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Spotify is one of the most important companies in the music industry. It is an audio streaming service that helps artists expose their work to millions of users. It is also an easy way for users to find music they love and listen to a massive library that includes old hits and new releases.

If Spotify is your favorite app, have you ever dreamed of working there? If you have a passion for music, working at Spotify may be the career you’ve been looking for. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to get a job at Spotify.

About Spotify: Company Profile

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Spotify is a multimedia services company in the audio, podcasting, and music streaming business. Launched in 2008, the company was founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon.

Spotify is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has offices around the world, with 6,554 full-time employees. This Swedish company is respected in the industry for being the world’s most popular music streaming service provider. It has 381 million active users, of which 172 million are premium subscribers as of 2021.

What's It Like Working for Spotify?

Working for Spotify can be both fun and challenging. It offers a strong work-life balance, supportive team members, and perks and benefits like paternity and maternity leave, flexible work options, and free lunches.

There is also space to grow, as Spotify encourages and supports learning and leveling up in your career. However, it may not be the best for high salaries or quick promotions.

Life at Spotify: Spotify Company Culture

Spotify’s mission is to showcase the art of a million artists, allowing them to make a living sharing their work with fans who enjoy it. Its values include innovation, sincerity, passion, collaboration, and playfulness. The Spotify workplace encourages candid feedback, transparency, risk-taking, and connection among teams and team members.

What Do Employees Say About Spotify?

Spotify has strong reviews on Glassdoor, and employees say that working at Spotify is great. The company has an overall 4.1 rating. Common notes of praise are that the work-life balance is excellent and the atmosphere is fun and full of amazing people. It is also a perfect place to grow your career.

However, some reviews point out that it is difficult to maintain the culture with all the changes Spotify makes, it is not easy to get a promotion, and the salary is not competitive when compared to other tech companies.

Applying for a Job at Spotify: Overview

Applying for a Job at Spotify: Overview


Apply. After searching the Spotify website for available jobs and finding the one you feel you are ready for, go ahead and apply. You will have to attach your resume and fill out a form with your basic personal data. At this time, the hiring manager will also conduct a portfolio review and background check.


On-site or remote interviews. After being contacted by one of the recruiters, you will be invited to a phone call or video chat for an introductory interview. Here you will discuss your previous experience and jobs, and the position you applied for with Spotify. You may then be contacted again for a second interview with another team member, and finally, a third interview is conducted with a team. Depending on your expertise, the company may also conduct a technical interview.


Decision. At the end of the interview process, a final decision will be made by the talent acquisition team, who will evaluate your answers and assign you a score. Depending on the number of applicants for the same position, the decision process may take some time, but usually only a few days.

Spotify Hiring Process

The hiring process at Spotify is simple, and the interviews are of average difficulty. According to Glassdoor, most of the interviews are awarded to online applicants, and reviews of the various interviews are mixed. Spotify tries to keep its application timeline short, no more than a few weeks.

Spotify Job Application

The job application is easy because you can find all the information on Spotify’s website. There you can see the jobs that are currently available, and you can apply by filling out a form and submitting your resume.

After submitting your application, you may have to wait up to a few weeks to be contacted. Depending on the position you are applying for, the application process may take longer due to the large number of applications the company receives.

Spotify Interview Process

Interviews with Spotify are conducted in three rounds. The first round is with a member of the recruitment team who makes the first contact with you. They’ll ask you some personal questions to get to know you and your background, and will discuss details of the role. If you do well in this interview, you will be invited to a second interview with another recruiter.

If everything goes well up to this point, you will be invited to the third interview, this time with a team. You will always be informed of who will be interviewing you so that you are prepared. These interview questions will focus not only on your knowledge but also on your values and skills.

Spotify Salaries, Employment Benefits, and Perks

Benefits are very important when looking for a job because they can be a key factor in whether you accept or reject a job. Spotify tries to aim for inclusivity, so the perks and benefits they offer are the same for all their employees and in all locations.

How Much Do Spotify Employees Make?

The average salary for Spotify employees is $109,000 per year, according to PayScale. The highest salaries go up to $148,065 per year for Senior Software Engineers and $55,075 per year for Sales Planners.

Spotify Employment Benefits and Perks

By working at Spotify, you will have access to benefits like learning opportunities, parental leave, flexible public holidays, flexible share incentives, and assistance programs.

The company gives you learning opportunities to keep growing in your career. It also offers an employee health care program. Finally, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy trips to events and festivals with your co-workers.

a student studying with a laptop and a notebook while listening to music. Tech Jobs at Spotify: Requirements and Job Description

Tech Jobs at Spotify: Requirements and Job Description

On Spotify’s website, you can find all the job opportunities they have available in their offices around the world. In the list below, you can find some of the jobs available in various markets at the time of writing.

Data Analyst, Legal & IA Systems

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Economics, Statistics, or another quantitative field

Skills Requirements: Communication skills, inclusive and collaborative working habits

Experience Qualifications: 2-3 years of experience in data analysis

Location: New York or remote

A Spotify Legal and Internal Audit Systems data analyst is responsible for data management for the company’s legal use, as well as for audits and privacy policy. These professionals analyze large amounts of data to develop legal strategies.

Senior Backend Engineer, Sales Engineering

Minimum Education Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Skills Requirements: Coding skills, analytical and problem-solving abilities, teamwork skills

Experience Qualifications: 5 or more years of professional experience in a software development job, 3 or more years of experience in architecture and design of complex systems

Location: New York or remote

A Senior Sales Backend Engineer’s primary responsibility at Spotify is to create backend strategies focused on the company’s advertising. This job role involves defining sales engineering and developing a backend engineering team.

Data Scientist, Growth

Minimum Education Qualifications: Degree in data science, computer science, or any quantitative field

Skills Requirements: Problem-solving skills, communication skills

Experience Qualifications: 4 or more years of experience in a data scientist role

Location: London or remote

A Data Scientist in Spotify’s Data, Research, and Insights Team is responsible for analyzing large volumes of data to drive new ideas and help the company better understand the needs of users who purchase a premium subscription. This is done through data visualization and insights.

Staff Software Engineer, Content Platform

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering

Skills Requirements: Mentoring skills, decision-making abilities

Experience Qualifications: Previous experience as a technical leader working hands-on as a software engineer using Agile software development practices

Location: New York or remote

A Spotify Staff Software Engineer is in charge of building, developing, designing, and deploying Spotify services and systems. In this particular role, the right candidate will be contributing to technical strategy in developing and operating Spotify’s Moderation Platform.

iOS Engineer, Consumer Experience

Minimum Education Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering or a similar field

Skills Requirements: Ability to work in a team

Experience Qualifications: Experience in iOS frameworks and app deployment

Location: Berlin or remote

An iOS engineer at Spotify is responsible for working with the platform’s application for smartphones using the iOS operating system, both to improve it and to make it more efficient and secure. You will have to design user interfaces and work together with teams of engineers to carry out projects.

How Hard Is It to Get a Job at Spotify?

Spotify is constantly looking for employees, but you should know that they also receive thousands of resumes a year, so it can be challenging to land a job with them. According to Spotify, the company hires roughly 1,000 people every year across its 40 offices.

Having a strong resume that demonstrates one’s experience, knowledge, and skills will help a potential employee get contacted by the recruitment team. From there, being well prepared for your interviews will give you a solid leg-up in advancing through the interview stages and getting hired.

How to Get a Job at Spotify FAQ

Yes, Spotify is known to be a very good employer. According to the reviews, its employees are pleased to work for this company because of its culture and the work-life balance they have while working there.

Writing a great resume is key to getting a job at Spotify, as recruiters will review your resume before contacting you for an interview. It should be clear and concise, highlighting your knowledge and work experience, as well as your skills. It is best to leave out skills or experiences that are not related to the job you are applying for.

Spotify will contact you a few weeks after you submit your application. This depends on the position you are applying for and the number of candidates who have applied for the same position.

Spotify gives job opportunities to talented people who can demonstrate their knowledge and skills, whose ideas are aligned with its values, and who are focused on innovation and on making a positive contribution to the company. Keep in mind that you don’t need to have a background in music, but music lovers seem to enjoy working at Spotify because of the creative environment.

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