Alchemy Code Lab Reviews and Complete Guide

Alchemy Code Lab is a software engineering training academy that offers online and on-site programs for aspiring software and web developers. The coding bootcamp has a very thorough 21-week software development program.
In this Alchemy Code Lab review, we’ll take a closer look at what the school has to offer to help you determine if it’s a good match for your goals.

What Do You Need to Know About Alchemy Code Lab?

Alchemy Code Lab is a coding bootcamp that prepares students for mid-level jobs as software developers. Even people without coding experience can find a suitable course in this coding bootcamp. The full-time program lasts 23 weeks and employs a unique teaching style.

Students of Alchemy Code Lab will learn all the skills they need to start a tech career. Normally, classes meet in person and online, but due to COVID-19, all are offered online for now. Students will also receive career advice to help them secure a job at the end of their course.

Locations Oregon
Tuition $24,000
Financing Options Income Share Agreement (ISA), Private Loan, Scholarships, Upfront Payment
Start Dates March 15, April 26, June 21
Program Types Online, Full-time
Courses Professional Software Developer Program

Where Are Alchemy Code Lab’s Campuses Located?

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Alchemy Code Lab is located in Portland, Oregon. Its 21-week software development course is also available online so that out-of-state students can also attend.

How Much Is Tuition at Alchemy Code Lab?

Alchemy Code Lab’s main program costs $24,000. However, students can make the cost more manageable by applying for scholarships or other forms of financial aid. The bootcamp also offers a free weeklong Intro to Web Development course to help students who are new to coding get up to speed before their course starts.

How Can You Pay Alchemy Code Lab Tuition?

Alchemy Code Lab has five financing options for students to choose from, including scholarships, loans, and an income share agreement.

Alchemy Code Lab Scholarships

Alchemy Code Lab is known for awarding generous scholarships to students from diverse backgrounds. In every cohort, it provides a $5,000 scholarship for women from indigenous or Black communities.

It also offers a $2,500 scholarship for women in partnership with Women Who Code’s Portland branch. Finally, the online coding bootcamp also has a Diversity in Tech scholarship. This scholarship is meant for members of groups that are underrepresented in tech, including veterans, LGBTQIA+ individuals, trans women, and those from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds.


Alchemy Code Lab allows students to apply for an income share agreement so they don’t have to pay for their course upfront.
With an ISA, the student will repay the cost of their program only after they have graduated and secured meaningful employment. Students will be required to pay back a certain percentage of their salary every month once they are making at least $50,000 per year.

Loan Financing

The coding bootcamp also offers loans through its primary lender partner, Skills Fund. This loan can be used to cover the cost of tuition plus a living stipend.


Alchemy Code Lab also allows students to pay in installments. This means they will pay a deposit upfront, and will then repay the remaining cost of the course in pieces before their course has ended.

Can You Use the GI Bill at Alchemy Code Lab?

This coding school does accept the GI Bill. Veterans can get up to 100 percent off their tuition.

What Programs Does Alchemy Code Lab Offer?

Alchemy Code Lab has one program that teaches students to learn to code like professionals. Prior coding experience is not needed to enroll in this Professional Software Developer Program, as the school also provides a weeklong, free prep course that will help students prepare for the main software development program.

The Professional Software Developer program is broken into four courses, which students will take in order along with their cohort. Below, we’ll go over the curriculum of each of these classes,

Intro to Developer Tools and Learning – Online

This one-week course will teach students the basics of modern software development to prepare them for the rigorous program ahead.
During this short training, students learn about web development tools like Terminal, VSCode, and Git. They will also get introduced to CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Fundamentals of Software Development – Online

This four-week course covers how to create functional applications with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Before the end of this course, learners will have completed their first team project. Classes meet on weekdays from 9am to 6pm. During this time, students will attend lectures, lab coding practice, and daily work.

Intermediate Software Development – Online

This more advanced course also lasts four weeks. In it, students will learn how to use the React library to create front end web designs. The course also covers other common APIs and libraries.

Students will also create SQL databases and web servers to store data for future programming use. Attendees will also complete collaborative coding projects and will learn to deploy web apps on the cloud.

Advanced Software Development in Full Stack JavaScript – Online

This intensive 14-week course covers data structures, and professional software development techniques, and how to write clean code. It also includes in-depth career development training to prepare students to enter the job market.

How to Get Accepted Into Alchemy Code Lab

Alchemy Code Lab has a simple admission process. Since each class can only have up to 30 students, the acceptance rate is low.

However, attending the school’s prep course will increase your chances of success in the application process by giving you a clearer idea of what to expect from the full-time program.

Alchemy Code Lab Acceptance Rate

Alchemy Code Lab has not published its acceptance rate.

Alchemy Code Lab Application Process

The application process for Alchemy Code Lab is simple. It involves filling out an application and attending a technical interview. Follow the steps below to apply.

  1. Fill out the form on the school’s website to apply.
  2. Attend a technical interview to check whether you are prepared for the program.
  3. If you are successful in this interview, you can formally enroll in the program to secure your seat. After enrolling, you will be expected to pay a deposit.
  4. Attend Alchemy Code Lab’s free online developer course. This interactive lesson takes a week and requires 30 hours of the student’s time. It is optional.
  5. Choose your tuition payment option.
  6. Attend student orientation, meet your fellow cohorts, and join a Q&A session with Alchemy Code Lab alumni.

Alchemy Code Lab Interview Questions

Alchemy Code Lab’s interview is technical, so students will need to answer questions related to their skills and motivation. Below are some questions you may be asked in your interview.

  • Why do you want to become a software developer?
  • What is your driving force?
  • What coding experience do you have?
  • What are your career goals?

How Can You Prepare for Alchemy Code Lab?

Like many other coding bootcamps, Alchemy Code Lab offers a prep course before the official program starts. This one week course is taught by professional developers and requires that students put in 30 hours of work.

  • Developer 101. This introductory course brings students up to speed with fundamentals that will be covered throughout their program. They will get a rudimentary understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages.

Is Alchemy Code Lab Worth It?

Alchemy Code Lab is one of the best coding bootcamps in Portland. If you are looking for a bootcamp that offers an immersive program and a free prep course, then Alchemy Code Lab is worth it.

If you are interested in learning the technical skills to become a web developer, this school will get you career-ready. Its career services are available after graduation until the student has landed a job in the tech industry.

Alchemy Code Lab prepares students for their job interviews and teaches them how to complete coding challenges that may be included in the interview processes that they face. Students are also encouraged to interact with professionals in the industry to grow their network while learning.

However, this software development program is full time. You won’t be able to attend if you have a full-time job. If you cannot commit a majority of your time to learning, then this school may not be what you need.

This bootcamp also only has one course, so if you want to explore a more specific area of tech, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Alchemy Code Lab Job Placement

The job placement rate for Alchemy Code Lab graduates is 90 percent, with an average starting salary of $79,000 per year. The school also reports that its students have gone on to work for well-known companies such as Samsung, eBay, Airbnb, and AppNexus.

Does Alchemy Code Lab Offer a Job Guarantee?

Sadly, Alchemy Code Lab does not offer a job guarantee. Students will not receive a refund if they do not get a job.

Should You Apply to Alchemy Code Lab?

Alchemy Code Lab is an excellent training program for those who want a career in web and software development. Classes are relatively small to ensure that each student gets sufficient one-on-one support from their instructor. The school boasts also boasts a 90 percent job placement rate, with many former students now employed by top-tier tech firms in Portland.

Aside from a solid program, the school also offers five financing options to ease the burden of tuition. If you want to switch to a tech career, this intensive course from Alchemy Code Lab is a good option.

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