Coding Dojo Reviews and Complete Guide

Coding Dojo offers live online courses for people looking to break into software engineering or data science. By reading this Coding Dojo review, you should be able to decide if this coding bootcamp is right for you.

What Do You Need to Know about Coding Dojo?

Coding Dojo offers students their choice of a unique three-stack software development curriculum or a part-time data science course. Regardless of the direction students choose, they’ll learn the in-demand Python programming language and how it fits into their chosen field.

Coding Dojo’s students have gone on to use their newfound skills at big companies like Disney, Microsoft, Facebook, and more.

Locations Arlington, Bellevue, Boise, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, Silicon Valley, Tulsa, Online
Tuition $7,995 – $15,995 Part-Time Software Development, $15,995 Full-Time Online/In-Person Software Development, $1,950 – $3,850 Self-Paced Software Development, $4,995 Part-Time Data Science
Financing Options Income Share Agreement (ISA), Private Loans, Scholarships, Upfront Payment, GI Bill, Payment Plan
Start Dates February 22, March 8, March 22, April 5, April 19, April 20, May 3, May 17, June 7, June 21
Program Types Online, Full-time, Part-time, Self-paced
Courses Software Development, Data Science
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Where Are Coding Dojo’s Campuses Located?

Coding Dojo has campuses around the United States, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of their in-person courses have moved to online bootcamps for the time being.

  • Arlington, VA
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Boise
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • Oakland
  • Orange County
  • Silicon Valley
  • Tulsa
  • Online

Coding Dojo has a unique offer for students who sign up for in-person bootcamps at the moment. They are guaranteed two months of additional on-campus learning when those courses resume.

How Much Is Tuition at Coding Dojo?

Online courses at Coding Dojo cost from $1,950 at the lowest to $15,995 at the highest. The on-campus course costs $15,995. But if you pay upfront, you will save $250 off that cost. Courses vary in cost depending on the program and your eligibility for scholarships and other financial aid.

How Can You Pay For Coding Dojo Tuition?

For students who want an alternative to paying upfront, Coding Dojo’s options include loans, scholarships, payment plans, and more. Software development students have access to just about every financing option, while the only option for data science students is a loan via Skills Fund.

Coding Dojo Scholarships

Coding Dojo offers several partial scholarships for its software development courses. Four Coding Dojo scholarships offer an award of up to $1,000 each. The Career Reinvention Scholarship is intended for professionals who are looking to reinvent their careers without paying for more education.

The Military Retraining Scholarship is designed for military veterans and people in active service. The Women in Tech Scholarship is for women who need financial assistance to launch their new career.

The Diversity Scholarship is intended to help encourage underrepresented groups to enter the tech industry. There is also a COVID-Relief scholarship which awards up to $2000 for those earning less than $40,000 a year.


The Coding Dojo offers an income share agreement for its software development courses. Students pay a $1,000 deposit, and then they pay nothing while they attend the bootcamp and search for a job. Once they have secured a job paying at least $32,000 a year, alumni enter into a 48-month payment plan with installments as low as $262 per month.

Loan Financing

Coding Dojo is partnered with Skills Fund for loans that offer up to $13,995 towards tuition. Students have several repayment options when it comes to these loans. Borrowers can choose payment plans over either 36- or 60-month terms, and they can choose to defer payments for three months after graduation.

Relief Funds

Coding Dojo periodically sets up a pool of monetary assistance to distribute to software development students that may be affected by certain economic or social issues.

Vocational Rehabilitation

For people with disabilities that are looking to make a change, Coding Dojo accepts vocational rehab funding.

Can You Use the GI Bill at Coding Dojo?

Coding Dojo fully accepts the GI Bill for qualified veterans and their family members. The full-time software development course is the only available option for the GI Bill students.

What Courses Does Coding Dojo Offer?

Coding Dojo offers six courses in total. Five of their courses are variations on software development, and the sixth course is a part-time data science course.

Data Science – Online

This course combines live online lectures with self-paced learning to train students in data analysis and data science tools. Students build their foundation in Python before studying data manipulation, data modeling, machine learning, and statistical inference over the course of 12 weeks.

Software Development – In-Person | Online

Coding Dojo offers both in-person and online classes to transform people into coders over the course of 14 weeks. Students start by learning the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before they study Python as their first of three full-stacks.

From there, students have the choice of learning two of the following programming languages and their frameworks: MEAN, MERN, Ruby on Rails, Java, and C#/.NET.

Software Development – Online Part-Time

The online part-time course offers a different path for budding software developers. Students have the choice of either a 16-week accelerated course, or a 28-week flex option. With the accelerated option, students can choose to learn anywhere from one to three stacks with Python, MERN or Java.

In the Flex option, students learn Python after mastering web fundamentals like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Both options require students’ commitment to two to four hours per week of lectures with anywhere from 10 to 30 hours of self-study.

Software Development – Self-Paced

Coding Dojo’s self-paced software development option is their most limited option, but students still learn the complete Python stack over the course of 10 weeks of content. Students have the option of buying two months or four months of access to the self-guided course upfront, and both options come with one-on-one mentorship guidance.

How to Get Accepted Into Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo’s admittance process focuses on applicants’ determination to succeed. It omits the coding challenge that many other bootcamps bake into the process to make Coding Dojo’s courses more accessible.

Coding Dojo Application Process

The application process follows four steps designed to get to know potential students and how they fit into the Coding Dojo culture.

  1. Applicants start their Coding Dojo journey by submitting their application online.
  2. If the admissions team likes your application, they’ll schedule an interview with you. You’ll then complete your interview at the scheduled time.
  3. You’ll learn if you were accepted to the program within five business days to a week.
  4. If you are accepted, you’ll pay your deposit upon acceptance.

Coding Dojo Interview Questions

Coding Dojo looks for three key attributes in their applicants when carrying out the coding bootcamp interview portion of the application process. These attributes include:

  • Your level of motivation
  • How well you work with others
  • Your level of perseverance.

How Can You Prepare for Coding Dojo?

Coding Dojo is prepared to teach students how to code from the ground up during the bootcamp. But this bootcamp provider also suggests that students gain a background in computer science before attending. Coding Dojo offers a single preparatory course with this background in mind.

Called Intro to Programming, this introductory workshop is the first step for people who are interested in programming and web development. Over the course of two to three hours, students learn about how the web works, HTTP requests and responses, and the difference between the site’s front end and backend. After those three lectures, students get a chance to modify and tinker with a pre-built web game based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Is Coding Dojo Worth It?

Coding Dojo is worth it if you’re interested in pursuing a career in software development or data science without going back to school. Its classes include real-world programming projects that help you build a resume, and code reviews from experts to ensure you’re progressing at an optimal rate.

Coding Dojo has narrowed its offerings over the past few years, as you can see by its focus on software development and data science mentioned above. This bootcamp no longer offers courses in product management, cyber security, UX/UI design, or any other computer science field. If you’re interested in learning about those fields, you should consider a different bootcamp.

Coding Dojo Job Placement

Around 89 percent of Coding Dojo alumni land a job six months after graduating. Within a year, over 95 percent of alumni are in employment.

As previously mentioned, Coding Dojo alumni have gone on to work at some of the biggest names in tech. So if you want to work at companies from Amazon to Bungie and more, Coding Dojo could be the place to start.

Does Coding Dojo Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Coding Dojo doesn’t offer any job guarantees for any of its programs.

Should You Apply to Coding Dojo?

If you’re interested in learning more programming languages than you would at comparable programs, and finding a job at some of the biggest companies around, you should apply to Coding Dojo. With over 89 percent of graduates finding a job within 180 days, this is a viable path to a career in tech.

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