NYC Data Science Academy Reviews and Complete Guide

Based in New York City, NYC Data Science Academy offers in-person and online training for people who want to pursue a career in data science or web development. What should you expect from this data science bootcamp? This comprehensive review will highlight the tuition cost, courses, financing options, and potential interview questions.

What Do You Need to Know about NYC Data Science Academy?

The NYC Data Science Academy is specifically designed for experienced data scientists with a PhD or master’s degree. It offers several learning options for students including online, part-time, in-person, short courses, and fast-paced.

At the end of the bootcamp, students will have five projects in their portfolio to show potential employers. They will also be armed with the right skills to succeed in their careers.

Locations NYC, Online
Tuition $17,600
Financing Options Private Loans, Upfront Payment
Start Dates Mar 19, Jun 11
Program Types Online, Full-Time, Part-Time
Courses Web Development, Data Science

Where Are NYC Data Science Academy’s Campuses Located?

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NYC Data Science Academy is located in New York City. You should be aware that some courses can only be taken in-person and are not available remotely.

  • New York City
  • Online

How Much Is Tuition at NYC Data Science Academy?

The NYC Data Science Academy has an affordable slate of courses. The main bootcamp costs only $17,600, with a $5,000 deposit needed to secure a seat.

The prep courses cost different amounts depending on how you package them. The three-in-one option costs $5,000, while a single prep course costs around $2,800.

How Can You Pay NYC Data Science Academy Tuition?

NYC Data Science Academy has a few financing options available to cover the cost of tuition, including loan financing and installments.

NYC Data Science Academy Scholarships

At this time, NYC Data Science Academy does not offer any bootcamp scholarships to students.


NYC Data Science Academy does not offer an Income Share Agreement (ISA). The school does not offer a guarantee that it will refund part of the tuition if a student is unable to land a job within a stipulated time. Students are required to pay in full.

Loan Financing

NYC Data Science Academy provides private loans through its partners Climb Credit and Ascent Funding. Climb Credit offers fixed interest rate loans to cover students with no credit. Ascent Funding, meanwhile, offers interest rate loans over three to five years regardless of employment status, current income, or educational background.


NYC Data Science Academy does not offer an installment option. Students are expected to make an initial deposit of $5,000 after acceptance, with the balance due before classes begin.

Can You Use the GI Bill at NYC Data Science Academy?

NYC Data Science Academy does not accept the GI Bill.

What Courses Does NYC Data Science Academy Offer?

NYC Data Science Academy offers several data science-focused courses. Both aspiring and current data scientists can benefit from the school’s programs. This bootcamp is ideal for people who want to kickstart their data science careers, while data scientists who want to advance their skills can benefit from the expert and intermediate classes.

12-Week Data Science Bootcamp – In-Person

This course covers both intermediate and beginner levels of data science. Students will learn Python, R, Hadoop and Spark, SQL, Github, as well as other Python packages like Caret, XgBoost, Pandas, ggplot2, scikit-learn. After learning the basics, students will work on different projects that can later be added to their portfolios.

Big Data with Amazon Cloud, Hadoop/Spark, and Docker – In-Person

This course covers the main components of Apache Hadoop which includes Hive, Spark, HDFS, and MapReduce with streaming. The programming language for the course is Python and it begins with a review of the concepts of Python. The course uses an interactive format for learning Hadoop.

Data Science with Python: Machine Learning – In-Person

This machine learning course is a weekend course covering the basic methods of machine learning as well as Python modules for implementing them. After completing the program, students will successfully understand machine learning algorithms and how to analyze complex datasets. They will also be able to make predictions based on these methods.

Deep Learning with Tensorflow – In-Person

This course focuses on game development, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Python. It is an introductory course to artificial neural networks.

Full-Time Data Science Bootcamp – Online

This course is fully remote. Students learn Python and R along with machine learning. They will also focus on learning deep learning and big data. It includes streamed lectures as well as coding questions and prerecorded modules.

Part-Time Data Science Bootcamp – Online

This part-time course focuses on data visualization, data science, Spark, data analytics, SQL, data structures, Python, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

How to Get Accepted into NYC Data Science Academy

It can be difficult to be accepted at NYC Data Science Academy. The school has a relatively low acceptance rate. Professionals have a greater chance of being accepted, but beginners can get accepted into the intermediate programs. The school offers some prep courses that can increase your chances of being accepted.

NYC Data Science Academy Acceptance Rate

NYC Data Science Academy has not published information about its acceptance rate.

NYC Data Science Academy Application Process

The application process for this school is simple. It involves an online application, a video interview, and a technical assessment.

  1. Submit an application and self-assessment. The assessment will help the admissions team understand your personality. It takes around 15 minutes to complete.
  2. The next step is a video interview with the admissions team.
  3. After passing the video interview, you will need to complete a technical assessment to check your suitability for the program. You will have 48 hours to finish the assessment.
  4. If you pass the assessment, the admissions team will review your application and decide if you will be accepted.

NYC Data Science Academy Interview Questions

NYC Data Science Academy conducts a video interview and you will be expected to answer technical questions. Below are some of the topics you should expect.

  • Your programming experience.
  • Your career goals.
  • Your experience with data science tools.
  • Technical, problem-solving questions.

How Can You Prepare for NYC Data Science Academy?

Before attending most bootcamps, taking a prep course is highly recommended. NYC Data Science Academy offers a few prep courses for both beginners and intermediate learners.

  1. Introductory Python – This introductory course concentrates on language basics including control structures, list and string manipulation, and simple data analysis packages.
  2. Data Science with Python: Data Analysis and Visualization – This prep course is an introduction to Python and data science. It starts with how to use Python for different data structures and covers visualization modules like pandas, NumPy, and seaborn.
  3. Data Science with R: Data Analysis and Visualization – This prep course teaches students the data analysis process as well as the theoretical framework. It also focuses on the tools needed for data visualization and analysis.

Is NYC Data Science Academy Worth It?

NYC Data Science Academy has a lot to offer when it comes to data science training. If this is your main interest, then NYC Data Science Academy is worth it. The school teaches the necessary skills to start a career in data science or web development.

However, if you want a bootcamp that focuses on other tech-related courses like project management, UX or UI design, or front end development, then this school may not be the right choice. Other coding bootcamps will be equipped to provide a wider range of courses.

NYC Data Science Academy Job Placement

More than 93 percent of NYC Data Science Academy graduates find a job within six months of graduating. Many of them land tech jobs. The school makes this result possible by partnering with companies to help place graduates in rewarding positions.

Even though there is no job guarantee, to help prepare students for their job search, the school offers comprehensive career services such as resume reviews, interview session practice, LinkedIn profile improvements, and a hiring partner event series.

There are also mock interviews and coding challenges to prepare students for technical interviews. Even after graduation, students will have access to career resources. All of these factors contribute to the school’s successful job placement rate.

Does NYC Data Science Academy Offer a Job Guarantee?

NYC Data Science Academy does not offer a job guarantee. This means that it does not refund tuition if a graduate does not get a job after graduation.

Should You Apply to NYC Data Science Academy?

NYC Data Science Academy is a prominent coding school in New York City. While it doesn’t have a high acceptance rate, it does have a high job placement rate, with 93 percent of graduates finding a job within a few months.

If you’re looking for an immersive data science bootcamp to start your tech journey, this school may be an excellent option to consider.

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