Ada Developers Academy Reviews and Complete Guide

Ada Developers Academy is a tuition-free coding school. It helps underrepresented communities in the tech industry get software development education.

This school provides in-depth training in programming, so students have the skills they need to succeed in the job market. This Ada Developers Academy review will help you decide if this is the right school for you.

What Do You Need to Know about Ada Developers Academy?

Ada Developers Academy is a non-profit educational institution that offers free coding classes. It helps people who can’t usually afford bootcamps pursue a software development career. This school is full-time, so most Ada students can’t work while they study. However, with no tuition, you don’t have to worry about your finances.

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At Ada Developers Academy, you can learn computer science fundamentals like Python, SQL, and more. You must complete a prep course called Ada Build curriculum, which will help you get familiar with the curriculum.

Locations Seattle, Online
Tuition Free
Financing Options Loans for Living Expenses
Start Dates September 2021, March 2022
Program Types Full-time
Courses Full Stack Web Development

Where Are Ada Developers Academy’s Campuses Located?

Ada Developers Academy is located in Seattle. Although it doesn’t have other campuses, it’s also available online so anyone can take the course.

  • Seattle
  • Online

How Much Is Tuition at Ada Developers Academy?

Ada Developers Academy is entirely free. You don’t have to pay any tuition if you meet the admission criteria. You do have to pay for your own living expenses.

How Can You Pay Ada Developers Academy Tuition?

Since tuition is free, you don’t have to worry about paying. However, all programs at Ada Developers Academy are intensive, so it means you might not be able to work while studying. If you don’t have the money to pay for living expenses, you can use a loan from Craft3, a loaning partner at Ada Developers Academy.

The Ada Developers Academy bootcamp has an internship period, where you can get paid as you learn. As long as you work full-time at your internship, you can earn a stipend.

What Courses Does Ada Developers Academy Offer?

Ada Developers Academy only offers one program on full stack web development. This complete course can teach you everything you need to know about computer science fundamentals.

Full Stack Development – In-Person | Online

Ada Developers Academy’s full stack development program can help you become a software engineer. You can pursue either backend or front end development when you graduate. You’ll learn CSS, and other essential programming languages like Python, HTML, and SQL.

This course is full-time and lasts around 25 weeks. You’ll have to take Ada’s prep course first to familiarize yourself with the content. The full stack web development program includes five months of paid internship. This will help you develop useful skills and experience for the job market.

How to Get Accepted Into Ada Developers Academy

This is a tuition-free coding school, so it receives countless applications every year. You need to meet some requirements if you’d like to get accepted at Ada Developers Academy.

You must be eligible to work in the United States, and you must have some knowledge of computer science before you start. Ada Developers Academy discourages people who are over or under-qualified for the course. The Ada Build prep course can help you determine your skill level.

Anyone can apply to Ada Developers Academy, but keep in mind that it prioritizes underrepresented groups. It especially wants to help women, diverse-gender adults, and other minorities in the tech industry. You also have to be over 21 years old to apply.

If you want to get accepted into Ada Developers Academy, you must have the right mindset. The school is looking for students who are passionate about both coding and social justice. You should have an open, friendly attitude, and you should be excited to learn.

Ada Developers Academy Acceptance Rate

Ada Developers Academy’s acceptance rate is eight percent. The program is competitive because it’s free and also offers an internship. You can still get in if you put your best foot forward.

Ada Developers Academy Application Process

Ada Developers Academy’s application process has four phases. They are all invitation-based, so the school will contact you after every step to let you know if you can continue. The admission process includes technical challenges and non-tech-related tests.

Below are the Ada Developers Academy application steps.

  1. First, you’ll submit an online application. You’ll need to include your resume, answer a couple of technical questions, and analyze a dataset.
  2. Now you have to complete a one-week code challenge to prove that you have the skills it takes to start the Ada Build curriculum.
  3. After that, you’ll go through a technical interview. You’ll solve programming problems to demonstrate your skill level.
  4. If you make it to the final interview, you can talk about your motivation, your aspirations, and your background.

Ada Developers Academy Interview Questions

Ada Developers Academy runs two interviews in the admission process: a technical interview and the final interview. Since the purpose is to get to know you and your skills, the interviewer will ask both technical and non-technical questions.

Try practicing your coding bootcamp interview with a friend so you can feel confident during your interview. Below are some of the topics that the interviewer might ask you about.

  • Coding-related questions.
  • Programming problem resolution.
  • Your passion and experience with coding.
  • Your passion and experience with social justice.
  • Your aspirations after graduation.

How Can You Prepare for Ada Developers Academy?

To prepare for Ada Developers Academy, you should take its prep course. Ada accepts students who have a foundation in computer science fundamentals.

The Ada Build curriculum is the best way to prepare for Ada Developers Academy. This introductory program will help you understand web development essentials. It will also guide you until you get familiar with programming tools.

Is Ada Developers Academy Worth It?

Ada Developers Academy is worth it. The program is quite reputable because of its free, in-depth full stack development program. This school aims to provide high-quality education for less money than any other bootcamp.

One of Ada Developers Academy’s best aspects is that it guarantees five months of paid internship. This experience is vital because it’ll help you prepare for real-world challenges in the tech industry. Many students choose this software engineering program because work experience is worth it.

Ada Developers Academy Job Placement

Ada Developers Academy has not publicly shared its job placement rate. The school partners with several companies that often hire graduates, so don’t let the ambiguity deter you. As well, Ada Developers Academy provides career coaching and mock interviews.

Does Ada Developers Academy Offer a Job Guarantee?

Ada Developers Academy does not offer a job guarantee. However, you’ll have five months of guaranteed paid internship. If you do well, you’re likely to get a job right after graduation.

Should You Apply to Ada Developers Academy?

You should apply for Ada Developers Academy’s tuition-free education if you want to learn to code but don’t have the means. You should also apply if you’re a minority and tech because Ada pays special attention to those who need it most.

Ada Developers Academy provides a quality full stack development course. You’ll get practice-focused training and great networking opportunities. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to enter the software engineering field.

You should keep in mind that Ada Developers Academy’s acceptance rate is very low. You’ll have to put in some effort and preparation before the admission process. Although the school doesn’t need you to be an expert, it wants you to understand coding essentials.

You should apply to Ada Developers Academy if you’re ready to commit to full stack development.

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