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The Best Coding Bootcamps in Cleveland

Cleveland boasts a rapidly growing tech scene. Add to that a low cost of living, high-quality educational options, and one of the best public transportation systems in North America, and you have an ideal place to work and study. In recent years, a number of coding bootcamps have arrived in Cleveland to lend a further gloss to the city’s tech makeover.

If you’re interested in learning to code and starting a career in tech, this article will help you decide which of the best Cleveland coding bootcamps can make your dreams come true.

The Cleveland Tech Scene and Job Market

Historically, Cleveland is known for manufacturing. The city’s recent commitment to technological development, however, has begun to change its Rust Belt image. According to Worth Media, Cleveland is now the 11th most important tech city in the United States, with enough tech startups to give New York and Silicon Valley a run for their money.

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As one of the fastest-growing markets in the United States, Cleveland is not short on career opportunities for techies. According to a recent study, the number of tech jobs in Cleveland has risen by 53 percent since 2019. And as of last year, the Cleveland metropolitan area ranked among the most welcoming regions for tech job seekers in the country.

Tech Salaries in Cleveland

According to PayScale, an entry-level computer programmer in Cleveland can expect to earn between $55,000 and $90,000 per year. On average, this works out to a salary of $71,769, which is comparable to what coders in general earn.

The Top 4 Cleveland Coding Bootcamps in 2021

One of the best ways to get a career in tech is to sign up for a coding bootcamp. On average, a bootcamp takes 16 weeks to complete and can be done on a part-time or full-time basis. How to pay for it depends on the bootcamp, but most are flexible enough to support your training. The curricula are geared toward solving real-world problems.

With a number of the best Cleveland coding bootcamps licensed by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools, you can be sure they are well-established. The four best bootcamps in Cleveland are surveyed below.

Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University
Courses OfferedFull Stack Web Development, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity
Program TypesPart-Time, Online
Cost$11,495 (Subject to Change)
Financing OptionsPayment Plans Available
Scholarships Available$500 for CWRU Alumni

Case Western Reserve University offers a selection of skills-based courses for students who want to learn how to code, but who aren’t interested in a traditional bachelor’s degree. The focus on vocational education means you will get all the support you need from CWRU’s career services as you work to earn a professional certificate from the university.

CWRU’s three 24-week bootcamps are fully online, so you can study to become a web developer, data analyst, or cyber security engineer from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, the school’s part-time format is perfect for students who have work schedules that they need to plan around.

Cleveland Codes

Cleveland Codes logo
Courses OfferedWeb Application Development
Program TypesFull-Time
Financing OptionsInstallments, Workforce Training Grant
ScholarshipsWorkforce Scholarships, COVID-19 Hardship Assistance

The objective of Cleveland Codes is to help disadvantaged youth in Cleveland secure jobs in tech. Established as a social enterprise, the school’s immersive program covers a variety of subjects related to object-oriented programming and web development.

In the 16-week course, you will learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the three pillars of front end development. You will also learn SQL. Students and fresh graduates will have access to internships and job placement upon completion of the course.

Tech Elevator logo
Courses OfferedJava Web Application Development, .NET Web Application Development
Program TypesFull-Time
Financing OptionsMonthly Installments, Income Share Agreement, Loans
Scholarships85% - 100% Off Tuition for Underrepresented Groups

Tech Elevator’s two main curricula are focused on teaching industry-relevant skills to aspiring software engineers and full stack developers. Robust career coaching is available for all students.

Both courses cost $15,500, and both last for 14 weeks. Thankfully, Tech Elevator gives you several options to finance your study of Java or .NET. Conscious of accessibility concerns, the school also makes scholarships available for minority groups.

We Can Code IT

Courses OfferedC# Full Stack Software Development, Java Full Stack Software Development
Program TypesFull-Time, Online, Flex
CostTuition: $13,900, Registration Fee: $125
Financing OptionsIncome Share Agreement, Installments, GI Bill
Scholarships$2,000 for Low-Income Students, $2,000 for Students Affected by COVID-19, $2,000 for Diversity Candidates

The award-winning bootcamp We Can Code IT is a great place to jumpstart your career in Java or C# development. There’s something for all learners here, whether you prefer to study onsite, can only do an online program, or would like to experience both styles of learning in a hybrid course.

Like other bootcamps, We Can Code IT has an ISA option, which means it won’t collect tuition until you start earning a salary of at least $40,000. What sets apart this ISA from versions of the policy at other schools is that We Can Code IT uses the money it takes from your future paychecks to pay for the tuition of other aspiring programmers.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is a short-term, intensive program that teaches students practical and job-relevant skills in tech. It is a much faster and cheaper alternative to the degree model of higher education.

Coding is the core skill you learn at a bootcamp. A coder is a person who writes instructions for a computer to execute. This is usually done in a language the computer understands, such as JavaScript, C#, or Python. Students can expect to learn one or more of the top programming languages at a coding bootcamp, depending on their career goals.

Most programs range between 12 and 16 weeks in length. They are generally flexible in terms of timing, with many offering both part-time and full-time courses.

Is a Cleveland Coding Bootcamp Right for You?

Whether a Cleveland coding bootcamp is right for you depends on your goals, ambitions, and aspirations. Are you interested in a career change towards tech? If so, signing up for a Cleveland bootcamp is a step in the right direction. With society moving towards the fourth industrial revolution, learning to code would be a wise skill to add to your toolkit.

You might still be worried about the cost. Keep in mind, however, that most bootcamps offer various payment options. Think of it as an investment rather than as a prohibitive expense. Besides, choosing a less lucrative career pivot may end up being a more costly decision in the long run. Simply put, bootcamps make job-ready skills easy and affordable to obtain.

And don’t forget that many bootcamps offer job placement support, internship opportunities, and access to their professional networks. With these resources at your beck, it shouldn’t take long to find employment after graduation, especially in an up-and-coming tech city like Cleveland.

So is a Cleveland coding bootcamp worth it? You be the judge.

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