The Best C# Bootcamps

C# is one of the most popular programming languages, developed by Microsoft as part of a project on its .NET platform. It is used to create web and mobile apps, desktop programs, games, and more. The best C# bootcamps are teaching new programmers this versatile language quickly and efficiently, enabling them to create innovative projects in no time.

Many companies are looking to hire experts in this language, so by taking a course in C#, you’ll be much more likely to land a lucrative software development position. To find the right program, see our list below of the nine best C# bootcamps.

What Is a C# Bootcamp?

A C# bootcamp is a school that offers short-term, immersive courses teaching students to code in the C# programming language. Most C# bootcamps have virtual campuses where you can obtain a certificate in a matter of months.

The 9 Best C# Bootcamps in 2021

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There are many bootcamps out there, but the courses, prices, and quality differ greatly. To choose the best training option, you should first determine the schedule, content, and price point you’re looking for. Below are the top nine C# bootcamps that you should consider.

Claim Academy

  • Cost: $10,500 – $15,998
  • Locations: St. Louis, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Claim Academy is a coding and software development bootcamp based in St. Louis, Missouri. Students can learn C# / .NET in its 12- or 20-week program. The classes are focused on teaching students how to make innovative projects.

Classes at Claim Academy start every six weeks, so you can sign up and prepare for the program anytime. While learning C# at this bootcamp, you will work in pairs and individually. You do not need to have any prior coding experience to take the C# class at Claim Academy.

Claim Academy Financing Options

Claim Academy offers $500 scholarships for new students. If you’re a veteran, you can also use the GI Bill plan to receive financial support.

Coding Dojo logo
  • Cost: $4,995 – $15,995
  • Locations: Arlington, Berkeley, Boise, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tulsa, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Coding Dojo offers 14-week, full-time programs that equip students with the knowledge they need to move on to a career in programming.

The school has a special self-paced course in C# / .NET coding. The program covers all aspects of how the language is used within Microsoft’s popular .NET framework. This includes object-oriented programming, data analysis, and web security.

Coding Dojo Financing Options

Coding Dojo offers loans in partnership with Skills Fund, and scholarships of up to $4,000 for groups that are underrepresented in the tech industry. The bootcamp also accepts the GI Bill, which offers discounts to veterans.

Code Fellows logo
  • Cost: $99 – $12,000
  • Locations: Seattle, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Code Fellows is a Seattle-based professional technical training institute. It offers general software development courses, as well as some that specifically teach C#.

The Code 401: Advanced Software Development in ASP.NET Core course teaches students to write C# code using Microsoft Visual Studio to develop applications. The 400-hour course covers Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core Framework, data structure, data science, and advanced algorithms.

Code Fellow Financing Options

Code Fellows offers scholarships, as well as installment payments, and loans in cooperation with Skills Fund and Climb Credit. Veterans can also use the GI Bill at this training institute.

Grand Circus logo
  • Cost: $11,750
  • Locations: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Grand Circus is a software development bootcamp that offers a program in C# / .NET coding. This course teaches students full-stack development using C#, preparing students for a career in systems analysis, quality assurance, or front end development.

Students can choose whether they want to attend the class on a full-time basis for 12 weeks, or on a part-time basis for 26 weeks. At Grand Circus, teachers are experts in the tech industry, and you can trust that they will cover all the fundamentals of coding and web development.

Grand Circus Financing Options

To pay for it, you can request a loan via Skills Fund, Venmo, or Climb. Additionally, veterans can use the GI Bill to cover their tuition.

Grand Circus also offers scholarships for minority groups, and a special scholarship covering 50 percent of tuition for students who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Holberton School logo
  • Cost: $40,000 – $45,000
  • Locations: Barranquilla, Beirut, Bogota, Cali, Haust-De-France, Medellin, Mexico City, Montevideo, New Haven, San Juan, Tulsa, Tunes, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

Holberton School is an international bootcamp that has campuses on three continents. This institute aims to help students become software engineers in two years. The programs include full-stack programming and a special course on the augmented reality and virtual reality applications of C#.

In this course, students will learn how to create their own virtual realities, starting by studying computer science fundamentals and C#. They will then learn how to build augmented experiences with the Unity game engine interface.

Holberton School Financing Options

Holberton encourages students to take advantage of its ISA plan. In this option, students will pay for their course in monthly installments over three-and-a-half years after they are employed.

Sabio logo
  • Cost: $9,500 – $15,000
  • Locations: Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time

Sabio is a software development school created in California that focuses on C# and .NET. In its 12-week programs, students will learn to use C# to develop the backend and front end of web and mobile apps. They will also learn how to manage databases with C#.

Students will apply their skills in hands-on projects. Sabio also appoints each student a mentor to help with their job search, and offers job and exam prep.

Sabio Financing Options

Sabio has loan partnerships with Skills Fund and Sallie Mae. The bootcamp also has two scholarships: a $5,500 scholarship for women in tech, and a $5,000 general coding scholarship. It also offers an income share agreement (ISA), which students can use to pay for the course once they have found a job

Tech Elevator logo
  • Cost: $15,000
  • Locations: Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time

Tech Elevator offers 14-week, full-time courses. This school teaches software development with Microsoft’s .NET, which is based on C#.

C# is used in the school’s main programming course, which covers front end and backend web development and database management. It also offers some C#-based workshops, such as a self-paced course on how to build a video game using C#.

Tech Elevator Financing Options

Tech Elevator has partnerships with the lenders Skills Fund and Sallie Mae. It also offers several scholarships to groups that are underrepresented in tech.

The Software Guild logo
  • Cost: $13,750
  • Locations: Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

The Software Guild is an online bootcamp that offers a software development course in C# / .NET. The course can be attended either part-time over 10 months, or full-time for just 12 weeks.

The course starts off covering the basics of object-oriented programming, including C# syntax, then moves on to more advanced practices like unit testing and error testing.

The Software Guild Financing Options

At The Software Guild, you can apply for a Women In Tech or Veterans Who Code scholarship. You can also opt to take out a loan via the guild’s partnership with Skills Fund or Climb Credit.

The Tech Academy logo
  • Cost: $5,980 – $24,640
  • Locations: Portland, Salt Lake City, Online
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time

The Tech Academy is a software development school that serves beginners and experienced coders. It has more than 20 courses, including one called C# and .NET Framework.

Over more than 600 hours, you will learn to use C# programming, and will finish the course by creating a live project using C#. Tech Academy’s teachers are industry experts and will guarantee you a professional training experience. After finishing a course at The Tech Academy, you will be qualified for a job as a junior-level developer.

The Tech Academy Financing Options

The Tech Academy offers an ISA so that students can study for free and repay their tuition only after landing a job in which they are making at least $33,000 per year. You can also choose to pay in installments throughout the course, or take out a loan through Supermoney, Climb Credit, or Affirm.

C# Bootcamp Job Opportunities

Tech companies all over the world are hiring C# experts every day. These jobs are in high demand, and come with a salary to match. See the list below of possible jobs you can land after completing a C# bootcamp.

C# Developer

If you get a job as a C# developer, you can earn between $65,000 and $95,000 per year. Your tasks will include developing platforms based on a company’s requests, offering C# and .NET solutions. You must also identify problems in the company’s existing software, and look for functional alternatives.

Senior C# Developer

A senior C# developer will supervise all of the programming work at a company. To get this position, you must have at least three years of C# development experience. As a senior developer, you will have to manage the software production cycle at your company, from the concept to deployment stages. A senior C# developer can earn up to $135,000 per year.

Developer Analyst

A developer analyst will study technology market trends, and the competing services, bugs, and advantages of other companies’ products. A developer analyst evaluates user traffic to determine what customers need, and how the company’s new projects can offer them solutions. If you get this job, you can earn about $80,000 annually.

Software Engineer

For this job, you will need to know C# and all other top programming languages. A software engineer is in charge of compiling computer science concepts to create practical systems according to their employer’s requests.

With this title, you may work with robotic systems, video games, mobile applications, and more. Currently, the annual average salary for this job is $92,000. However, top software engineers can earn up to $120,000.

Why You Should Enroll in a C# Bootcamp

If you want to start a career in tech, attending a C# bootcamp is a good option. It’s a popular programming language that has many uses, from video gaming to web development and beyond.

The technical training schools listed above are a cheaper alternative to a university degree, and can get you certified in as little as 14 weeks. Many will even offer career support to help you obtain a job after graduating. The tech industry is in need of talented employees, and taking a C# course can open many doors for you.

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