Best Kotlin Bootcamps

The Best Kotlin Bootcamps

If you haven’t already learned the cross-platform programming language Kotlin, now is a great time. Once described as a better version of Java, over half of Android developers now use Kotlin instead. Google, Pinterest, Trello, Slack, and Airbnb all use Kotlin for their apps.

Kotlin is both object-oriented and functional for programming. If you want to learn this programming language, you should enroll in a coding bootcamp. Read below to discover some of the best Kotlin bootcamps to start your career in tech.

What Is a Kotlin Bootcamp?

A Kotlin bootcamp is an intensive technical training program. Over several days or several months, you can learn this career-oriented programming language. Kotlin bootcamps focus on the most important aspects of coding so you can apply your skills to a new career or accelerate an existing one.

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When comparing Kotlin coding bootcamps to degrees programs, bootcamps come out ahead as they focus on the most relevant skills and topics. These bootcamps also often offer career services to help you get a job when you graduate.

The Top 5 Kotlin Bootcamps of 2021

If you’re not sure where to start learning Kotlin, opt for a coding bootcamp. Below are some of the best Kotlin courses with reputable reviews, a strong Kotlin curriculum, and proven student outcomes.


Android logo
  • Cost: Free
  • Locations: Online
  • Kotlin Courses Offered: Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers, Android Kotlin Fundamentals, Advanced Android in Kotlin, Advanced Coroutines with Kotlin Flow and LiveData
  • Program Types: Flex

Android offers several free coding bootcamps, including the Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers. You will learn the basics of Kotlin and how to create small programs in IntelliJ IDEA. The course includes hands-on homework assignments.

These courses are intended to be completed in order. However, depending on your experience level, you may be able to skip certain lessons. These courses are best for you if you’re familiar with object-oriented languages such as Java or C++.

Android Bootcamp Financing Options

The Android bootcamp is free, so students of all financial backgrounds can take advantage of the courses.


Bedu logo
  • Cost: $4,994
  • Locations: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey
  • Kotlin Courses Offered: Android Development with Kotlin
  • Program Types: Part-time

Bedu offers a part-time blended bootcamp featuring topics like Kotlin. The curriculum covers Kotlin basics, Kotlin Intermediate, and Advanced Kotlin.

Through Bedu, you will have the opportunity to learn from experts in an online environment. By completing personal projects and a prototype that you will present to a specialized jury, you will become an expert in Kotlin.

If this is your first programming language, you might have to study a little harder than the rest of the class. Before committing to the bootcamp, you have the opportunity to come to a sample class.

Bedu Bootcamp Financing Options

There are several different ways to pay for a Bedu boot camp including months without interest, deferred payments, educational loans, and paying through OXXO. You can pay without interest by paying with certain credit cards or Paypal.

Another option is going through Quotanda which will allow you to make deferred payments. You can also consider taking out a loan with Prestanómico. Finally, you can pay for tuition at the nearest OXXO.

Big Nerd Ranch logo
  • Cost: $5,200
  • Locations: Online, Nationwide
  • Kotlin Courses Offered: Advanced Android, Android & Kotlin Essentials, Android Essentials, Kotlin Essentials
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time, Flex

Big Nerd Ranch hosts several courses on Android and Kotlin. These week-long, intensive courses can teach you how to create Android apps in no time. You’ll learn how to use Kotlin fundamentals, represent data structures, construct applications, and more.

If you want to enroll, you should have some experience with object-oriented programming languages. You can prepare by downloading the latest versions of JDK, IntelliJ Community Edition, and Android Studio.

Big Nerd Ranch Bootcamp Financing Options

Big Nerd Ranch is affordable compared to other bootcamps. There are not as many financing options, but you can pay upfront or with a loan. Big Nerd Ranch also partners with companies to teach employees how to code.

Deep Dive Coding

Deep Dive Coding logo
  • Cost: $6,995 – $9,995
  • Locations: Albuquerque
  • Kotlin Courses Offered: Java + Android
  • Program Types: Full-time, Part-time, Flex

Deep Dive Coding offers both full-time and part-time bootcamps that focus on the subjects of Kotlin, SQLite, Apache, AQL, JavaScript, and more. After the bootcamp, you will be able to build applications in Android using both Kotlin and Java.

There are no prerequisites for this course, just a basic understanding of computers is necessary. Deep Dive Coding also offers career services including a career coach who will help you secure employment after graduating from the bootcamp.

Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp Financing Options

Deep Dive Coding offers several different financing options including upfront payment, a month-to-month payment plan, and financial assistance. Additionally, some Albuquerque residents can qualify for financial assistance.

The App Academy NL

The App Academy NL logo
  • Cost: €7,950
  • Locations: Amsterdam
  • Kotlin Courses Offered: Mobile App Development Bootcamp
  • Program Types: Full-time

The App Academy NL is a Dutch coding bootcamp that teaches iOS and Android app development. You’ll work with the latest technologies and newest versions of Swift or Kotlin. In the curriculum, you can expect to build multiple projects and create a product for a portfolio showcase at the end of the program.

The bootcamp is perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to build their coding skillset. The eight-week intensive program occurs seasonally and is taught in English. There is also a semester for Dutch students only.

The App Academy NL Bootcamp Financing Options

The App Academy offers a few financing options. You can pay upfront or take out a loan. You should also take into consideration the cost of housing, transportation, and other expenses while living in Europe.

Kotlin Bootcamp Job Opportunities

The next step once you graduate from your bootcamp is to get a job. Many careers work directly with your new Kotlin skillset.

Below are some of the jobs and career paths you can pursue after learning Kotlin.

Android Developer

An Android developer specializes in creating apps for Android phones and tablets. These developers are currently in high demand. Employers are looking for applicants that can build Android apps with Kotlin, Java, and C++.

As an Android developer, you can work at a large organization or an app development agency. If you progress from an entry-level position, you can become a senior Android developer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career is supposed to increase by 17 percent through 2024.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write and test code so apps and software programs function correctly. They’re also known as software engineers. In this job, you can create and test code for software applications and operating systems like Android.

Programmers typically specialize in a few programming languages, including Kotlin and Java. The average salary for a computer programmer is $86,550 per year. Experience is valuable in this field, so attending a coding bootcamp is a great way to make your resume stand out.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile app developers use coding to create applications for a specific operating system like Android, iOS, or Windows. You can specialize in a particular area such as apps, graphics software, or office suites.

The average salary for a mobile app developer is $107,000 per year, which is high in the industry. Mobile app developers are currently in demand. These positions might be even easier to land than web development roles.

Why You Should Enroll in a Kotlin Bootcamp

You should enroll in a Kotlin bootcamp if you want to learn an exciting programming language. Kotlin is used in many high-tech companies, and it was named the official programming language for Android by Google. Kotlin is said to be one of the fastest-growing languages in recent years, so learning it will put you ahead of the curve.

There are plenty of ways to learn Kotlin, but an intensive and immersive bootcamp is one of the best. This open-sourced language is easy to learn and understand, so a bootcamp is the perfect setting to master it.

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