Best Node.js Bootcamps

The Best Node.js Bootcamps

Node.js is a programming environment used to execute JavaScript code. It is open-source and can streamline your development process. Most Node.js developers use it to create highly scalable and data-intensive programs.

Learning Node.js is beneficial for front end developers who want to transition into full stack engineers. You can repurpose your JavaScript skills into the server-side of the application. If you’re interested in learning this programming environment, read below to discover some of the best Node.js bootcamps.

What Is a Node.js Bootcamp?

A Node.js bootcamp is a short, immersive education program that helps you develop programming skills. Node.js bootcamps are an alternative to formal education because of their low price and employment training.

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Node.js bootcamps usually partner with other companies in the tech field who want to hire graduates. This makes it easier for you to find a job at the end of the program. Other Node.js bootcamps focus on guiding you through the job search process by teaching you relevant skills for the job market.

The 8 Best Node.js Bootcamps of 2021

Node.js is popular in 2021 because of its efficiency in the development process. Many bootcamps now offer courses to learn Node.js. We’ve compiled some of the best schools that offer Node.js training and other tech skills.

App Academy logo
  • Cost: $17,000 – $20,000
  • Locations: New York City, San Francisco, Online
  • Node.js Courses Offered: Full Stack Web Development
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time

App Academy offers an immersive full stack development program available full-time or part-time. You can either take the course online or in-person at one of App Academy’s campuses.

This course will teach you programming fundamentals like HTML, SQL, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll learn how to use JavaScript in both the front end and backend of a website. During the program, you’ll develop your own products and receive career guidance to help you find a job in tech.

App Academy Financing Options

App Academy offers loan financing, income share agreement, installments, upfront payment, and scholarships. To qualify for a scholarship, you must be part of an underrepresented minority in the tech industry. With an ISA at App Academy, you don’t have to pay tuition until you find a job that pays you over $50,000 a year.

CareerFoundry logo
  • Cost: $6,900
  • Locations: Online
  • Node.js Courses Offered: Web Development
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time, Flex

This online course from CareerFoundry covers fundamental aspects of full stack web development. You’ll learn coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. CareerFoundry uses Node.js to teach you the server-side of web applications.

You will also learn how to use React and other tools in the development process. This course doesn’t need you to be an expert in programming, but you should have some essential skills to start. The course can last from three and a half months to seven months.

CareerFoundry Financing Options

CareerFoundry has two financing options: upfront payment and monthly installments. With installments, you’ll pay $600 per month after a $2,100 upfront fee. This school also offers a job guarantee refund in case you don’t find any job after graduation, although it has strict requirements.

Coding Dojo logo
  • Cost: $7,745 – $15,745
  • Locations: Online
  • Node.js Courses Offered: Software Development
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time, Flex

Coding Dojo offers a complete online course focused on software and web development. This project-based program will teach you essential programming skills like JavaScript, HTML, C#, Ruby, and more.

Coding Dojo has a specialized module for Node.js and dives deep into its advanced functions. This course is a great option if you want to get a well-rounded coding education. You can complete this program in a full-time, part-time, and flex schedule. It lasts from 14 to 32 weeks, depending on the option you choose.

Coding Dojo Financing Options

Coding Dojo’s financing options include upfront payment, installments, income share agreement, and loan financing. It has two loaning partners: Skills Fund and Affirm. The installments consist of two payments plus a $1000 deposit to secure your spot.

Fullstack Academy logo
  • Cost: $15,910
  • Locations: New York City, Chicago, Online
  • Node.js Courses Offered: Software Engineering Immersive
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time, Flex

FullStack Academy’s flagship program will teach you all relevant aspects of the development process. You’ll learn how to use up-to-date tools like Git, Bash, and Sublime. This course lasts from 17 to 28 weeks, depending on the schedule you select.

This course can teach you essential programming languages like HTML, CSS, and full stack JavaScript using Node.js. The school uses pair programming to help you develop new skills along with your peers.

FullStack Academy Financing Options

This school’s financing options are loan financing, upfront payment, and ISAs. For this last option, you’ll pay 12 percent of your income for two years once you find a job. You only have to pay if you earn more than $40,000 a year as a software engineer. You can also secure a loan with Climb and Skills Fund.

Hack Reactor logo
  • Cost: $17,980
  • Locations: Seattle, Boulder, Denver, New York City, San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Austin, Online
  • Node.js Courses Offered: Software Engineering Coding Bootcamp
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time, Flex

This eight to 13-week course will teach you coding fundamentals like CSS, web design, and full stack JavaScript. You’ll learn how to use this coding language for the front end and backend of web applications.

You’ll put the theory into practice with several projects like a project management app and a Node.js-driven program. The course also offers career advice classes to help you during your job search.

Hack Reactor Financing Options

Hack Reactor’s financing options include ISAs, scholarships, loan financing, and upfront payment. It partners with Skills Fund and Climb to provide loans. It also offers six scholarships for each cohort. One is for an outstanding applicant, and the other five help black coders get an education.

Ironhack logo
  • Cost: $12,500 – $13,000
  • Locations: Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Mexico City, São Paulo, Miami, Online
  • Node.js Courses Offered: Web Development
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time

This coding bootcamp will give you in-depth training on full stack web development. You’ll learn basic programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This course is available on a part-time and full-time schedule.

During this course, you’ll develop your own web development projects using Node.js and other programming tools. Ironhack’s program lasts from three to six months, depending on the schedule you select.

Ironhack Financing Options

Ironhack’s financing options vary from city to city. You should check what the available payment methods on your location are. The most common ones are loan financing, upfront payment, ISAs, and monthly installments. Ironhack also offers scholarships to women who are passionate about coding.

Nucamp logo
  • Cost: $1,880 – $2,292
  • Locations: Worldwide, Online
  • Node.js Courses Offered: Full Stack Web and Mobile Development
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time, Flex

This is a full stack web and mobile development course, which is perfect if you’re interested in both platforms. The program includes a front end fundamentals section and backend training with Node.js. You’ll learn coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

During the course, you will also create projects with React and React Native. Keep in mind that this program is a mix of online and in-person training. Nucamp has several campuses across the country.

Nucamp Financing Options

Nucamp offers three financing options: upfront payment, monthly installments, and loan financing. The monthly installments method consists of five $376 payments until graduation. Nucamp also partners with Climb to provide more flexible financing options. With Climb, you’ll pay $110 to $167 a month for 12 to 18 months.

Thinkful logo
  • Cost: $7,000 – $16,000
  • Locations: Online
  • Node.js Courses Offered: Full Stack Software Development
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time

This full stack software engineering course is perfect for those who want to become web developers or DevOps engineers. This five to six-month course will give you all the tools you need to become an expert web developer.

You’ll learn how to use React, Node.js, JavaScript, and all the fundamental backend and front end engineering principles. This course is completely online so you can learn from the comfort of your home. You can also choose a part-time or full-time track depending on your needs.

Thinkful Financing Options

Thinkful’s financing options include loan financing, ISAs, upfront payment, month-to-month installments, and deferred tuition. The school works with Skills Fund as a loaning partner. If you want to spread your payment into monthly installments, you can pay $3,520 for five months. With this option and Skills Fund, you’ll pay $17,600 in total.

Node.js Bootcamp Job Opportunities

According to an Indeed Hiring Lab report, the demand for Node.js developers is growing. Many companies hire Node.js engineers because they can shorten development time and maintain great outcomes. Below are some of the job opportunities you could have with Node.js skills.

Full Stack Software Engineer

A full stack software engineer creates digital products like mobile, desktop, or web applications. They work with the front end and backend and use different programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, or Python.

Full stack software engineers use Node.js often. When working with JavaScript, it can help you reduce your time and effort.

JavaScript Developer

A JavaScript developer usually works only on the visible part of the website or app. However, with Node.js, you can also work on the backend part of the program. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a JavaScript developer goes from $43,500 to $85,500.

Backend Software Engineer

Using Node.js can help you become a backend software engineer. Even if you don’t have vast experience with server-side coding languages like Ruby or PHP, you can get a great job. According to Indeed, a backend engineer’s average salary is $124,204.

Why You Should Enroll in a Node.js Bootcamp

You should enroll in a Node.js coding bootcamp if you want to combine your JavaScript skills with the server-side of programming. Node.js creates a more streamlined development process. Since everything is connected, your performance on both sides will be clean and efficient.

There aren’t many Node.js-specific courses. However, the majority of coding bootcamps or software engineering programs offer Node.js as a subject. This coding environment has become highly in-demand these days, so you should add it to your toolkit with a Node.js bootcamp.

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