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The Best Coding Bootcamps in Seattle

If you want to learn to code, Seattle is full of opportunities. With coding bootcamps in every field from computer science to mobile development, you can kickstart your tech career.

This guide has everything you need to find the perfect Seattle coding bootcamp and begin your job search. You will learn all about Seattle’s tech job market and available bootcamps for every student. Anyone can get a tech job in Seattle with the right knowledge and training, and you can be next.

The Seattle Tech Scene and Job Market

Seattle has long been considered one of America’s tech hubs. Alongside other big tech cities such as San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago, Seattle has made a name for itself in the tech market.

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Despite COVID-19, there were an estimated 46,000 tech positions open in Seattle in November of 2020. Major companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook have huge offices in Seattle. You could get a lucrative job at one of the biggest companies in the country.

Tech Salaries in Seattle

With a lower cost of living than bigger cities like San Francisco and New York, Seattle offers impressive tech salaries. Depending on your position, you can expect to earn between $105,000 and $160,000 per year.

If you want to begin your tech career with the best Seattle coding bootcamps, you won’t earn as much right off the bat. Seattle is a great place to go if you are looking for a long-term career. You can work your way up to an annual salary of $160,000 or even higher.

The Top 8 Seattle Coding Bootcamps in 2021

Looking for the best way to kickstart your career in tech? Look no further, as these bootcamps are some of the best Seattle has to offer. Whether you are searching for courses in software development or cyber security, there is a bootcamp perfect for you.

Ada Developers Academy logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Engineering
Program TypesFull-Time Onsite
Financing OptionsLoans available for living expenses
Scholarships AvailableN/A

The Ada Developers Academy is designed for women and gender diverse adults. They are actually a non-profit organization and charge no tuition or course fees. At this coding bootcamp, you can learn to code for free.

The ADA only offers one software engineering course, in a full-time, on-site program. The program itself is similar to a full-time job. They offer classes 8am to 5pm, five days a week, for 24 weeks total. It may seem intensive, but it’s worth it. Their average alums’ salaries increase by 148 percent post-graduation. Even if you choose not to apply to the Ada Developers Academy, you can donate to help support the organization.

Code Fellows logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Development, Ops and Cybersecurity
Program TypesFull-Time Onsite, Full-Time Online, Part-Time Onsite, Part-Time Online
Cost$99 - $12,000 Individual, $23,099 for Full Course
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Deferred Payments, Private Loans, Interest-Only Payments, G.I. Bill, Early Registration Discount, Course Bundle Discount
ScholarshipsDiversity Scholarship, COVID-19 Scholarship, Career Changer, Underemployed Scholarship, Recent Graduate, Pay It Forward, Transfer Student Scholarship

Code Fellows offers two wonderful bootcamps in software development and cybersecurity. You can usually take these courses full-time or part-time, and on-site or online. Due to COVID-19, all courses are currently remote.

Each course consists of five or more classes. You can choose between them and pay anywhere between $99 and $12,000 per class. You can also bundle everything for $23,099 or less with the Class Bundle Discount. Courses can be paid for via upfront or deferred payments, loans, the G.I. Bill, or any of the Code Fellows scholarships.

Coding Dojo logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Development, Ops and Cybersecurity
Program TypesFull-Time Onsite, Full-Time Online, Part-Time Onsite, Part-Time Online
Cost$99 - $12,000 Individual, $23,099 for Full Course
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Deferred Payments, Private Loans, Interest-Only Payments, G.I. Bill, Early Registration Discount, Course Bundle Discount
ScholarshipsDiversity Scholarship, COVID-19 Scholarship, Career Changer, Underemployed Scholarship, Recent Graduate, Pay It Forward, Transfer Student Scholarship

Coding Dojo is a fantastic option for onsite courses in Bellevue, just outside of Seattle. Though the bootcamp does offer online programs, Coding Dojo emphasizes immersive, onsite learning. There are two options available in software development and data science.

The full-time program costs $15,995, while the part-time programs cost between $4,995 and $7,995. You can pay via an upfront payment, private loans, a monthly payment system, or an ISA. You can also use the G.I. Bill, or apply for a scholarship. Coding Dojo has great financing options to help you cover the cost of tuition.

DigitalCrafts logo
Courses OfferedWeb Development
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive Onsite, Part-Time Immersive Online
Cost$14,950 for Full-Time, $9,950 for Part-Time
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Private Loans, G.I. Bill
ScholarshipsYou Belong In Tech Scholarship

DigitalCrafts offers an amazing web development course either full-time onsite or part-time online. Both program types are meant to be immersive, meaning you will be fully involved in your learning experience. This way, you can learn faster and get on the job market as soon as you can.

DigitalCrafts charges $14,950 for fill-time and $9,950 for part-time. You can pay for your program via an upfront payment, private loans, or if applicable to you, the G.I. Bill. Women and members of the Black or Latinx communities can also apply for the You Belong In Tech Scholarship.

Epidocus logo
Courses OfferedIntro to Programming, Full Stack
Program TypesFull-Time Onsite, Full-Time Online, Part-Time Onsite, Part-Time Online
Cost$7,800 to $11,700 for Full Stack, $100 for Intro to Programming
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, ISA, Private Loans, Standard Tuition Payment
ScholarshipsScholarship for underrepresented racial groups, Scholarship for transgender and gender noncomforming groups, Discounted part-time Intro to Programming for underemployed

Launch Academy has the highest cost of any bootcamp listed, but they make it worth your while. Established in 2013, they predate many other bootcamp organizations. Over that time they’ve honed their abilities to offer personalized lesson plans to get you where you want to be with coding. 

The organization only offers one bootcamp: a 21-week full-stack web development course. They have an optional preflight for people who have no experience in coding. The work really begins with the eight-week ignition portion. During ignition, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Ruby and JavaScript, which will prepare you for the bootcamp and the journey ahead.

They offer six months of post-grad support after you’ve finished the bootcamp, and financing for those who can’t afford the upfront cost. This course is a great option for people looking for an all-inclusive experience that will have them ready to become web developers upon graduation.

Flatiron School logo
Courses OfferedSoftware Engineering, Data Science, Cyber Security Analytics, Cyber Security Engineering
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive Onsite, Full-Time Online, Part-Time Online
Cost$18,000 for Full-Time Immersive, $15,500 for Part-Time or Online
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Private Loans
ScholarshipsAccess Scholarship, NCWI Alabama and Michigan Digital Skills Initiative

If you are searching for the best data science bootcamp in Seattle, it might be Flatiron School. They offer courses in software engineering, cyber security analytics, and cyber security engineering. You can take courses in a full-time immersive program, as well as both full-time and part-time online.

The onsite courses cost $18,000 while the online versions only cost $15,500. Whichever program you choose, you can pay upfront or through private loans. You can also apply for one of Flatiron School’s scholarships. The Access Scholarship is available to anyone, and women in Michigan or Alabama can apply for the NCWI scholarship.

Galvanize logo
Courses OfferedData Science, Software Engineering
Program TypesFull-Time Immersive Onsite, Part-Time Immersive Onsite, Online
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, ISA, Split Payments, Private Loans, VET TEC, G.I. Bill
ScholarshipsWe Stand Together Scholarship, Galvanize Scholarship, Galvanize and Iterable Scholarship

Galvanize offers courses in data science and software engineering. You can take each course in either a full-time or part-time immersive program, though all programs are online due to COVID-19.

Galvanize courses cost $17,980, and you can pay via an upfront payment, an ISA, split payments, or private loans. If you are in the military, you can use VET TEC or G.I. Bill benefits. These payment forms can all be combined with their scholarships, so be sure to apply for as many as you can.

Nucamp logo
Courses OfferedWeb Development Fundamentals, Front End Web and Mobile Development, Full Stack Web and Mobile Development
Program TypesFull-Time, Part-Time, Online, Onsite
Cost$349 for Web Development Fundamentals, $1,480 for Front-End Web and Mobile Development, $1,880 for Full Stack Web and Mobile Development
Financing OptionsUpfront Payment, Fair Student Agreement (FSA)
ScholarshipsWarrior Rising Scholarship, ReSkill America Scholarship, High School Graduates Scholarship Fund, Nu You Scholarship

Nucamp is a quality coding bootcamp with locations all across the country. There are three courses you can choose from. The beginner course, Web Development Fundamentals, is a perfect first bootcamp. For those with more experience, you can enroll in either front end or full stack web development courses.

Nucamp offers both the full-time and part-time programs online for those who can’t attend in person. These courses can be paid for upfront or through an FSA, in which you agree to a payment schedule with Nucamp. You can also apply for one of the many scholarships available if you need extra financial help.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp, put most simply, is a college-level education without filler courses. You can avoid the general education and elective requirements of most colleges. Coding bootcamps instead put the focus on what you need to learn.

If you are debating between a coding bootcamp and a college degree, you need to examine your career goals. Most employers in the tech industry are as impressed, if not more impressed, by a coding bootcamp certificate than a college degree. Unless you know for sure you need a college degree, you should try a bootcamp instead.

Is a Seattle Coding Bootcamp Right for You?

If you want to get a tech job in Seattle, you should take a coding bootcamp. Seattle is considered one of the tech hubs of America, so it makes sense to find your tech career here. Not only will these bootcamps offer a quality education, but will experience the city’s impeccable tech scene firsthand.
Whether you already live in Seattle, plan to move there, or want a quality bootcamp, a Seattle coding bootcamp is a great option. This is a city full of opportunities, and you can be the one to take them.

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