can branch off into full stack Ruby on Rails or full stack JavaScript. You will receive classes with tutorials, blogs, and courses on specific tech skills topics. You will connect with experienced web developers so you can learn from the best and start your tech journey strong.

42 School

Another great option to study for free is 42. It has locations in Silicon Valley and Paris. This school offers high-quality educational programs for its students. It offers a software engineering program and web programming course to train the most effective professionals in the tech industry in the United States.

If you want to attend this free coding bootcamp, you can opt to live in a dorm without paying any rent. You will go to in-person classes and interact with your peers to learn hands-on software engineering skills. This in-person bootcamp is a good choice for experienced developers who want code challenges.

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, coding bootcamps are worth it. They are good options for improving your academic and professional profiles and increasing your chances of finding a job. To choose a suitable school, analyze the percentage of graduates currently working, the estimated salaries, and the companies where the former students work.

Thanks to the investment in tech development, you can access free first-level education from your home. An online learning platform can be useful if you work or if you travel constantly. Consider a free coding bootcamp and join one of the fastest-growing industries for the coming years for your career in programming.

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