Best Cybersecurity Bootcamps

The Best Cyber Security Bootcamps

Cyber security professionals protect computers, networks, and software programs from attacks. As the world develops new technologies, the need for technical security experts has risen.

The best cyber security bootcamps can teach you the skills needed to solve real-world problems. Read on to learn more and where you can find the best cyber security bootcamps to ensure a high-quality education and future job prospects.

What Is a Cyber Security Bootcamp?

Cyber security bootcamps are technical training programs that teach in-demand tech skills. These courses allow coding newbies to learn fundamentals and apply them to jobs in tech.

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These cyber security bootcamps can help you transition from student-to-employee as you start your career in tech. Most bootcamps have career services and job preparation programs to help you get ready for the field. You’ll learn applicable skills in a more quick and efficient way than with a college or university program.

The Top 10 Cyber Security Bootcamps of 2021

Many cyber security bootcamps can teach you other topics along with a focused curriculum. If you want to learn new tech skills, a bootcamp is the right choice for you.

Below are the best cyber security bootcamps of 2021.

Claim Academy

  • Cost: $14,998
  • Locations: St. Louis, Online
  • Program Types: Full-time

Claim Academy is a coding bootcamp for people who want a career in cyber security. It has full-time courses to immerse you in the curriculum. This school has a cyber security analyst immersive course. You’ll learn how to plan thoroughly, implement security controls, and more.

You’ll also learn security applications, Python, cloud and Wifi security, and perimeter security. At the end of the program, you will be ready for CompTIA Security+ certification. The examination fee is part of your tuition.

Claim Academy Bootcamp Financing Options

Claim Academy has two financing methods. You can choose to pay upfront for your tuition, or you can apply for a scholarship. To indicate interest in the scholarship, you need to add it to your online application.

Code Fellows logo
  • Cost: $12,000
  • Locations: Seattle, Online
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time

Code Fellows is an online technical skills training academy. It offers both full-time and part-time programs both online and onsite. The cyber security bootcamp emphasizes practical cyber operations including defensive and offensive roles.
In this program, you’ll cyber processes such as data encryption and risk assessment. It also includes threat modeling, network security, vulnerability scanning, code analysis, and incident response. You will gain ethical hacker skills and finish two projects that you can add to your portfolio.

Code Fellows Bootcamp Financing Options

This school has lots of financing options. You can pay upfront, with Climb Credit and Ascent Funding, in installments, or with the GI Bill.

Code Fellows also has coding bootcamp scholarships for underrepresented communities in tech. It also has a COVID-19 scholarship for people who lost their jobs to the pandemic. If you’re underemployed or want to change careers, you can also apply for a scholarship.


DevLeague logo
  • Cost: $14,500
  • Locations: Honolulu, Online
  • Program Types: Part-time

DevLeague is a coding bootcamp based in Hawaii. It offers training in design, networking management, security management, computer forensics, cryptography.

The cyber security course can help you become a cyber security professional. It focuses on critical thinking, structural analytical techniques, and attack vectors. The program is immersive and can teach you everything you need to know in just a few weeks.

DevLeague Bootcamp Financing Options

You can finance your training through a loan, the GI Bill, or upfront payment. The school also has scholarships for women and students who need extra help. You can also pay upfront for DevLeague, but it’s worth it to inquire about a scholarship.

Flatiron School logo
  • Cost: $16,900
  • Locations: Austin, Chicago, Denver, Houston, New York, Seattle, Washington DC, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Flatiron School is an online and on-campus coding bootcamp. It offers courses on cyber security analytics, software engineering, UX design, and data science. The bootcamp has both part-time and full-time options.

Flatiron School’s cyber security stream has a full curriculum. It covers system and network administration, threat intelligence, hunt skills, and SIEM administration. At the end of the bootcamp, you can prepare for a job as a security consultant, compliance analyst, SOC analyst, or threat intel analyst.

Flatiron School Bootcamp Financing Options

Flatiron School has a lot of financing options. You can choose to pay upfront for the course and make an initial deposit to secure your place. If you’re from the US, you can also pay with a loan. Flatiron School partners with Climb and Ascent Funding. They can help you pay your tuition and living expenses with stipends of $7,500.

Flatiron School also offers an Access scholarship of up to $3,000. Only 35 to 50 students can receive this funding, so you should do your research and check if you’re eligible.

Fullstack Academy logo
  • Cost: $17,910
  • Locations: Chicago, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, New York City, Jacksonville, San Diego, New Orleans, San Luis Obispo, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Fullstack Academy is a cyber bootcamp with several locations in the United States. It offers cyber security training for both experienced programmers and newbies. The school has prep courses to make sure everyone’s prepared, even beginners.

The cyber security course focuses on technical training, hands-on applications, and cyber trends. You’ll learn all about networking, encryption, system architecture, risk detection, and cryptography.

Fullstack Academy Bootcamp Financing Options

This school offers upfront payment, loan financing, ISAs, and scholarships. Fullstack Academy partners with Ascent Funding to provide loan options. However, the interest rates and loan terms depend on your credit history.

Fullstack Academy has an income share agreement, where you only have to pay tuition once you get a job. You can also apply for coding bootcamp scholarships. If you’re LGBTQ+, a woman, or a veteran, you can enjoy a discount.

Ironhack logo
  • Cost: $6,500 – $12,000
  • Locations: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Paris, São Paulo, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Ironhack is an immersive online bootcamp. It can give you the technical skills you need to handle jobs in cyber security, web development, and UX/UI design.

In the cyber security program, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get a job in the industry. You will work on different projects to learn how to advise organizations on disaster recoveries. You will also complete a final review of security and risk management processes.

Ironhack Bootcamp Financing Options

This bootcamp only has two financing options. You can pay upfront or use a lending partner like Climb Credit and Ascent Funding. With two different loan options, you can find one that suits your needs. These loans can cover both your tuition and your living expenses.

Louisiana State University Cyber Bootcamp

Louisiana State University logo
  • Cost: $17,910
  • Locations: Online
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time

The Louisiana State University has live online bootcamps for coding and cyber security. You can choose to enroll part-time or full-time.

The cyber security course teaches defensive and offensive cyber security skills such as security analyst training and other essentials. All classes in this coding bootcamp are online with live guidance from instructors. This can prepare you for certifications in the future.

Louisiana State University Cyber Bootcamp Financing Options

With Louisiana State University, you can pay upfront, in installments, with loans, or with a scholarship. With installments, you pay $2,000 after enrollment and complete the payment one week before the class starts. This school also partners with Climb Credit and Ascent Funding to offer student loan assistance.

This bootcamp also offers scholarships for students, alumni, and employees of the university. Military personnel can apply for this scholarship too.

Penn LPS coding boot camp
  • Cost: $14,495
  • Locations: Philadelphia, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Penn Cyber Security Boot Camp teaches you the skills you need to start a career as a data analyst. You can also learn to become a cyber security engineer or web developer.

This cyber security course offers hands-on training in systems, networking, web technologies, databases, and offensive and defensive cyber security. You will also learn the techniques and methods to identify risks to an organization’s security posture.

Penn Cyber Security Boot Camp Financing Options

Penn Cyber Security Boot Camp has a few financing options, which include upfront payment, loan financing, and installments. If you can’t afford to pay upfront tuition, you can use a lending company like Ascent Funding.
With Penn Cyber Security Boot Camp, you can pay in monthly installments. This is a great option if you can’t pay upfront but don’t want to suffer the interest rates of a loan.

Springboard logo
  • Cost: $900 – $3,300
  • Locations: Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Springboard is an online coding bootcamp that can help you launch a career in cyber security. It also has courses in data science, software engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Springboard has practice exercises, learning resources, career related coursework, and practical labs.

Springboard offers a cyber security course that covers the fundamentals of the topic. It can teach you security operations, network and systems security, and vulnerability assessment. You have to put in 15 to 20 hours a week to complete the program in six months.

Springboard Bootcamp Financing Options

Springboard has six payment plans: upfront, installments, deferred tuition, ISAs, loan financing, and scholarships. It also offers a refund guarantee, so if you don’t find a job after six months, you’ll get your money back.

Springboard partners with Climb Credit to offer student loans. This bootcamp also offers small scholarships to underrepresented communities in tech. It has a $750 scholarship for women in tech as well as veterans.

University of Miami Bootcamps logo
  • Cost: $15,500
  • Locations: Miami
  • Program Types: Part-time

University of Miami Cyber Security bootcamp offers flexible part-time programs. This is a good option for you if you’re working and you want a certificate from an accredited institution.

During the program, you’ll learn hands-on practical training as well as in-depth theory in programming and cyber security. It prepares you for various certification exams such as CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, and Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate.

University of Miami Cyber Security Bootcamp Financing Options

University of Miami has only one financing option: upfront payment. Although it’s a large sum, it’s worth it if you want to get a certification in cyber security.

Cyber Security Bootcamp Job Opportunities

Cyber and information security jobs are more in-demand every year. Cyber security bootcamps are the best way to stay up-to-date with the needs of the industry. If you want to get a lucrative job in tech, cyber security is a great option.

Experts predict that cybercrime will cost the globe $6 trillion in 2021. These threats have single-handedly pushed the growth of the cyber security market by almost 10 percent.
Read below to see what jobs you can get with cyber security training.

Network Security Administrator

In this position, you can help secure computer systems for organizations. A security administrator position involves updating or creating security infrastructure. You’ll also have to check networks for suspicious activities and unauthorized access.

Data Security Analyst

Data security analysts are also called information security analysts. In this job, you can protect organization data from outsider attacks. Most data security analysts work in data-driven industries like computer system design, consulting, and financial services.

Systems Security Administrator

Security systems administrators offer advice to organizations about their internal security procedures. In this position, you’ll be able to detect weaknesses in the computer networks that make the system vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Network Security Engineer

Network security engineers provide, deploy, configure, and manage different pieces of security. This position requires you to handle network-related software and hardware. You’ll work with routers, firewalls, switches, VPNs, and various monitoring tools.

Why You Should Enroll in a Cyber Security Bootcamp

A cyber security bootcamp can help you gain job-ready skills through an immersive experience. It is more affordable than a university program and can teach you up-to-date information.

If you want to enter into the cyber security industry, a bootcamp is worth the time, effort, and money.

Find a training program that will help you start your tech career journey.


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