The Software Guild Reviews and Complete Guide

The Software Guild’s classes make starting a career in tech easy. Its online bootcamps give students the flexibility they need to complete their course successfully.

In The Software Guild’s 12-week courses, students can learn .NET/C# or Java, preparing them for a future career in web development. Read on for our review of everything The Software Guild has to offer.

What Do You Need to Know about The Software Guild?

Software Guild is an online bootcamp that only offers courses in web development. It has highly qualified instructors and puts an emphasis on job placement to ensure students’ success after graduation. To do this, the school has built a network of potential employers that they connect students with.

Locations Online
Tuition $9,000 – $10,125
Financing Options Private Loans, Scholarships, Upfront Payment
Start Dates March 8th, and rolling start dates
Program Types Online, Full-Time, Part-Time, Self-Paced
Courses Intro to Web Development, .NET/C# Bootcamp, Java Bootcamp

Where Are The Software Guild’s Campuses Located?

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Software Guild is based in Louisville, Kentucky, but its in-person coding bootcamps have been put on hold until COVID-19 pandemic restrictions end. All of the school’s usual programs are still available.

How Much Is Tuition at The Software Guild?

Courses at The Software Guild cost between $9,000 and $10,125, but they will be lower if the student qualifies for a coding bootcamp scholarship.

How Can You Pay The Software Guild Tuition?

The Software Guild offers many financing options to help students cover the cost of tuition.

The Software Guild Scholarships

The Software Guild has multiple scholarships, including a $2,000 Veterans Who Code award and a $2,000 Women in Tech scholarship.


ISAs allow students to attend school immediately, and pay later when they are employed. Then, they will be required to pay back a percentage of their salary each month for a set number of months. Software Guild does not offer ISAs.

Loan Financing

The Software Guild partners with Ascent Funding and Climb Credit to offer flexible payment plans. Repayment plans are spaced out over 36 to 60 months with Ascent Funding, and over 42 months with Climb Credit. Additionally, students can receive a cost of living loan.


Students who choose to pay in installments will make an initial deposit before beginning their program. Then, they will pay the remainder of the tuition in small monthly installments.

Can You Use the GI Bill at Software Guild?

The GI Bill cannot be used at The Software Guild.

What Courses Does The Software Guild Offer?

The Software Guild offers three different web design courses. The skills you’ll gain in these programs can help you become a software engineer or web developer. Among the courses offered is an Introduction to Web Development course, which functions as a prerequisite for the more specific web development classes.

Introduction to Web Development – Online

This online course covers the basic building blocks of web development. The four- to six-week curriculum covers programs like Git, and top programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are the backbone of most web pages.

.NET/C# – Online

This 12-week .NET/C# coding course is broken into two modules. One covers object-oriented programming, and the other is on database-driven web applications. Students will begin by learning .NET/C# syntax, and how to use expressions and operators. This module moves on to more intricate concepts and includes a final .NET/C# project.

Then, students will move on to learn about backend development, studying the frameworks and libraries needed to create interactive websites. This includes learning MySQL, a database management system used to organize information.

This course also has a part-time option that lasts 10 months.

Java – Online

During this 12-week Java bootcamp, students will study object-oriented programming and web applications, this time learning how to use Java. This includes using Java syntax, debugging software, and error handling. By week six, students will have created their own Java application.

In the final six weeks, the course covers how to use frameworks and Java libraries to build the backend of websites. It also delves into database design, and how to link databases to your app.

How to Get Accepted into The Software Guild

The Software Guild is fairly easy to get into. You just have to prove that you are prepared and driven to succeed in the program you’re applying for.

The Software Guild’s Acceptance Rate

The Software Guild has an acceptance rate of 50 percent.

The Software Guild’s Application Process

The Software Guild’s application process is simple. See the steps you should take to apply below.

  1. Go to The Software Guild’s website and fill out the application form with your basic information.
  2. The Software Guild will contact you in three to five business days to invite you for an interview.
  3. If you pass the interview, you will take an aptitude test.
  4. Passing the test means you’re qualified to join The Software Guild.

The Software Guild’s Interview Questions

During the interview at The Software Guild, the enrollment officer will want to know why you’re passionate about coding. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions about the bootcamp, and for the officer to find out whether you’re prepared to face the rigorous course ahead.

Below are some of the bootcamp interview questions you may be asked.

  • Why do you want to learn to code?
  • Why have you chosen The Software Guild?
  • What coding experience do you have?
  • Are you aware of the time commitment required for our courses?

How Can You Prepare for The Software Guild?

The Software Guild’s aptitude test ensures that students have the basic skills to excel in the coding bootcamp. However, the Introduction to Web Development course will further prepare you for your bootcamp.

Below is a list of the topics covered in the guild’s introductory course. Studying these on your own time is a good way to prepare.

  • Git – Git is an open-source control system used to store and work on projects. You can use it to interface with developers and easily keep track of your work.
  • The Basics of HTML – This is the code used to structure web pages. Studying HTML will help you format websites.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) – This language is used alongside HTML to create web pages. It allows you to control colors, fonts, and layouts.
  • JavaScript – JavaScript is used to make websites interactive. It allows developers to add interesting features like animations and videos.

Is The Software Guild Worth It?

Graduates of The Software Guild have gone on to high-paying jobs, so the school seems to be worth it. However, if you’re interested in an area of tech other than web development, this may not be the school for you.

The Software Guild Job Placement

Over 91 percent of The Software Guild students are hired soon after graduation. This is partially due to the school’s large employer network. The guild has connections with over 450 employers, and encourages students to take advantage of openings at these companies.

The school also helps its students develop their portfolios and prepare for interviews so that they can make a strong first impression.

Does The Software Guild Offer a Job Guarantee?

The Software Guild does not provide a job guarantee.

Should You Apply to The Software Guild?

Applying to The Software Guild is a great choice if you want a career in web development. While the training institute only has a 50 percent acceptance rate, over 91 percent of its graduates find a job. Flexible financing options and multiple scheduling possibilities make it easy for anyone to attend.

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