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The Best Coding Bootcamps in Miami

Miami is a city with gorgeous beaches, palm trees, art, Cuban coffee, and beautiful weather. But it’s not just a must-visit place for tourists. Miami’s booming tech industry is making waves around the country, with the best Miami coding bootcamps doing their part to train the next generation of tech upstarts.

If you’re interested in making the move to Miami and taking advantage of the growing tech scene, you will need to get your skills up to scratch. In this article, we will focus on the six best coding bootcamps available in Miami in 2021.

The Miami Tech Scene and Job Market

Miami is quickly becoming the next vibrant, entrepreneurial city in the United States. It provides many opportunities for tech enthusiasts to be part of a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Many multinational companies and startups are slowly moving their headquarters to the city in an effort to build the ideal place for inspiration and collaboration.

In 2020 alone, the annual venture funding in Miami was $972 million across 57 deals. According to Crunchbase, the funding reached $2 billion for companies based in the greater metropolitan area. And according to Pitchbook, Miami ranked 11th in terms of investment dollars in 2018, coming at $1.4 billion.

The accelerated growth and surge of new tech hubs positions Miami on a trajectory towards excellent growth and economic expansion.

Tech Salaries in Miami

The job market for companies seeking to hire programmers has been growing rapidly in Miami, and it continues to grow in 2021. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of software developers in the city is projected to grow 22 percent from 2019 to 2029.

Aspiring web developers and programmers in Miami stand to become some of the highest-paid professionals in the country. On average, computer programmers earn $1,218 per week, and software engineers earn $1,549 a week. A career in UX design can lead to an average salary of $50,000.

The viability of bootcamps as an alternative to a university degree speaks for itself. Bootcamp graduates of Miami-based Iron Hack earn an average of $50,000 within three months of graduating, and graduates of Wyncode earn a salary of around $50,550.

The Top 6 Miami Coding Bootcamps in 2021

4Geeks Academy logo
Courses OfferedFull Stack Web Development, Software Engineering
Program TypesIn-Person, Part-Time, Full-Time
Financing OptionsSkillsFund, Self-Funding, ISA
Scholarships AvailableNone

Students at 4Geeks academy make use of the opportunity to get one-on-one mentorship from their teachers. The classes are perfect for both part-time and full-time students.

The classes use interactive videos, animations, and infographics to teach students the concepts and engage them in discussions. With their innovative approach, they produce some of the best software engineers.

Students will have access to advisors and partners who will help guide them through the job placement process. 4Geeks Academy boasts an 89-percent hiring rate for students within 100 days of graduation.

Ironhack logo
Courses OfferedWeb Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics, Mobile App Development, Full Stack Web Development
Program TypesFull-Time, Part-Time, Online
Financing OptionsAscent Funding, Climb Credit, ISA
Scholarships Available$1,000 for Women and U.S. Veterans

Ironhack offers full-time courses that provide an immersive learning experience. The classes run from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. With the part-time program, you will also have the flexibility to study or work on the side while you learn coding.

The bootcamp program is divided into three modules. At the end of the program, students create a final project from scratch and present it to the class.

At the end of the bootcamp, you will learn about Python, statistics, and probability. Students will also learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS, three easy languages that you will need for front-end development.

LaunchCode logo
Courses OfferedCoding Basics, Computer Fundamentals, Problem Solving, and Essential Math
Program TypesPart-Time
Financing OptionsNone

LaunchCode offers a free tech education to people from all backgrounds. They aspire to provide education and job opportunities in the tech field and reshape the learning experience.

Their discovery program is a free online self-paced program that helps students develop basic coding skills. Learning these skills will be a beneficial step forward towards developing a career in the tech field.

LaunchCode also offers employment preparation. Through various workshops and coaching, they will teach you the necessary skills needed to land a job in the tech field.

Along with technical skills, you will also master soft skills and take part in skill assessments. This is designed to prepare you for future interviews and your job hunt process in general.

Nucamp logo
Courses OfferedWeb Development, Front-End Web + Mobile Development, Full Stack Web + Mobile Development
Program TypesOnline, Part-Time and Self-Paced
Cost$1,880 - $2,292
Financing OptionsMonthly Payment
ScholarshipsScholarships in Partnership With the ReSkill America Laptop Initiative

NuCamp offers in-person and online classes to learn web development and full-stack development. Students can also enroll in online part-time classes with flexible schedules.

Students work together to collaborate with other students on various projects and seek guidance from instructors.

Designed by former Microsoft Digital Learning experts, NuCamp courses help you apply your knowledge in practical scenarios.

The bootcamp also prepares you for job placement and the interview process. Students receive one-on-one career coaching and access to an exclusive job board.

University of Miami Bootcamps logo
Courses OfferedCoding, Data Analytics, FinTech
Program TypesPart-Time, Online
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Private Loans
Scholarships20% Discount For Alumni and Staff

The University of Miami bootcamp offers programs that will help students grasp the knowledge of in-demand technologies to help them become competitive in the tech industry. With an up-to-date curriculum and skilled instructors as facilitators, students will learn the basics of full-stack web development, data analytics, big data, or financial technology.

Students will also have access to coaching, resume writing, and technical interview training.

Applicants do not need to be students at the University of Miami to apply for this program. As a part-time student, it can take up to six months (24 weeks) to complete the program.

Wyncode logo
Courses OfferedMobile App Development, Front End Web Development, Full Stack Web Development, UI/UX, Digital Marketing
Program TypesFull-Time, Part-Time, Online
Cost$15,000 for Full-Time
Financing OptionsSelf Funding, Private Loans, G.I. Bill
Scholarships$500 for Veterans

Wyncode is a well-known name in Miami among coding enthusiasts. The company offers UX/UI design, digital marketing, and web development courses. To date, over 800 students have graduated from the South Florida campus.

The full-time full-stack web development course spans ten weeks and the classes are available in-person as well as online. After you complete the course, Wyncode will assist you with job support to find a tech job that’s the right fit for you.

Wyncode offers $500 scholarships for veterans, as well as a grant of $15,000 for eligible low-income and unemployed Miami-Dade residents. Low-income, underrepresented residents in the tri-county area can also get a full scholarship.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is a 6-week to 6-month program designed to teach subjects like programming, coding, web development, and data analytics. These courses help students improve their chances of landing one of the best tech jobs, opening up opportunities in web development, software engineering, data science, or cyber security.

Because in-person or online coding bootcamps are usually short-term and also cheaper compared to traditional colleges, they have become quite popular over the last few years.

Utilizing the knowledge and intensive training of a coding bootcamp, students can achieve the necessary skills for a professional job.

Many of these bootcamps also offer coaching facilities where students can have one-on-one sessions with mentors. Students are guided through the job application process with resume writing assistance, interview preparation, and internships.

Once students complete the training, they will have the necessary coding skills, including HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Python Django, and JavaScript. Such knowledge is necessary for developing mobile and web applications and websites.

Is a Miami Coding Bootcamp Right for You?

Coding bootcamps are the answer to today’s fast-paced world and its highly digital needs. Coding bootcamps can help you secure a job in your desired field, increase your income, and provide job satisfaction.

Bootcamp graduates have proven that learning is worth it for potential employees. And many startups and large tech companies have now realized the importance of hiring bootcamp graduates. Based on a survey from Indeed, about 80 percent of respondents have hired a coding bootcamp graduate for a tech role within their company.

Miami is a tech startup in itself and offers many opportunities for people interested in gaining knowledge related to computer science, coding, and programming.

With a bootcamp degree, the sky’s the limit. In a short period of time, you could be working in some of the best tech companies out there, including the tech giants.

Find a training program that will help you start your tech career journey.


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