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The Best Coding Bootcamps in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is not the first city that comes to mind when thinking of a tech hub. People seeking a top job in tech in Milwaukee might have previously considered moving to other cities in search of opportunities.

However, this has changed and Milwaukee has made a huge effort to keep up with the growing needs of the tech industry, positioning itself as a tech hub with a lot to offer in the tech scene.

Interested in finding out which Milwaukee coding bootcamps to check out? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a guide of the best Milwaukee coding bootcamps available.

The Milwaukee Tech Scene and Job Market

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In 2019, Milwaukee ranked low in CBRE’s Tech Talent Report. Out of 50 US and Canadian markets, Milwaukee ranked 44th in developing tech talents. The city has made a commitment to change this statistic and tech startup companies are helping to do this.

Milwaukee’s goal is to further strengthen its tech ecosystem. Although, this will only be possible if businesses and academia work together to encourage more students to take an interest in tech.

Tech jobs in Milwaukee are slowly growing. Last year, Metro Milwaukee had 26,400 workers in computer and mathematical jobs. Wisconsin Technology Council’s effort to double the number of tech jobs by 2025 is starting to bear fruit. Although, Milwaukee has a big challenge of encouraging its tech talent to stay in the city.

Tech Salaries in Milwaukee

According to Glassdoor, tech employees in Milwaukee receive an average annual base salary of $48,826. A salary that currently sits six percent below the national average for the US.

While career paths in tech change a lot, the tech landscape in general remains mostly promising. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics sees a projected growth of 11 percent in computer and IT occupations. Tech jobs in Milwaukee will likely follow this trend.

The Top 5 Milwaukee Coding Bootcamps in 2021

A job in tech is so much more than just learning to code. Coding has many dimensions. Attending a bootcamp is a great opportunity for students to take part in an immersive program and develop essential coding skills.

We’ve selected four of the best Milwaukee bootcamps below. Take a look and see which one best fits your interests and goals.

Coding Dojo logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Development, Data Science
Program TypesFull-Time, Part-Time, Online
Cost$7,995 to $15,995 (Depending on the program)
Financing OptionsFull Payment, Installment, Monthly, Income Sharing Agreement
Scholarships AvailableCareer Reinvention; Military Retraining, Women in Tech Scholarship; Diversity Scholarship all award up to $500 for Online Bootcamp courses

Coding Dojo offers full-time and part-time programs in software development. They also offer a course in data science, however, this is a part-time only course. One of the unique things about Coding Dojo is that they offer a complete curriculum on the top full stack programs: Python, Java, C#, and Mean.

Coding Dojo offers one-on-one mentorship and has an established networking community with the Milwaukee tech scene that you can join.

By partnering with tech start-ups, Coding Dojo provides their graduates with great opportunities to be hired by the best tech companies in Milwaukee. Tech companies in Milwaukee are also committed to hiring more native talent.


Courses OfferedSoftware Development, Web Development
Program TypesPart-Time, Full-Time, Online
Cost$15,500 (subject to change)
Financing OptionsPay upfront using check or credit card; Loans are available

devCodeCamp is known for its focus on software development and full stack development programs. devCodeCamp uses C# and the NET Framework as the main programs to teach these topics. Their goal is to develop students into promising software engineers.

The full stack development program normally runs for 12 weeks. There are live and interactive online lectures where you can meet with other students. You will also work on real-world projects for a better learning experience.

devCodeCamp also has an established program that helps you create your resume to highlight your technical skills, the school is committed to helping its students and graduates with their job search.

Nucamp logo
Courses OfferedWeb Development, Data Science, Front End Web Development
Program TypesPart-Time, Online
Cost$349 to $376
Financing OptionsNucamp Fair Student Agreement (FSA) where you can pay as little as $8 per month
ScholarshipsWarrior Rising, ReSkill America, High School Graduates, Nu You

There are two bootcamp options available, one for beginners and the other for advanced learners. Web Development Fundamentals is the beginners bootcamp, students will study HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The program takes about four weeks to complete.

There are two advanced Nucamp bootcamps options. The Front End Web + Mobile Developer course, which takes 17 weeks and 12 projects. And, the Full Stack Web + Mobile App Developer course, which takes 22 weeks and 16 projects.

Nucamp is available in almost all cities in the US. Ensure you select a course available in your city if you want to attend on-campus classes and learn with other students.

Thinkful logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics
Program TypesFull-Time, Part-Time
CostVaries per course and program
Financing OptionsPay Upfront, Pay Monthly with Interest, Loan Program

Thinkful is one of the few coding bootcamps that offers a fully-fledged software development bootcamp. In five months, with 50-60 hours per week, you will become a full stack web developer.

Thinkful also offers other courses in UX/UI design, digital marketing, and product management. The school provides one-on-one mentorship and an established peer community. By providing a support network, students have access to assistance with projects and course work.

Thinkful’s programs are divided between immersion and flex. Immersion requires a full-time commitment, while the flex option allows greater scheduling flexibility. You can choose to study over a shorter time and schedule your own classes.

University of Wisconsin Extended Campus Boot Camp

Courses OfferedData Analytics, Front End Web Development, Business Intelligence Software, Python Programming
Program TypesPart-Time Course, Full-Time Course, Online
Cost$11,995 (subject to change)
Financing OptionsPayment plans are available upon enrollment
ScholarshipsScholarships are available upon assessment

The University of Wisconsin (UW) established an extended campus specifically for tech bootcamps. UW’s programs don’t just address big concepts. They also cover many different languages, allowing students to learn Python, Ruby, SQL, or other essential programming languages.

The school offers an innovative online model that appeals to those who want to learn at their own pace. It offers interactive live training where you can collaborate with your classmates online. There are weekly challenges to solve real-world problems.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is a specifically curated course that teaches essential technical skills, particularly in coding and programming. The courses are designed to develop skills in data science, data analytics, software engineering, and more.

Coding is a valuable tool that can be used to solve real-world problems. One of the main goals of a coding bootcamp is to transform theoretical ideas into practical ones.

By learning coding, you are equipping yourself with the necessary skills to gain a career in web development.

Is a Milwaukee Bootcamp Right for You?

Taking part in a Milwaukee Bootcamp is a great opportunity to learn vital tech skills and position yourself as part of the up and coming tech talent pool the city has to offer.

Milwaukee might have a long way to go before it can rank with other US cities that produce the best tech talents, but it is definitely a city with great growth potential. It has shown a strong commitment to position itself as a future tech hub.

Tech start-ups are slowly gaining momentum in the city and have been one of the driving forces of the city’s economy. By committing to connecting technology and business, Milwaukee opens a lot of new opportunities. This translates into the creation of more jobs in the tech field.

Find a training program that will help you start your tech career journey.


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