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The Best Coding Bootcamps in Boulder

Don’t look now, but the tech scene in Boulder is booming. With well-established tech companies setting up shop there in recent years, Boulder has become the latest hot spot for aspiring software engineers, web developers, and tech enthusiasts. As a result, the best Boulder coding bootcamps are now among the best bootcamps in the country.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the four best coding bootcamps in the Boulder area. No matter which of the best tech jobs you have your eye on, this information will give you everything you need to decide which Boulder bootcamp is right for you.

The Boulder Tech Scene and Job Market

With its scenic views and well-educated populace, Boulder is an attractive city for tech companies to set up in. The likes of IBM, Google, and Amazon have joined a growing contingent of homegrown tech companies to make Boulder one of the most dynamic tech cities in the United States.

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The Boulder job market is consistently among the fastest-growing in all of Colorado. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth rate has hovered around six percent. These gains won’t last forever, of course. According to a recent study by the University of Colorado Boulder, the information sector is projected to shrink by 1.5 percent over the medium term.

On the bright side, this figure is small compared to other sectors of the local economy. As tech jobs in Boulder become more competitive in the coming years, people who learn to code will have an advantage over their peers.

Tech Salaries in Boulder

According to Glassdoor, tech salaries in Boulder are slightly higher than the national average. Those on the low end of the range make about $34,000 per year, those on the higher side make roughly $76,000, and the average sits around $52,000.

But these general estimates undersell the health of the job market. If you’re aiming for one of the highest-paying tech jobs, you can earn a lot more. An entry-level software engineer in Boulder makes around $71,000, the average cybersecurity engineer pulls in $74,737, and a DevOps engineer can expect to make a whopping $109,944.

The Top 4 Boulder Coding Bootcamps in 2021

Below is a list of the best Boulder coding bootcamps. The variety of programs offered at these bootcamps range from programming to data science, and each bootcamp features career support services that will help new graduates secure job placement. If you’re eager to take the hassle out of learning to code, read on.

Galvanize logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science Immersive
Program TypesFull-Time, Part-Time, Online, Onsite
Financing OptionsIncome Share Agreement (ISA), Upfront Payment, Split Payment
Scholarships AvailableFull Tuition for Underrepresented Students

Galvanize is a software engineering and data science bootcamp that offers flexible, 12-week courses. The Boulder campus is one of eight across the United States.

It boasts a high job placement rate, with a high percentage of alumni going on to work for prestigious players in the tech industry. Among the companies that have hired Galvanize grads for software and data science roles are Amazon, Facebook, and Tesla.

Galvanize gives out a limited number of full scholarships to members of underrepresented groups. As for the rest of the attendees, the school offers flexible payment options that make it easy to pay for the cost of tuition over time.

Hack Reactor logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Engineering, Web Application, Full Stack JavaScript, Computer Science Fundamentals
Program TypesPart-Time, Full-Time, Online, In-Person
Cost$17,980 for Part-Time, $17,980 for Full-Time
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Income Share Agreement (ISA), Private Loans
ScholarshipsFull Tuition for Veterans, Full Tuition for Underrepresented Students

With campuses in Boulder as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco, Hack Reactor provides immersive programs focused on delivering industry-relevant skills to future software engineers and web developers. The school is notoriously demanding, so you might want to sign up for the introductory program first.

Job preparation is a big part of the Hack Reactor package. Career coaching on things like developing your online presence will help you put your best foot forward when it comes time to apply for jobs. Hack Reactor has placed its alumni in high places like Google and Microsoft, just to name a couple of the more glamorous destinations.

Hack Reactor offers great coding bootcamp scholarships for veterans and underrepresented students. For students who aren’t awarded scholarships, the school helps ease the financial burden with ISA and loan options.

Nucamp logo
Courses OfferedWeb Development Fundamentals, Full Stack Web Development, Front End Web and Mobile Development
Program TypesPart-Time, Online
Cost$399 for Fundamentals, $1,880 - $2,292 for Advanced
Financing OptionsInterest-Free Deals, Climb Credit, Monthly Installments
Scholarships$50 - $376 for Veterans, ReSkill America, High School Graduates, “Nu You” Scholarship

Nucamp was founded to help people join the digital economy and find jobs in software development. To this end, Nucamp offers two types of programs, one for beginners and one for advanced learners.

Students in the beginner course learn the foundations of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS over a period of a month. Once you have mastered these, you can move on to more specialized training in front-end web development, full-stack development, or mobile development.

Thanks to its flexible payment methods, studying at Nucamp is easy. Small wonder that the school’s student cohort increased tenfold from 2019 to 2020.

Techtonic Apprenticeship

Techtonic Apprenticeship logo
Courses OfferedFull Stack Development
Program TypesFull-Time & Onsite
Financing OptionsN/A
ScholarshipsFully Funded Apprenticeship

Techtonic Apprenticeship is a one-year, fully-funded software development apprenticeship in Boulder. Students will learn full-stack fundamentals, including JavaScript, HTML, and how to use APIs. The apprenticeship gives 20 students per year the opportunity to learn how to code while working on real-world projects and building a portfolio.

With a job placement rate of 100 percent, Techtonic has a great thing going. The only downside is that the acceptance rate is well under 10 percent. But if you’re one of the lucky ones who gets in, you’ll be all set for a lucrative career in tech.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is a great way to start your career in tech. These intensive skills-based training programs are designed to teach programming fundamentals to people who have little to no experience with coding. Besides being taught industry-relevant skills, students get career training along the way to smooth their transition into the tech industry.

One of the advantages of a bootcamp is it is much quicker and less expensive than getting a bachelor’s degree. Courses usually last between twelve to sixteen weeks. If the four-figure or five-figure price tag seems like more than you can afford, most bootcamps have creative ways to help you pay your way, including scholarships, installment plans, and ISAs.

Is a Boulder Coding Bootcamp Right for You?

Whether you enjoy working on problems and keeping up to date with technology, or you just want to diversify your skillset, signing up for a Boulder coding school could be a step in the right direction. Most jobs these days require some form of digital literacy, and you owe it to yourself to acquire the skills needed to compete in a changing workforce.

And there are plenty of bootcamp options in Boulder to choose from. If you’re interested in web design, software engineering, or data science, Boulder definitely has the bootcamp you’re looking for.

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