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If you are looking for a job that pays well in 2021, a tech career might be your best choice. From data security to artificial intelligence, there are dozens of job choices that are both rewarding and lucrative. You can find high annual salaries and excellent jobs in tech in almost any city in the United States.

With the right education, you can become a software development manager, security engineer, or business intelligence developer with a high median salary. All job seekers should research the field before they jump in. Take a look at our guide to learn more about the highest-paying tech jobs of 2021.

Benefits of Getting a Tech Job

The tech industry is expanding daily to create new, innovative technology. This means there are thousands of new opportunities that you can take advantage of. Read below to learn more about the benefits of getting a tech job.


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For many IT companies, nine-to-five jobs are no longer the norm as many people have started to prioritize flexible schedules. If you work in tech, you may be able to create your own hours or work on different schedules. Many tech professionals also work freelance if they have excellent communication skills.

High Salary

IT professionals have historically been well-compensated. Some of the highest-paying jobs in general are in tech. This is because tech jobs require high-level skills that can be difficult to develop, especially for senior positions in the field. Before you apply for a job, check the midpoint salary to see what you can earn.

Great Working Environment

Many tech firms are known to have a positive and friendly setting, enhancing the performance of their employees and the company’s success. Other perks like flexible dress codes, free lunches, and other add-ons make these technology jobs even better. If you want to work on your interpersonal skills, you can also attend networking events.

New Skills

Depending on your position, you will be able to develop new skills in the field. Working at a tech company will help you develop several skills as you work on various projects. For example, software developers can learn Agile methodology and quality assurance skills throughout the development lifecycle.

Career Growth

Building a career in IT will offer you a chance to evolve and polish your skills. You will have the opportunity to use specific tools and work with creative people who can inspire you to grow. In most tech jobs, there are many different ways you can move up to higher positions and earn even better salaries.

15 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs

15 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs

Below is a table showing the average salaries of the 15 highest-paying tech jobs. These numbers do not include bonuses, compensations, and other benefits, which means they are already high on their own. Read an in-depth description of these opportunities below.

Tech Job Salary
Artificial Intelligence Engineer $164,769
Blockchain Engineer $154,550
Enterprise Application Architect $153,664
Cloud Architect $153,318
Big Data Engineer $130,674
Data Scientist $119,413
DevOps Engineer $114,359
IoT Solutions Engineer $111,976
Data Security Analyst $108,065
Full Stack Developer $102,744
Mobile Application Developer $101,899
Wireless Network Engineer $100,489
Product Manager $94,704
Software Developer $86,523
Systems Administrator $73,263

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

An artificial intelligence (AI) engineer uses machine learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks to develop AI models. These can be used for many different purposes, which is why AI engineers are paid so highly. They use different skills and techniques in programming, data science, and software engineering to design and maintain AI systems.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers develop architecture and digital solutions with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology offers a safe medium for sharing and distribution of information through the Internet without being copied. These technologies are most commonly known for their use in cryptocurrency.

Enterprise Applications Architect

An enterprise application architect is responsible for designing critical parts of a company’s applications like the user infrastructure and interface. They also handle updates for existing applications, run software tests, and develop product prototypes. An enterprise applications architect also evaluates and recommends application technology for the company.

Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is involved in designing and developing cloud environments. Some of the skills required are a thorough understanding of cloud application architecture, Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud. To become a cloud architect, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree.

Big Data Engineer

Big data engineers handle database environments to manage large amounts of data. They help companies make sense of their raw information. They also review data to find patterns, forecast market fluctuations, and predict industry shifts to help business leaders make sound decisions.

Data Scientist

A data scientist interprets and analyzes complex data to help businesses make better decisions. They collect data, create data models, and communicate their findings to solve problems and predict the outcome of future decisions. A career in data science requires a solid understanding of computer science and machine learning.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are professionals responsible for deployment and network operations. They introduce processes, tools, and methodologies throughout the software development cycle. They work with developers, operations, and other IT staff to design, launch, and oversee software deployment.

IoT Solutions Engineer

IoT is an acronym for the Internet of Things. It refers to how physical objects like vehicles, wearables, and household appliances can be connected to a network and transfer data online. IoT solutions engineers oversee the strategy behind developing and deploying IoT solutions. They design the architecture and overall IoT ecosystem engagement.

Data Security Analyst

Data security analysts are skilled professionals with expert technical knowledge in computer and network security like encryption technologies, cyber security, firewall administration, and network protocols. Having a professional certification like the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is the best way to get a job as a data security analyst.

Full Stack Developer

Full stack web development is one of the most popular tech jobs in demand today. A full stack developer does the role of both a front end web developer and a backend web developer. A full stack web developer possesses technical knowledge about programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and Python.

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile application developers are software engineers who create, program, test, and maintain mobile apps. These developers typically work in teams to think of ideas and concepts to satisfy a specific customer need. They also collaborate with graphic artists, data scientists, and other software experts to design applications.

Wireless Network Engineer

Wireless network engineers ensure that systems stay connected. They ensure that the connections remain secure and adhere to best practices. Their job responsibilities involve installing, configuring, and maintaining wireless network equipment. A wireless network engineer assesses, plans, and develops operations capabilities for wireless communication.

Product Manager

A product manager coordinates the development of a product from conception to launch and delivery. The product manager is also responsible for delivering an operating plan to help with strategic goals and objectives. Some of their responsibilities include building a product portfolio, contributing to a product strategy, and managing marketing activities.

Software Developer

A software developer builds applications for specific tasks on computers and other devices. They analyze consumer’s needs and design software to meet those needs. Software developers work closely with UX designers and business analysts to identify areas needing modifications.

Systems Administrator

System administrators specialize in networking or computer systems. This is one of the few tech jobs that don’t require coding. Systems administrators are skilled professionals who organize, install, and support an organization’s computer systems and communication networks. They manage servers, desktops, and mobile equipment.

How to Get a Job in Tech

How to Get a Job in Tech

Like many careers, getting a job in the technology sector begins with fulfilling the education requirements by pursuing an advanced degree. However, there are easier ways to learn tech skills. You can apply for bootcamps or courses to learn everything you need to know. Read below to learn more about your tech education options.

Coding Courses

Coding courses help you learn new coding skills or can upgrade your current skillset. These coding courses are usually taught by experts, allowing you to learn the skills quickly and efficiently. You can find coding courses on websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Khan Academy, to mention a few.

College Degree Programs

Another way to enter the IT field is to enroll in a college degree program. A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is intensive and longer than a coding bootcamp. It usually takes four to five years to complete. Degrees are a great way to learn, but they are an expensive investment.

Coding Bootcamps

One way to attain new tech skills is to attend a coding bootcamp. A coding bootcamp is an intensive training program that teaches people how to code in a short time. It is more affordable than a degree and can help you build professional and practical skills. Bootcamps also offer career services to help graduates find jobs.

Teach Yourself

You can also teach yourself to code with online coding courses. There are online programs, coding software, and games to learn the basics of coding. Some of these games are Grasshopper, Kodable, LightBot, and CodeSpark Academy. As you learn new skills, ensure you practice by creating projects to use for your portfolio.

Is a Tech Job Right for You?

Yes, a tech job is right for you if you’re motivated and ready to enter a growing field. Organizations and businesses worldwide are looking for new tech talent in 2021. You can get a career in technology with only a bootcamp education. You can also enter vocational programs if you want more of a hands-on position.

The technology industry has many lucrative career opportunities with a positive job outlook. If you want one of the jobs with the highest median base salaries, consider only the best tech careers above. There are plenty of opportunities no matter where you are.

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