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The Best Coding Bootcamps in Oakland

Oakland is near San Francisco and Palo Alto, which gives it some competition in the tech industry. However, Oakland places high in the ranks among the best cities to start a tech career or business.

Oakland tech companies are transforming markets through innovation and sustainable long-term solutions. Along with the tech scene, Oakland coding bootcamps are rising in quality and popularity.

By joining a coding bootcamp, you increase your chance of landing your dream tech job. Competition is becoming tighter, and so is the demand for specialized tech skills. If you’re in Oakland, you should attend a coding bootcamp in 2021.

The Oakland Tech Scene and Job Market

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Oakland ranked number three among the best cities in America for startups back in 2015 and has maintained its status through the years. With more than 20,000 employees in tech and a high retention rate, Oakland remains one of the best cities to build a career in.

The Oakland government is committed to building partnerships with different tech organizations. For one, the Oakland Startup Network builds partnership between tech industry leaders and women in tech. Oakland is empowering industries while also addressing societal advancements.

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic affected job growth in the Bay Area. This slump was also felt all over the world. However, because the tech industry is one of Oakland’s main sources of economic growth, it’s still going strong. Tech workers are still flocking to Oakland to enroll in bootcamps and find great jobs.

Tech Salaries in Oakland

A study by the University of Michigan shows an increase in the average salary of tech jobs in Oakland. In 2017, the annual wage was at an average of $91,429. This average salary can grow by as much as $110,925 by 2021 if economic conditions fare well.

Oakland is home to some of the best startup tech companies in the US, so competition for tech jobs is high. These companies want to hire outstanding talents in the applicant pool. If you want to kickstart a career in tech, then beginning early can help you a great deal. Bootcamps are the best way to excel in the Oakland tech scene.

The Top 5 Oakland Coding Bootcamps in 2021

Being close to Silicon Valley means that Oakland has many tech bootcamps. You can take online courses at bootcamps as well as great in-person classes. If you are a student or young professional who wants to learn to code, you can easily find the right course for you.

While a degree is still a valid course of study, coding bootcamps are an increasingly popular way to get an education. Bootcamps are more focused on specific topics and can teach you tech skills in a short amount of time. See below for the best coding bootcamps in Oakland.

Coding Dojo logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Development, Web Development, Data Science
Program TypesFull-time, Part-time, Online
Financing OptionsInstallments, Loans (SkillsFund), GI Bill, Relief Funds, ISAs, Scholarships, Grants
Scholarships AvailableContact for information

Coding Dojo’s Oakland location can help you contextualize your tech education in the Oakland scene. Coding Dojo covers software development, machine learning, and other popular tech topics.

If you want to learn to code in Oakland, you can learn Python, MERN, and JavaScript. These programming languages are used by the likes of Reddit, Google, Netflix, and many more. Almost every tech company in the world uses one of these coding languages. They’re reliable and you can learn them with a bootcamp.

The Coding Dojo admission process can make sure the program is the right fit for you. You will undergo interviews and an assessment. After that, you’re free to learn anything you want to help you enter the tech scene.

Flatiron School logo
Courses OfferedData Science, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity
Program TypesFull-time, Online
Financing OptionsLoans (SkillsFund, Climb Credit), Cost of Living Loan
ScholarshipsAccess Scholarship

Flatiron School is a well-known bootcamp in the tech field. It has programs for subjects like cybersecurity, data science, and software engineering. Under its programs, you can learn web development using Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.

If you’re interested in coding, you should take Flatiron’s 15-week software engineer course. The program teaches you how to code and understand the foundation of software development. You can also expand from web development to mobile development.

One of the interesting parts of Flatiron School is its one-to-one career service. A career coach can guide you to improve your resume and prepare you for interviews. This is a great way to get a job in the Oakland tech scene.

Hackbright Academy logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Engineering, Python Courses
Program TypesFull-time, Part-time, Self-paced, Online
Cost$12,900 for Full-time, $250 for Prep Course and Python 101
Financing OptionsDeferred Tuition, Loans
ScholarshipsCoding Scholarship, Hackbright Phenomenal Woman Scholarship, Quip Diversity Scholarship

Hackbright Academy is a school for women who want to enter data science, engineering, and coding careers. This is a unique opportunity for women to learn with like-minded people and enter the tech scene.

Hackbright offers courses on software engineering and coding. Due to COVID-19, Hackbright has only online learning with reduced tuition. You can attend the classes in your own home and follow the schedule for every session.

You can turn to the Hackbright community for peer-to-peer collaborations. This is a great way to prepare for the Oakland tech industry. Hackbright also has career services to help you excel in your tech career.

Kickstart Coding

Kickstart Coding logo
Courses OfferedCoding Fundamentals, Front End and Backend Web Development
Program TypesFull-time, Part-time, Flexible, Online
Cost$299 per month
Financing OptionsMonthly payment

Kickstart Coding has a unique program where it can create a customized course for you. The schedule is flexible so you can stay on track even when you’re working on other things. This is a great option if you already have a full-time job.

Kickstart Coding can help you learn the basics of coding as well as how to use Python and React JavaScript. There are graded projects and other activities to help you think like a software engineer.

In the full stack development program, you can learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Kickstart Coding’s lecturers are well-known developers who had experience working in the likes of Facebook and Microsoft. You’ll leave this bootcamp with strong knowledge of the Oakland tech scene.

Metis logo
Courses OfferedData Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Engineering
Program TypesFull-time, Online
Financing OptionsInstallment Plans, Loans (SkillsFund, Climb Credit)
Scholarships$3,000 scholarship for underrepresented groups in tech

Through this bootcamp, you can learn data science with industry experts. There will be five projects to help build your portfolio for future job prospects. Metis covers the foundations of data science, and you can later learn bigger topics like machine learning.

This bootcamp offers the live online experience. For 10 weeks, you will tune into the classroom during your lecture schedule. The program is also designed for people who have some experience with programming and statistics.

Metis offers great career services to prepare you for graduation. It has workshops and mock interviews so you can build your confidence. It also has an alumni portal that you can access anytime after graduation for help and other resources.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding is a form of writing that’s used for web development. Coding is also used in advanced fields like data science and software engineering. It is the first step that you should take to build your foundational skills. Learning the fundamentals of coding will bring you many career opportunities.

Coding is about more than knowing how to combine the right lines and elements. Programming exists to make our world better. Through coding, you can provide solutions to our modern problems. You should enroll in an Oakland bootcamp if you want to learn to code.

Is an Oakland Bootcamp Right For You?

If you live in Oakland and you want to excel in your tech career, you should take a coding bootcamp. It can help you learn more about coding and prepare you for the job hunt. These Oakland coding bootcamps are around because the city needs more tech talent.

Bootcamps can help you focus your education more than a university could. Learning to code with a bootcamp opens up a world of opportunities. Do your research and find which bootcamp is right for you. Soon you’ll have a lucrative job in the Oakland tech scene.

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