University of Miami Boot Camps Reviews and Complete Guide

The University of Miami, one of the most famous higher learning institutions in the US, also offers comprehensive tech programs. In this review, we’ll find out more about how the University of Miami’s Boot Camp can help you start your career in tech.

What Do You Need to Know about University of Miami Boot Camps?

Going to the University of Miami for a traditional bachelor’s degree is a great choice. However, it turns out the university is also perfect if you’re looking for a short, intensive data analytics or full stack web development course.

The school’s 24-week coding courses cover these broader subjects in detail, including training in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python programming. Most computer science degrees only cover a fraction of the same material.

Locations Coral Gables, Florida; Wynwood, Florida; Online
Tuition $10,495 – $12,245
Financing Options Scholarships, Private Loan, Upfront Payment
Start Dates Coding: March 1, Data Analytics: May 5, FinTech: February 23
Program Types Online, Full-Time, Part-Time, Self-Paced
Courses Coding, Data Analytics, FinTech

Where Are University of Miami Boot Camps’ Campuses Located?

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The University of Miami bootcamps have three main locations.

  • Coral Gables, Florida
  • Wynwood, Florida
  • Online

Whichever University of Miami Boot Camp location you choose, you’ll find the program you’re looking for. Due to COVID-19, the university has currently transferred all of its coding courses online. However, the school hopes to bring face-to-face and hybrid classes back soon.

How Much Is Tuition at University of Miami Boot Camps?

Programs cost anywhere from $10,495 to $12,245. According to the university, tuition can vary, so you should be aware of potential changes. Below, we’ll look at some of the ways you can pay for the program you’re interested in.

How Can You Pay University of Miami Boot Camps Tuition?

There are a few main ways to foot your bill at the University of Miami’s bootcamp.

University of Miami Boot Camps Scholarships and Discounts

The University of Miami offers a $500 scholarship to students in its Coding program. There is also a 20 percent discount for University of Miami alumni and staff members.

Upfront Payments

Perhaps the most straightforward method of paying for tuition is to pay for it all upfront in one chunk. However, that’s not always possible, which is why the school offers loans and installments.

Loan Financing

The University of Miami has several loan partners so that you can choose the plan that’s best for you.


Students who don’t want to take out a loan can pay in installments. This involves a deposit followed by a financial plan, which students and advisers can decide on before class starts.

Can You Use the GI Bill at University of Miami Boot Camps?

Unfortunately, veterans and their family members can’t use the GI Bill at University of Miami bootcamps.

What Courses Do University of Miami Boot Camps Offer?

The University of Miami offers three main courses. Students can choose which of these programs best fits their career goals, interests, and strengths. Let’s look at the curriculums of the three courses.

Data Analytics – In-Person | Online

Studying data analytics is a fantastic way to break into tech. In the University of Miami’s data analytics course, students will cover a wide range of data-related topics. In the first few weeks of the program, students will go over Microsoft Excel, review data science basics, learn Python programming, and study modeling and forecasting.

By the end of this program, students will have learned about machine learning, and will have built a portfolio to show future hiring managers.

Data analysis is a broad field, and aspiring data analysts will learn a lot over the 24 weeks they spend in their course. Even though the curriculum is detailed, the part-time, self-paced schedule will allow you the flexibility to live your life outside of the bootcamp.

Coding – In-Person | Online

Learning how to write lines of code to create any program you want is a critical tech skill. With this skill, you can become a cyber security professional, full-time computer programmer, or IT expert. Throughout this course, instructors will teach students how to create their own websites.

This program is separated into several learning modules over the course of 24 weeks. In weeks one through eight, students learn the foundations of coding, including HTML, CSS, MongoDB, MySQL, and Python.

The second and third units cover more advanced techniques and web design platforms. After the 24 weeks are up, you can choose whether you want to finish off your education with the university’s optional portfolio and skill-building course.

FinTech – Online | In-Person

Financial technology is a broad and lucrative field. Students in this particular course will learn digital marketing, algorithmic trading, cryptocurrency, financial ratios, time-series analysis, and some Python programming.

The class begins by explaining how financial technology is relevant in modern business, and how students will be able to use the skills they learn in their future careers.

By the end of the FinTech course, students will have a firm grasp of the science of financial transactions, measurements, and programming. The FinTech course has a more concentrated schedule than other programs offered by the university. Students will study on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

How to Get Accepted into University of Miami Boot Camps

If you’re intimidated by the prospect of applying to a university, don’t worry. Getting accepted into the University of Miami Boot Camp isn’t nearly as difficult as getting into the school’s four-year programs.

University of Miami Boot Camps Acceptance Rate

The University of Miami Boot Camp does not currently disclose its acceptance rate.

University of Miami Boot Camps Application Process

The application process for the University of Miami’s bootcamps is relatively simple. All you have to do to start is fill out an application.

  1. Fill out your basic info, indicate your program of choice, and then submit your application.
  2. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be invited for an in-depth interview to determine if you’re ready for the bootcamp.
  3. Depending on the program you’ve chosen, you may also have to complete a technical interview. This is where you can demonstrate your skills.
  4. You will also be asked to take an assessment to determine your logic skills. This test won’t cover any of the advanced topics that you’ll eventually learn in the bootcamp.

University of Miami Boot Camps Interview Questions

So what does the interview process at the University of Miami Boot Camp look like? If you have ever given a traditional job interview, you will already be prepared for some of the basic questions. Below are a few sample coding bootcamp interview questions and topics.

  • What are your career goals?
  • Do you have prior experience with coding?
  • Your passion for your course subject
  • Problem-solving questions

The university staff stresses that as long as you show that you are dedicated and enthusiastic about learning, you are likely to be accepted into the bootcamp.

How Can You Prepare for University of Miami Boot Camps?

The University of Miami welcomes anyone who is interested in learning the three tech subjects above, even if you’re a total beginner. Below are a few steps you can take to prepare for your program.

  1. Have a computer – This may be somewhat obvious, but having a reliable desktop or laptop computer will be essential to your success.
  2. Learn some basics – The first few weeks of all three bootcamps are spent covering basics. However, it might help you to read up on some coding material and get some practice before your bootcamp starts.
  3. Bootcamp Prep – The University of Miami offers a few bootcamp tutorials that will help you learn the fundamentals. Use these to your advantage so you can get more comfortable with the topics you’ll soon be learning.

Are University of Miami Boot Camps Worth It?

If you’re looking to get a certificate from an impressive university, along with a solid education, the University of Miami’s bootcamp might be worth the price of admission.

University of Miami Boot Camps Job Placement

The University of Miami offers all of its official career services to bootcamp attendees. Graduates of the Coding, Data Analysis, and FinTech programs will receive job assistance from an experienced adviser.

Do University of Miami Boot Camps Offer a Job Guarantee?

No. Unlike other coding bootcamps, the University of Miami doesn’t offer a job guarantee. However, students do receive a certificate of completion from the University of Miami and access to its fantastic career resources.

Should You Apply to University of Miami Boot Camps?

Former students swear by the fast-paced, life-changing training they received at the University of Miami Boot Camps. If you’re looking for a decent bootcamp that comes with a respectable certificate, the University of Miami could be a fantastic option for you as well.

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