Best .NET Bootcamps

The Best .NET Bootcamps

Plenty of coding schools teach .NET. There are so many, in fact, that it can be overwhelming for both beginners and experts to find the best option. To help you choose the right coding bootcamp, this comprehensive guide will go over the best .NET bootcamps, breaking down the different courses, tuition costs, locations, and program types.

What Is a .NET Bootcamp?

A .NET bootcamp is a technical skills provider that teaches students how to code for a variety of real-world purposes.

Unlike universities, most .NET bootcamps offer short and intensive training programs, which are perfect for helping students gain practical and job-ready skills. By the end of your training, you will be proficient in one or more top programming languages and frameworks. And there are many ways to pay for bootcamps, so cost isn’t much of an obstacle.

The Top 5 .NET Bootcamps of 2021

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Finding the best .NET bootcamp is not an easy task. Increased demand for professionals with .NET experience has led to an explosion of programs that teach the framework. Unfortunately, not all of them are of the highest quality. While many coding bootcamps offer courses in .NET, below are the five that make the grade in 2021.

Code Fellows logo
  • Cost: $12,000
  • Locations: Seattle, Online
  • .NET Courses Offered: Advanced Software Development in ASP.NET Core
  • Program Types: Full-Time

Code Fellows is a coding academy that provides students with online and in-person programs in software development and cyber security. Its modular class structure is designed to help you find the most suitable class for your skills and schedule. Included in the software development curriculum is an advanced course on ASP.NET, an extension of .NET.

Code Fellows’ career-focused and market-driven program has successfully trained over 1,400 students. Graduates have gone on to work for top-rated companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, Nike, Starbucks, and XBOX.

Code Fellows Financing Options

Code Fellows is keen on providing coding opportunities to students from all backgrounds. To this end, the school tries to make it easy for students to pay their tuition.

You can easily apply for a student loan with Cimb Credit or Skills Fund. These two lenders offer flexible payment plans, and both allow you to apply as an individual or with a co-signer.

For some courses, the school also provides discounts for students who register early. The early bird discount will cover $500 of your tuition fee. You will qualify for this discount if you pay four weeks before the first day of class. Students who sign up for more than one course are also, in some cases, eligible for a $500 discount.

Code Fellows also provides bootcamp scholarships to groups that are historically underrepresented in the tech industry. Specifically, the Code Fellows scholarship aims to improve diversity in the industry by covering 70 percent of the tuition for qualified applicants. You can check the website to see if you qualify.

To give tech opportunities to veterans, the school also accepts the GI Bill.

Coding Dojo logo
  • Cost: $15,995
  • Locations: Chicago, Boise, Tulsa, Bellevue, Arlington County
  • .NET Courses Offered: Full Stack Software Development
  • Program Types: Full-Time

Become a full stack developer in only 14 weeks by signing up for the Coding Dojo software development bootcamp. The immersive experience is geared toward helping you succeed in the tech industry. Over 6,000 Coding Dojo graduates have gone on to work in top tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, CNN, and Forbes.

While the school offers some remote and part-time programs, the C# / .NET curriculum is only available as one piece of the full-time immersive bootcamp. Weeks 11 through 14 deal with .NET specifically. In the first 10 weeks, you’ll learn Python and the MERN stack. If you live near one of the five campuses listed above, this bootcamp may be for you.

Coding Dojo Financing Options

Coding Dojo has multiple financing options. You can opt to pay your tuition upfront for only $15,745, a discount of $250.

Coding Dojo also allows students to pay their tuition after landing a job. The Income Share Agreement stipulates you pay $262 per month. The other option is to apply for a student loan with Skills Fund, in which case you will owe as little as $200 per month.

There are plenty of scholarships available for students who require financial aid. You can apply for Fresh Start Fund, Career Reinvention Scholarship, Women In Tech Scholarship, Military Re-Training Scholarship, and Diversity Scholarship. You can check your eligibility on the school’s official website.

Grand Circus logo
  • Cost: $11,750
  • Locations: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Online
  • .NET Courses Offered: Full Stack C# / .NET Development
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Grand Circus is an online coding school that offers intensive courses in full stack development. Offered part-time over 28 weeks or full-time over 14 weeks, the C# / .NET curriculum will provide you with cutting-edge skills for a successful career as a developer.

Your training on both the front end and the backend will make you an attractive candidate for open positions across the tech industry. Grand Circus graduates work for top-rated tech companies such as Accenture, Amway, United Shore, Ford, and Spectrum Health.

Grand Circus Financing Options

Grand Circus partners with Skills Fund and Climb Credit to facilitate tuition payment. You can easily apply for a loan after selecting the course you would like to take. Both partners offer loans starting at $2,000 and going all the way up to $11,750.

Grand Circus is determined to hit inclusivity and diversity targets for each cohort. The school gives $1,750 in scholarship funds to members of underrepresented groups, including Latinx, Black, LGBTQ, Native American, and female students.

Lastly, the school offers $6,000 of tuition assistance to members of the Michigan National Guard.

The Software Guild logo
  • Cost: $10,125
  • Locations: Online
  • .NET Courses Offered: .NET / C# Bootcamp, Intro to Web Development
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

Software Guild has a reputation for teaching students how to code from scratch. The school features two major tracks for aspiring software developers, one of which revolves around the .NET framework. By the end of your 12-week or 10-month course, you will be ready for an entry-level job as a developer.

At a Software Guild bootcamp, you will learn exactly what Fortune 500 companies are looking for. Not only will you benefit from continuous skill-building training sessions, but you will also go through intensive career preparation. The school’s vast employer and alumni network will ease your job search.

Software Guild Financing Options

Software Guild has multiple financing options you can use to cover your tuition. The school is in partnership with Climb Credit and Skills Fund. These lenders offer flexible loans to prospective students.

The school also offers various discounts to make the programs more affordable. The school gives a $1,000 award to one student from Louisville, Kentucky. There are also Women In Tech and Veterans Who Code scholarships available. Both of these options grant $2,000 to qualifying women, veterans, and veterans’ family members.

Tech Elevator logo
  • Cost: $10,125
  • Locations: Online
  • .NET Courses Offered: .NET / C# Bootcamp, Intro to Web Development
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

Tech Elevator is committed to preparing students to become software engineers, web developers, and database administrators. Students can choose to specialize in .NET or Java. Once enrolled, you will have access to workshops, mentorship programs, alumni networking, interview preparation, and coaching sessions.

You can easily apply to the 14-week, full-time .NET program on the official website. Tech Elevator has a straightforward admissions process. After you take the online aptitude test, you can go ahead and apply. If you passed the first test, you will be contacted for an interview and a second aptitude test.

Tech Elevator Financing Options

At Tech Elevator, education is considered an investment in your future. The school provides you with various ways to pay for the program, and you will get an admissions coordinator to walk you through all your options.

Skills Fund and Sallie Mae are the school’s two lending partners. Both partners adopt student-friendly policies, and Sallie Mae has a generous grace period. Check the official website for more information on loan repayment.

Tech Elevator provides qualified students with scholarships and grants. The school covers 85 percent of the tuition for students from minority groups. It also offers full scholarships in coordination with Agility Partners and Revel IT.

If you’re a veteran, you’re also in luck, because Tech Elevator accepts GI Bill benefits.

.NET Bootcamp Job Opportunities

Learning .NET will open up plenty of opportunities in the tech industry. Below are a couple of the positions you can land after mastering .NET.

.NET Developer

By attending a .NET bootcamp, you will learn programming languages and frameworks that work well with Microsoft systems. And as a .NET developer, you will need to be proficient in the Windows platform. You must be familiar with the .NET framework before applying for jobs in Microsoft’s orbit.

ASP.NET Full Stack Web Developer

In this role, you will be responsible for designing, modifying, deploying, and implementing web applications and services, as opposed to software products. For these positions, you will want to be well-versed in both .NET and ASP.NET Core.

Why You Should Enroll in a .NET Bootcamp

You should study at a .NET bootcamp so that you can acquire career-oriented skills. Learning .NET on your own is quite challenging. A .NET bootcamp will help you learn and internalize the critical aspects of .NET.

The .NET framework is continually changing. A .NET bootcamp will ensure you acquire industry-led information and learn best practices. The bootcamps on this list are keen to provide students with comprehensive and updated curricula, which are taught by experienced professionals with extensive programming experience.

Bootcamps also feature career services. One of the main differences between bootcamps and university degrees is that bootcamps offer more support to students during their job search. The career coaching and mentorship services that bootcamp students receive are a huge part of what sets bootcamps apart from other institutions of higher learning.

You should enroll in a .NET bootcamp if you’re interested in building computer programs using a nimble framework. The open-source developer platform features plenty of tools, libraries, and programming languages. To learn it all quickly and efficiently, the focused learning path of a bootcamp might be exactly what you need.

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