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The Best GitHub Bootcamps

Today, there are millions of aspiring tech professionals across the globe. You need extra tech skills to improve your resume and stand out to employers. GitHub is an in-demand coding tool that every tech professional should learn.

Developers, software engineers, and even data scientists use GitHub today. GitHub is a version control online platform that provides real-time code change updates to programmers. If you want to improve your skills, take a look below at the best GitHub bootcamps of 2021.

What Is a GitHub Bootcamp?

GitHub bootcamps are technical education and training programs that prepare you for a career in tech. You can learn how to use the high-demand coding tool and work in fields such as software engineering, data science, and web development.

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GitHub bootcamps are a popular substitute for a degree program. They offer all the practical skills needed to excel in a tech career. In addition, they are cheaper and shorter than a university degree program. If you want to learn how to use GitHub, a bootcamp is the best choice.

The Top 8 GitHub Bootcamps of 2021

Several factors can help you choose a bootcamp, including courses, financing options, and job assistance programs. To help you make this decision, read below to see the best GitHub bootcamps of 2021.

Coding Dojo logo
  • Cost: $4,995 – $15,995
  • Locations: Online, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Oakland, Washington, Boise, Tulsa, San Jose, Bellevue, Arlington
  • GitHub Courses Available: Coding Bootcamp
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

Coding Dojo is a well-known data science and web development bootcamp. It offers full-time and part-time courses to get you job-ready. You can learn JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and C# to prepare you for a coding career. Coding Dojo’s online coding bootcamp offers GitHub training. You will also learn AWS, data structures, and database design.

This coding school provides well-reviewed career services. You can get one-on-one access to resume writing and interview prep services. Today, Coding Dojo graduates work at successful companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.

Coding Dojo Financing Options

Coding Dojo offers plenty of financing options to choose from. Some include income share agreements, loan financing, the GI Bill, and upfront payments. Qualified students are also eligible for the COVID-19 relief scholarship that offers up to $4,000 in tuition discount.

Codesmith logo
  • Cost: $19,350
  • Locations: Online, New York City, Los Angeles
  • GitHub Courses Offered: Software Engineering Immersive
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

Codesmith is a coding bootcamp that offers software engineering courses. These focus on computer science and full stack JavaScript development topics. You can take Codesmith’s classes online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can learn essential skills such as React, Node.js, MySQL, and DevOps. The school also offers prep courses on JavaScript and computer science to help prepare you for the courses. Over 80 percent of Codesmith graduates secure employment within three months of graduation.

Codesmith Financing Options

Codesmith offers loan financing, upfront payment, and monthly installment plans. It also offers several coding bootcamp scholarships. The scholarships open to women in tech and underrepresented communities.

DevMountain logo
  • Cost: $4,000 i $11,900
  • Locations: Online, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, Lehi, Salt Lake City
  • GitHub Courses Offered: Web Development
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

If you want to gain web development or design skills, then DevMountain might be the perfect fit for you. All you need to do is apply and complete a personal interview. The full-time track takes 13 weeks and the part-time track is 43 weeks.

In this course, you will learn ReactJS, GitHub, JavaScript, Swift, and many other subjects. You will also learn how to use Git and Github. This is a great comprehensive web development course to help you learn to code.

DevMountain Financing Options

DevMountain students can pay with upfront payments, loan financing, or scholarships. The school partners with Climb and Skills Fund to provide loans. DevMountain also offers a scholarship of up to $5,000. You’re eligible if you are new to the tech world, are a minority in tech, or have survived adversity.

Fullstack Academy logo
  • Cost: $13,980 – $17,910
  • Locations: Online Chicago, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, New York City, San Diego, New Orleans, San Luis Obispo
  • GitHub Courses Offered: Software Development
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Online

Fullstack Academy is a fantastic choice for both experienced and new coders to learn tech skills. It partners with many universities to offer courses, so you can have a more reliable certificate. All of Fullstack Academy’s courses are online due to COVID-19.

The courses cover both fundamental and advanced concepts of JavaScript, Redux, ReactJS, and GitHub. Although Fullstack Academy does not offer a job guarantee, it does offer extensive job services.

Fullstack Academy Financing Options

Fullstack Academy offers upfront payments, ISAs, and installments. With an ISA, you don’t have to pay tuition until you secure a job in the field. If you need extra help, you can also apply for scholarships for women, LGBTQ+ people, and other minorities in tech.

General Assembly logo
  • Cost: $950 – $3,950
  • Locations: Online, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Louisville, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Phoenix, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington DC
  • GitHub Courses Available: Software Engineering Immersive, Front End Web Development
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

General Assembly offers plenty of immersive full-time and part-time courses. These cover front end web development, data science, user experience design, and data analysis. Most General Assembly courses are beginner-friendly, but some require previous coding experience.

You can learn GitHub in two General Assembly courses: software engineering and front end web development. You can also learn HTML, product management techniques, and Python programming. This is a great bootcamp if you want to add extra tech skills to your portfolio.

General Assembly Financing Options

At General Assembly, you can pay your tuition with upfront payments, a workplace education sponsorship, loan financing, ISAs, and deferred tuition. It partners with Climb Credit and Meritize to provide loans. General Assembly’s catalyst program acts like an ISA, and you don’t have to pay tuition fees until you have a job.

Hackbright Academy logo
  • Cost: $1,895 – $16,895
  • Locations: Online, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose
  • GitHub Courses Offered: Software Engineering
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

Hackbright is an all-female coding bootcamp that can prepare you for a rewarding career in software engineering. You will learn Flask, Python, GitHub, SQL, and several other tech subjects at this bootcamp.

To succeed in these courses, you must complete the required course prep material. Hackbright does not offer a job guarantee, but it offers excellent job assistance as well as a strong community of alumni.

Hackbright Academy Financing Options

The financing options at this school are upfront payments, loan financing, and deferred tuition. You can also access discounts and scholarships if you need extra help. Hackbright Academy offers scholarships for women and underrepresented communities, and you can get up to $5,000 in tuition assistance.

The Tech Academy logo
  • Cost: $7,974 – $26,640
  • Locations: Online, Portland, Salt Lake City
  • GitHub Courses Offered: Game Developer, Java and Android Developer, JavaScript Developer, Mobile App Developer, UI/UX Designer
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

The Tech Academy is an excellent option to learn GitHub. You can take either its development or design courses, which both include GitHub in the coursework. This is a good way to gain extra tech skills.

You’ll learn Bootstrap, Python, Angular, Unreal Engine, and JavaScript. The school designs its courses for tech beginners and offers open enrollment. You can apply and succeed even if you have no coding experience.

The Tech Academy Financing Options

Tech Academy’s financing options include upfront payment, loan financing, and monthly installment plans. You can access Tech Academy’s lending partners SuperMoney, Climb and Affirm for loans. You can also contact the admissions department to learn about scholarship options.

Wyncode logo
  • Cost: $15,000
  • Locations: Online, Miami
  • GitHub Courses Offered: Full Stack Web Development
  • Program Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex

Wyncode is a Miami-based coding bootcamp that teaches UX/UI design, full stack web development, and digital marketing. Graduates of this school work at huge tech companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.

The full stack web development course can teach you everything you need to know. It covers topics such as front end and backend development, digital marketing, and GitHub. By the end, you’ll be ready to start a career in tech.

Wyncode Financing Options

At Wyncode, you can pay upfront, with monthly installments, and through loans. You can apply for plenty of scholarships, some of which cover up to $5,000. Wyncode partners with Climb Credit to offer loans. It also provides discounts for veterans with the GI Bill.

GitHub Bootcamp Job Opportunities

GitHub skills are valuable across several industries. By enrolling in a GitHub bootcamp, you gain essential tech skills and help your resume shine. Below are some jobs that you can get with GitHub skills.

Web Developer

As a web developer, you are responsible for both the front end and backend components of a webpage. This includes appearance, user accessibility, and APIs. GitHub skills are necessary in this field. An entry-level web developer can earn around $69,430 per year and a senior developer can earn as much as $111,000.

Software Engineer

A software engineer’s duties can include the creation of computer software, game software, and operating systems. The GitHub platform makes these duties easier and faster. You can earn as much as $150,000 annually as a software engineer. Every year, programming concepts evolve, and so does the software engineering field.

Data Scientist

Almost every industry depends on data to survive. Data scientists can help navigate data with organizational platforms, analytical skills, and GitHub. The job also requires soft skills such as communication skills and business understanding. The average salary of a data scientist is around $100,560 per year.

Digital Marketer

In the age of social media and other online platforms, digital marketing is vital. A digital marketer promotes a brand online using search engine rankings, CRM tools, and content creation. Marketers use GitHub to collaborate on ongoing projects and marketing strategies. A digital marketers’ salary can range between $40,000 to $97,000.

Why You Should Enroll in a GitHub Bootcamp

If you are looking to enhance your tech portfolio, you should enroll in a GitHub bootcamp. Employers want candidates who can produce quality content in a short amount of time, and GitHub offers just that.

By mastering this platform, you showcase your collaboration, management, and tech skills. GitHub bootcamps are the best way to get there.

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