Nucamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Nucamp was established out of a desire to create a more affordable coding bootcamp so that aspiring software developers from all backgrounds can get a chance to study coding. This Nucamp review will take a look at the courses offered by this training center to help you find out if they align with your tech goals.

What Do You Need to Know about Nucamp?

Nucamp is a coding bootcamp that offers courses in web and mobile app development. Its mission is to give learning opportunities to those who can’t afford typical bootcamp tuition by offering classes for less than $2,000.

Its programs are taught online during the week, and are separated into beginner and advanced levels. Small, in-person workshops take place on the weekend.

Locations Online, Co-Working Spaces around the US
Tuition $349 to $1,880
Financing Options Nucamp Fair Student Agreement, Scholarships
Start Dates Rolling start dates
Program Types Online, In-Person
Courses Web Development Fundamentals, Front End Web + Mobile Development, Full Stack Web + Mobile Development

Where Are Nucamp’s Campuses Located?

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Nucamp’s classes are currently all online-only due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Normally, the school offers in-person group workshops on Saturdays, which take place at coworking spaces in most major cities.

Since classes take place online, Nucamp groups its courses based on timezone as follows.

  • Pacific
  • Central
  • Eastern

How Much Is Tuition at Nucamp?

Nucamp has both beginner and advanced courses. The beginner class called Web Development Fundamentals costs $349. The advanced Front End Web and Mobile Development course costs $1,480, and the Full Stack Web and Mobile Development option costs $1,880.

How Can You Pay Nucamp Tuition?

Since Nucamp’s mission is to bring bootcamps to everyone, it offers potential students many options to pay their bootcamp tuition.

Nucamp wants to eliminate reliance on income share agreements and student loans, since both mean that students must start their careers in debt. Instead, Nucamp has what it calls a Fair Student Agreement, as well as several scholarship opportunities.

Nucamp Fair Student Agreement (FSA)

The FSA allows students to pay back the cost of tuition over time. In the most popular plan, students pay $379 per month for five months.

There are also longer 12- and 18-month options. These are offered in collaboration with Climb Credit, so they include some interest. The maximum amount you will pay back under one of these policies is $2,292.

Nucamp Scholarships

There are four Nucamp scholarships available to potential students, each with different target beneficiaries.

  • Warrior Rising. This scholarship is for war veterans. The school has set aside $50,000 to cover the tuition of US military veterans who are interested in software development.
  • ReSkill America. This scholarship is meant for individuals who have been economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are awarded this scholarship, you will be given a laptop and will have your tuition covered.
  • High School Graduates. This scholarship is for recent high school graduates who want to become web developers. Students who graduated in 2019 and 2020 are eligible as long as they are at least 18 years of age.
  • Nu You. This scholarship is for students with low or bad credit scores who want to restart their life with a tech career.

What Courses Does Nucamp Offer?

Nucamp offers one course for beginners, and two for advanced learners. The more difficult courses are for students who already have some coding skills and are sure they want to become software engineers.

These bootcamp courses are all online and take place on a part-time schedule, with 8 to 14 hours of study required on weekdays. Each Saturday, groups of 12 students meet up with their instructor to work on coding projects.

Web Development Fundamentals – Online

In this four-week course, you will learn the building blocks of web development, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These easy-to-learn programming languages form the basis for most websites and mobile applications.

In the first week, you will start by learning HTML code and how to write it. In the second week, you will learn how to use CSS together with HTML to design websites. Finally, the last two weeks are focused on how JavaScript can be used to make websites interactive.

Front End Web + Mobile Development – Online

Through this 17-week front end development course, you will learn how to create enticing websites. To do this, you will study programs like Bootstrap, React, Studio Code, Git, and GitHub. This program involves a lot of hands-on work, with 12 projects completed throughout the curriculum.

For the first five weeks, you will be learning about user interface frameworks as you develop websites. Then, for the next five weeks, you will find out how to use JavaScript to maintain web pages. Finally, the last stretch is focused on developing interactive and responsive mobile apps.

Full Stack Web + Mobile Development – Online

This full stack development course involves learning both front end and backend development, then combining the two to create mobile apps. In this 22-week course, you will complete 16 projects to later add to your portfolio.

In the first 10 weeks, you will study how front end user interface frameworks are used to build websites with JavaScript and React thrown in. The third phase is all about building interactive mobile applications. The final phase of the course gets into backend development.

How to Get Accepted into Nucamp

Since Nucamp is dedicated to helping tech newcomers kickstart their careers, getting into the school is easy. All you have to do is show your desire to learn software development.

Nucamp Acceptance Rate

Anybody with a passion for coding can enroll in one of Nucamp’s courses.

Nucamp Application Process

Nucamp has no admissions criteria listed on its website. So, how do you get into Nucamp?

  1. Check out the program list for the region where your city is located.
  2. Once you know which class you want to take, you can register and wait for a confirmation.
  3. Once you receive an email confirmation, you can arrange your tuition payment. You can either pay right away, or make use of the school’s monthly financing options.

Nucamp Interview Questions

Nucamp does not have an admissions interview.

How Can You Prepare for Nucamp?

There are no prep courses available at Nucamp, but you might want to check out other platforms that provide coding practice for free. You could also consider the school’s Web Development Fundamentals class as a kind of prep course, since it gives students a feel for programming before they take on Nucamp’s advanced courses.

Is Nucamp Worth It?

Nucamp has many benefits, like flexible learning, a proven curriculum, and affordable courses. The school also helps its graduates find jobs in tech.

To do this, it provides one-on-one career coaching, which includes resume revision and practice with answering common job interview questions. The career services center also helps connect students directly with potential employers.

Nucamp Job Placement

Seventy-eight percent of Nucamp graduates are hired within three months of graduating.

Does Nucamp Offer a Job Guarantee?

Nucamp does not offer a job guarantee, but it does have a special job board for its alumni and a network of about 1,000 tech companies.

Should You Apply to Nucamp?

There are not many web development bootcamps out there that are as comprehensive and affordable as Nucamp. The courses and services offered by this bootcamp all receive strong reviews online. Many Nucamp alumni highly recommend it based on their experience and ability to find a job afterward.

This bootcamp might be your best opportunity to achieve your goal of becoming a web developer.

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