How to Get
a Job at NVIDIA

Hiring Process, Careers, and Job Search FAQs

NVIDIA is at the forefront of graphics processing unit (GPU) design in the gaming industry. But that’s not all they do. NVIDIA also creates virtual reality and artificial intelligence products to improve the quality of life, nature, healthcare, and emerging professional markets.

If you want an exciting job in these growing fields on an exceptional team, this guide on how to get a job at NVIDIA can help you get there. We include information about the application process, job descriptions, salary, and much more.

About NVIDIA: Company Profile

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NVIDIA is known for inventing graphics processing units in 1999 and bringing about a new era in gaming and computing. This technology-based company is a leading tech player in modern graphics and artificial intelligence computing.

Their processing units have applications in self-driving cars, robotics, and PC gaming. NVIDIA’s contributions have revolutionized deep learning by combining it with artificial intelligence.

NVIDIA was founded by Jensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky, and Curtis Priem in 1993. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, but they have more than fifty offices across America, Europe, and Asia. They have around 18,000 employees in their corporation. Glassdoor ranked NVIDIA the second-best place to work in 2021 with an impressive 4.5 out of 5 rating.

What's It Like Working for NVIDIA?

At NVIDIA, you will be working with dynamic and multicultural teams to tackle important challenges every day. You will get the tools and supportive environment to grow and maintain a work-life balance. NVIDIA believes in creating a working environment that promotes fair treatment and inclusivity.

If you want to get hired by NVIDIA, it is not an easy process. You can increase your chances of getting an interview by writing a great resume and highlighting the technical and analytical skills recruiters are looking for.

Life at NVIDIA: NVIDIA Company Culture

NVIDIA has set policies to ensure equal employment opportunities to promote diversity and a supportive work environment. They have also shown commitment to the environment with their policy-making and application of sustainable practices.

The NVIDIA Foundation focuses on giving back to the community by encouraging employees to tutor, mentor, and volunteer. They organize activities to help the communities around them, including their new initiative called Inspire 365.

NVIDIA provides an internship program for fresh graduates using a university recruiting team. NVIDIA also offers an educational program called Deep Learning Institute. This initiative offers workshops, hands-on training, online classes, and resources to teach deep learning, all led by technical experts.

What Do Employees Say About NVIDIA?

NVIDIA employees express admiration for the working environment, workplace diversity, and job security. Many mention that they appreciate the trust and support of their team. They have a positive work experience and are happy to work there.

Based on reviews from Indeed, current and past employees have enjoyed favorable work flexibility in terms of hours, location, and overall job satisfaction. The company scores high in areas regarding compensation, work/ life balance, and company culture. However, only 38 percent of employees said that women were treated equally to men by the company.

Applying for a Job at NVIDIA: Overview

Applying for a Job at NVIDIA: Overview


Search for job postings on the NVIDIA Careers job board.


Prepare the documents requested by the job posting for application.


Complete the online application. If you are contacted for an interview, prepare well.


If contacted, you will be asked to participate in various interviews, which may include a technical interview or a coding exercise depending on the role you are applying for.


If you have a successful interview experience, you will be contacted by NVIDIA to discuss the next steps. You will need to provide citizenship information, government-issued identification, background checks, and references.


An offer will be presented for you to consider, review, sign, and send back.


If you accept the offer, you will be taken through the onboarding process and orientation.

NVIDIA Hiring Process

NVIDIA is an industry leader so you’ll have to be at the top of your game to get a job offer. A master’s degree or work experience in electrical engineering, mobile computing, or the gaming industry will help you stand out to a hiring manager.

NVIDIA Job Application

On NVIDIA’s website, you can find all their open positions and teams. To find jobs that suit your preferences, you can filter them by job category and location. These include full-time, part-time, and internship positions. It might be a couple of weeks before you hear from them after submitting your application.

During the application process, you are required to share personal contact information, relevant documentation of your educational background, a summary of your work history, and interview feedback. You want to be honest and clear about the information on your resume and application.

NVIDIA Interview Process

The interview process will look different depending on what job you are applying for, but will likely include a phone interview, onsite interview, or panel interview. Be prepared for both basic behavioral questions and technical questions as NVIDIA is looking to hire top talent for their teams. You may be required to pass a coding exercise if it is relevant to your role.

The hiring process is known to be rigorous for newcomers who often go through four to six rounds with the recruiting team. You might be called for multiple interviews with different teams or members. It may take a few weeks after the interview process to hear back from the company.

NVIDIA Salaries, Employment Benefits, and Perks

NVIDIA corporation offers fair salaries and compensation to support and empower all employees as an integrated team. Along with the financial benefits, employees enjoy opportunities to grow into their professional roles and find the work they do a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

How Much Do NVIDIA Employees Make?

The average annual salary at NVIDIA is $143,718, according to PayScale. A software engineer can earn an average salary of $128,982 which can go up to $161,964 for a senior position. The average salary of a digital marketing specialist at NVIDIA is $80,579, and a UX designer earns an average of $137,417 yearly.

NVIDIA Employment Benefits and Perks

NVIDIA employees have access to great benefits for themselves and their families. These benefits include healthcare, parental policies, bonuses, mental well-being support, and a program for stock purchasing. In partnership with MetLife, NVIDIA offers critical illness insurance, hospital and accident insurance, and veterinary pet insurances.

Three men have a casual discussion in an office setting. Tech Jobs at NVIDIA: Requirements and Job Description

Tech Jobs at NVIDIA: Requirements and Job Description

There are a variety of different jobs available at NVIDIA, which makes it easy to find one that aligns with your skills and experience. Below is a sample of job postings you can find on the NVIDIA career page, available at the time of writing.

Client Application Systems Engineer

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Business Administration

Skills Requirements: Analytical skills, scripting and automation in Python and PowerShell, experience with software packages deployment in SCCM, and professional certifications with Microsoft SCCM and Intune

Experience Qualifications: 5+ years of proven experience in Windows systems management and administration and associated backend systems, and Windows Client and Server OS’s

Location: Westborough, Westford, and Santa Clara

In this position, you will focus on Windows client architecture in NVIDIA’s IT Services. You will be analyzing data and processes to determine plans of action. Your tasks include maintaining Windows 10 systems standards and configurations and designing and implementing innovative technologies for Windows OS management.

Digital Marketing Intern

Minimum Education Qualifications: Degree in digital marketing or business

Skills Requirements: Proactive, strong work ethic, eager to learn, problem-solving skills, and positive attitude

Experience Qualifications: Experience or interest in digital marketing

Location: Santa Clara

In this position, you will provide assistance to digital marketing activities through working with sales, marketing, and creative teams. Your tasks will include using JIRA, website cleanups, producing SEO reports, and pulling digital marketing statistics.

DevOps Engineer

Minimum Education Qualifications: None indicated

Skills Requirements: Knowledge in virtualization, network protocols, SQL database, Windows, and DevOps tools and practices

Experience Qualifications: 3+ years in Linux systems administration

Location: Santa Clara

In this role, your main task is to improve the stability and reliability of internal services and customer-facing services. You will be involved in infrastructure upgrades, routine maintenance, automations, and issues resolution. You will gain exposure to the development of new graphics and experience working with NVIDIA’s development teams.

Data Center Network Operations Engineer

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Arts, or Engineering in a technical field

Skills Requirements: Expertise in network hardware management, experience in Checkpoint Firewalls, IP Routing protocols, high-level enterprise inter-networking problem solving, and interpersonal skills

Experience Qualifications: 7+ years in data center network hardware troubleshooting on a large-scale level

Location: Santa Clara

You will be the technical liaison for the network operations team. You will be responsible for planning, designing and coordinating the implementation of data center networks, deploying infrastructure support, and maintaining solutions documentations. You will display a problem-solving attitude to resolve issues and contribute to the knowledge base.

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor of Science or Master of Operation Management, Industrial Engineering, or Computer Science

Skills Requirements: Mixed integer programming, network flows, approximation heuristics, as well as the ability to debug and support applications developed in SAP APO

Experience Qualifications: 10+ years of experience in planning and implementing projects and working with deterministic optimization methodology

Location: Santa Clara

For this role, your tasks will include designing and delivering impressive implementable solutions using SAP SNP optimization, GATP, and CTM techniques. You will also lead projects to implement new and improve current systems in SAP APO and build prototypes and proof of concepts.

IT Architect, Identity and Zero Trust

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Computer Science or related field

Skills Requirements: Extensive experience with identity governance, privileged account management, Zero Trust, excellent communications skills, and hands-on experience collaborating with global teams

Experience Qualifications: 4+ years of driving enterprise-wide identity, security, or Zero Trust strategy and 8+ years of overall relevant industry experience

Location: Santa Clara, United States

In this position, you will work for the Enterprise Security Team to implement identity governance to enable the Zero Trust strategy across the company. You will assist in delivering governance-driven entitlement management, collaborate on IT solutions, and integrate them with the business process.

Linux System Administrator

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in a technical field or equivalent

Skills Requirements: Knowledge in server systems, Linux operating systems, Cisco and other related technologies, English speaking, and have problem-solving and interpersonal skills

Experience Qualifications: 5+ years in an IT-related position

Location: Santa Clara

Your workday will involve setting up, maintaining, debugging, deploying, and securing both hardware and Linux systems. You will work with the global teams to improve performance, workflows, and machine management. You will also conduct reporting regarding lab equipment and analysis to bring improvements.

Senior Director, IT Planning and Strategy

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s in Computer Science, a master’s degree is preferable

Skills Requirements: Communicating with business stakeholders, experience in reaching revenue targets, strong collaborative skills, and interpersonal skills in a dynamic environment

Experience Qualifications: 18+ years relevant experience and 6+ years in team management

Location: Santa Clara

You will work with other executives to define and implement overall strategy, design performance metrics, and monitor planned results. The director works with partners to define IT critical metrics, conduct financial, strategic, and operational analysis, and advise IT executive staff on areas for change.

Senior Network Engineer

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor of Science or equivalent work experience

Skills Requirements: Expertise in multi-site and international WAN network architectures, IP internetworking and problem solving, LAN Switching, virtualization technologies, and communication skills

Experience Qualifications: 8+ years in network engineering support

Location: Santa Clara

You’ll develop multi-functional WAN architecture for the NVIDIA organization. You will handle project requirements and the management of activities. You are also responsible for analysis and simulation testing of lab issues, performing high-level network upgrades, deploying network system tools, and providing mentorship to the team.

Senior Software Engineer, Infrastructure and Storage Systems

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in Computer Science

Skills Requirements: Experience in Python, Linux, distributed storage and database systems, application development and APIs, communication and social skills

Experience Qualifications: 8+ years in bachelor’s related field, 5+ years in master’s degree, and 3+ years in PhD degree

Location: Austin, Hillsboro, and Santa Clara

In this role, you will be involved in the enterprise-wide development of the software platform with a focus on the infrastructure and storage systems. You will work with APIs, high-level workflows, automation, and technology evaluations. You will build self-service architecture and capabilities to enable NVIDIA GPU design teams.

How Hard Is It to Get a Job at NVIDIA?

Yes, it can be challenging to get a job at NVIDIA. The hiring process is competitive and thorough. You will likely go through a written test, coding test, and several interviews. Their strong reputation in the industry means they are looking for employees with great problem-solving skills and impressive credentials.

How to Get a Job at NVIDIA FAQ

If you have a degree in a technical field and strong technical skills, you can get a job at NVIDIA. If you want to become a software engineer, this company is a great place to set your sights on. You can submit applications online to get an interview. They offer competitive salaries and benefits packages.

If you are studying in one of the universities that are part of their recruiting program, you can get hired through your university all year round. You can also apply on NVIDIA’s career page by filtering for internships. The internships last 12 weeks or more.

The hiring process at NVIDIA can last a number of weeks. You will be contacted a few weeks after the application is sent. It may be another few weeks to go through the interviews before receiving a decision or request for further interviews.

Yes, an internship with NVIDIA is paid and NVIDIA interns also get benefits including time off, healthcare, and disability insurance.

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