SMU Boot Camps Reviews and Complete Guide

Coding skills are in huge demand in today’s job market. From data science to fintech to web development, programming has many uses. Southern Methodist University Boot Camps offers a range of coding courses that will put you on the path to a new career in tech.

To find out if these programs are in line with your career goals, read our SMU Boot Camps review. We’ll cover all the details of the school’s admission requirements, job placement rate, prices, and courses.

What Do You Need to Know About SMU Boot Camps?

SMU is an immersive coding bootcamp that will prepare you for an entry-level job in full-stack web development, data science, coding, or cyber security. The school offers 12- to 24-week long in-person and remote courses. Each one can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis.

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Whether you are a tech newbie looking to pick up skills, or a professional hoping to switch to a more lucrative career, SMU caters to all.

SMU Boot Camps Key Information
Locations Dallas, Texas, and Online
Tuition $11,000 to $12,995
Financing Options Private Loan, Scholarships, Upfront Payment, Monthly Installments
Start Dates Rolling Start Dates
Program Types Online, On-Campus, Full-Time, Part-Time
Courses FinTech, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, and Full-Stack Flex

Where Is SMU Boot Camp’s Campus Located?

SMU Boot Camps is located at the university’s campus in Dallas. Currently, all courses are being taught remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Much Is Tuition At SMU Boot Camps?

The tuition prices of SMU Boot Camps range from $11,000 to $12,995. Bear in mind that the prices are subject to change depending on the method of teaching, course, and schedule.

How Can You Pay SMU Boot Camps Tuition?

SMU Boot Camps offers plenty of payment plans for its prospective students. Contact SMU’s admissions office to find the payment plan that suits your budget.

SMU Boot Camps Scholarships

To help lessen the financial load, SMU offers a $500 scholarship for SMU alumni.


SMU Boot Camps do not have an income share agreement.


SMU Boot Camps does allow its students to pay in monthly installments. This plan requires that students make an initial deposit to reserve a spot in the course of their choice.
Then, students will pay the rest of their tuition in monthly installments while attending SMU. This payment plan is interest-free.

Loan Financing

Loans are accepted at SMU Boot Camps, but unlike monthly installments, this form of payment will incur interest. This option may be necessary for students who can’t afford to pay upfront.
If you choose this option, you may want to look into the Educational Quality through Innovative Partnerships (EQUIP) financial aid program or find a private lender.

Upfront Payment

The upfront payment option is popular among students who already have the funds to pay upfront. We recommend paying for your SMU course well ahead of its start date to receive a tuition discount for early registration.

Can You Use the GI Bill at SMU Boot Camps?

SMU Boot Camps accepts the GI bill, which provides qualified veterans and their family members with significant discounts.

What Courses Does SMU Boot Camps Offer?

SMU Boot Camps offers a multitude of coding courses that will prepare you for a career in software engineering, financial technology, or data science. All of the courses include free online tutoring, and students who graduate will earn an SMU PRO certification.

Coding – Full-Time and Part-Time | Online

This full-stack web development course covers front-end and backend development and computer science basics.

During the program, you will learn Agile methodologies and popular programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By the end of the course, you will be proficient in advanced tools such as MySQL and Amazon Web Services.

You can either take this course for 12 weeks, with 20 hours a week of study required or for 24 weeks while studying 10 hours per week. The full-time and part-time courses offer the same curriculum, so choose the learning schedule that fits you best.

Data Science – Part-Time | Online

In this 24-week course, you will study everything from data science coding languages to business intelligence and data management.

The course covers essential programs like Excel and MySQL, as well as how to use Python to manage data. Core data science concepts like statistical modeling and forecasting are also included in the curriculum. If you have been looking for an in-depth data science beginner’s course, this is it.

FinTech – Part-Time | Online

SMU’s 24-week financial technology course is ideal for students who already have a background in business management.

You will start by learning the fundamentals of fintech, then move on to advanced financial programming and machine learning. Additionally, the course covers blockchain and cryptocurrency. So, if you’re interested in learning about Bitcoin or Ethereum, this course is for you.

Cyber Security – Part-Time | Online

This cyber security course will provide you with the tools and skills required to apply for an entry-level job. The 24-week program covers risk analysis, networking, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing. By the time you have completed the 24-week curriculum, you’ll be ready to apply for a CompTIA+ certification.

How to Get Accepted Into SMU Boot Camps

SMU Boot Camps accepts students with basic to intermediate tech skills. However, you must first make it through the application process. The only prerequisite is that you are 18 and hold a GED or high school diploma.

SMU Boot Camps Acceptance Rate

SMU Boot Camps does not list its official acceptance rate.

SMU Boot Camps Application Process

The application process for SMU Boot Camps is very straightforward. Just follow the basic steps below.

  1. Begin by filling out an application form on the SMU Boot Camps website, or by calling their admissions department.
  2. If the admissions team likes your application, you will receive a phone call from an academic adviser. This call will be an initial screening interview. If you pass, you will be invited to take a test.
  3. You will now be tested on your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. If you pass the assessment, you can enroll in the program of your choice.

SMU Boot Camps Interview Questions

Every applicant for SMU Boot Camps must go through a basic introductory interview. You can refer to our coding bootcamps interview questions for tips on how to ace the interview. The interview will likely cover the following topics.

  • Your career goals and passion
  • Which SMU Boot Camps program interests you and why
  • Your background in coding

How Can You Prepare for SMU Boot Camps?

SMU designs its bootcamps and courses for students with little to no tech background. The school will also provide you with special pre-course tutorials to get you ready for your program. Therefore, extensive preparation outside of these tutorials isn’t necessary.

However, we understand that computer science topics can be intimidating. So, if you want to be extra prepared, you can start by learning the easiest programming languages.

Is SMU Boot Camps Worth It?

SMU Boot Camps is worth it if you want to start a career in tech without completing a four-year university degree. SMU is an accredited school that’s dedicated to teaching in-demand tech skills.

The school offers a nice variety of courses, but if you specifically wanted to study UX/UI design or digital marketing, then SMU Boot Camps isn’t for you. We recommend bootcamps such as General Assembly or Kenzie Academy for those tech careers.

SMU Boot Camps Job Placement

SMU Boot Camps does not provide official statistics on its job placement rate. However, the school is confident that its graduates will be prepared for an entry-level job in tech. The school provides one-on-one career coaching sessions that continue even after graduation.

Other career services include portfolio reviews, technical interview preparation, and resume writing assistance.

Does SMU Boot Camps Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, SMU Boot Camps does not offer a job guarantee. So, if you don’t secure a job soon after graduation, you won’t receive a tuition refund. If you are looking for a coding bootcamp with a job guarantee, you are better off at a training institute like Flatiron School, Springboard, or Lambda.

Should You Apply to SMU Boot Camps?

If you have limited coding knowledge and want to become a web developer, data analyst, or cyber security specialist, then you should apply to SMU Boot Camps. But before applying, ask yourself if you are ready to work hard. Even though some of SMU Boot Camp’s courses are part-time, all options require total commitment.

So, if you have the time and the drive to succeed, then attending an SMU Boot Camps will help you start climbing the ladder toward your dream tech career.

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