The Best App Development Bootcamps

The best app development bootcamps can teach you how to develop both computer and mobile applications. As devices evolve, applications must keep up. The tech industry needs app developers to make sure software remains up to par with evolving devices.

App developers help create a smooth user experience and interface. An app’s aesthetic is just as important as its ease of use. A bootcamp can provide you with a focused set of courses to learn these skills.

Coding bootcamps are a viable option because bootcamps are cheaper and quicker than traditional degrees. This review will explore some of the best app development bootcamps that can push you towards your career goals.

What Is an App Development Bootcamp?

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A app development bootcamp is a tech school that teaches valuable skills needed in the tech industry. Bootcamps are popular because they are as comprehensive as a university course, but take less time and cost less money.

One of the main advantages of an app development bootcamp is that it focuses only on the topic at hand. There are no electives or filler classes like a university might offer. If you want to study a specific skill, then bootcamps are the best choice for you.

The 5 Best App Development Bootcamps of 2021

An app development course is just what you need to make it in the tech industry. Coding bootcamps are worth it because they cover the technical skills you need to learn in a short amount of time. Whether it lasts three weeks or three months, you will walk away from your bootcamp with essential tech knowledge and skills.

Below are the top five app development bootcamps you should check out in 2021. Due to COVID-19, many businesses are turning to the digital world to reach customers.

These businesses need app developers like you. Take advantage of these job opportunities by strengthening your tech skills with a bootcamp.

BrainStation logo
  • Cost:$950 to $15,000
  • Locations: New York, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Toronto, Vancouver, London
  • Program Types: Online (Full-Time, Part-Time)

BrainStation offers a wide variety of bootcamps to prepare students in their goals of securing that sought-after developer position. Some of these courses are for web development and UX and UI design. In app development, it is important to have a strong skill and knowledge on how to create web and mobile applications that are optimal for users.

If you are aspiring to become an iOS developer, BrainStation offers a part-time course for this. It covers learning the fundamentals of Swift, which is the programming language used for iOS application developments. A topic on storyboarding is also available to help developers create better interfaces for your apps.

BrainStation Financing Options

There are three options to finance your BrainStation bootcamp classes. There are monthly payment installments that allow you to spread your payments at a certain rate depending on the agreed period. On the other hand, your employer can also cover your tuition fee through reimbursement.

The final tuition payment option is scholarship and BrainStation has a total of six offerings. There are scholarships for women in tech, underrepresented groups, and professionals in not-for-profit organizations. Finally, there are opportunities available as well for military veterans, recent graduates, and budding entrepreneurs.

Codecademy logo
  • Cost: $19.99 per month
  • Locations: Online
  • Program Types: Part-time (Flexible)

Through its Pro offerings, Codecademy provides flexible coding and app development courses. You can take courses for Android and Java, or iOS and Swift. Android and iOS are the two dominant operating systems for mobile phones, so these courses can teach you everything you need to know for each.

Most of the courses under this bootcamp are beginner-friendly. You can start without any prior knowledge and experience. You can also use the free version of Codeacademy to see if it suits your learning style. The Pro version gives you real-world projects, personal guidance, and a certificate of completion.

Codecademy Pro Financing Options

Codecademy operates on a monthly subscription plan, which costs $19.99 per month. If you subscribe for a year at once, you will be given a discount and pay only $15.99 per month. This is a great option if you’re ready to jump into learning how to develop apps. You can also opt for the free version to try things out.

DevMountain logo
  • Cost: $4,900 to $9,900
  • Locations: Online, Lehi, Dallas
  • Program Types: Online (Full-Time, Part-Time), In-Person

Devmountain offers topics that are essential to app development such as coding basics, UX design, and even web development. Coding and design are two important elements to develop an optimal app interface. You are to acquire and learn these skills in a span of 13 weeks.

If you are looking for a chance to build applications for Apple devices, Devmountain has a comprehensive iOS development program. Under this program, you will learn how to code using XCode, Objective-C, and Swift. Near the end of the course. You will also collaborate with UX Design and Software QA students to develop an iOS app.

Devmountain Financing Options

Bootcamp students can finance their tuition through loans under two Devmountain recommended lenders. Climb has a five-minute application process, with an opportunity to receive a good loan offer if you have multiple cosigners for the loan.
The other option is Ascent Funding that offers a minimum of $2,000 up to your full tuition. Ascent Funding also offers a maximum of $3,000 possible loan for living expenses needs.

Devmountain also has a total of three scholarship offerings. The Bridge the Gap Scholarship is intended for underrepresented groups. The Dead-End Job Scholarship aims to help those who are stuck in dead-end jobs and want to start a new career. Finally, the Adversity Scholarship is for those who have faced personal challenges and still managed to succeed.

General Assembly logo
  • Cost: $0 to $20,000
  • Locations: Online, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, Sydney, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Toronto, Paris, Phoenix, Washington, Minneapolis, Raleigh, London, Paris, Singapore
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time

Aside from Swift and JavaScript courses, you can learn how to use Xcode and Interface Builder with General Assembly. These programs are essentials in building both mobile and desktop applications for iOS.

At General Assembly, you can learn app design and development to help you create optimal applications. You can also learn the basics of programming using Swift in Xcode. At the end of the course, you’ll create an app design that you can add to your portfolio.

General Assembly Bootcamp Financing Options

General Assembly has a total of six financing options. These include installment plans, loans, the GI Bill, and more. Its Catalyst program acts like a tuition share plan, where you only have to pay tuition once you have a salary of at least $40,000.

This coding school also offers tuition discounts for underrepresented communities in tech and low-income students. With General Assembly, you can also ask your employer to finance your education for you. This is a great option for working students.

Nucamp logo
  • Cost: $349 to $1,880
  • Locations: Online, Washington, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, San Diego, Sacramento, Minneapolis, Tacoma, Orange County, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Riverside
  • Program Types: Part-time, Full-time

Nucamp offers a beginners course on web development fundamentals. This course can prepare you for more complicated programming subjects. You will learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are fundamental programming languages. Java can help you develop apps for Android devices.

On the other hand, you can also take advanced bootcamps on front end web development and full stack web development with Nucamp. This is a good option if you enjoy app development and want to learn more coding skills.

Nucamp Financing Options

While most bootcamps have income share agreements (ISAs), Nucamp instead offers a fair student agreement (FSA). With an FSA, there are three options of paying for a certain number of months. The longest payment option is 18 months, but it caps at $2,930.

Nucamp also has multiple scholarships for specific groups. You can get a scholarship if you’re a veteran or a recent high school graduate. Nucamp also offers scholarships for people with poor credit history and people who have been impacted by COVID-19.

App Development Bootcamp Job Opportunities

Careers in tech continue to grow and show no sign of slowing down. There are hundreds of thousands of mobile and web applications out there, and businesses need app developers to make more. You can attend bootcamps to learn these skills, which are important to potential employers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web development and digital design jobs will grow by eight percent in the next 10 years. On average, they earn $73,760 per year, which is also expected to increase.

Application Developer

The most obvious position for people with app development skills is an app developer. This job entails creating, designing, and updating applications for business and consumer use. App developers need advanced coding skills, so you should know programming languages like Java or JavaScript, Python, and C.

According to PayScale, app developers earn an average of $70,079 per year. They are also included in the developer bracket that will see an eight percent increase in job opportunities.

Mobile App Developer

A mobile app developer has a more focused position than an app developer. An app developer may cover both computer and mobile, and a mobile developer only works with mobile. The two dominant operating systems for mobile applications are Android and iOS, which use JavaScript and Swift respectively.

PayScale reports that mobile app developers earn an average of $73,523 per year. This field is as much as 88 percent male. There are many opportunities to improve the statistics as the job outlook for this industry remains strong.

UX/UI Designer

For all types of app development, improving and optimizing the user interface for a good user experience is always part of the process. Your job as a UX/UI designer is to use different techniques to make apps intuitive, useful, and aesthetically pleasing. You need the right graphic skills to know how to make an app look as good as it is functional.

The average pay for a UX/UI Designer is not far from the other jobs involved in app development. This job pays an average of $74,298 according to PayScale. It is also expected to thrive in the next 10 years in the tech field.

Why You Should Enroll in an App Development Bootcamp

An app development bootcamp can help you learn how to create and design applications for users. This is more specific than general courses on coding and programming. You can gain the immediate skills you need to become a successful app developer. If you’re looking for a lucrative career in a growing field, app development is for you.

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