UC Berkeley Boot Camp Reviews and Complete Guide

UC Berkeley Boot Camps are 12- and 24-week programs offered by the University of California Berkeley Extension designed to teach students coding, data analysis, digital marketing, and more.

Read on to find out about tuition prices, payment options, and details on what’s offered in each of these courses.

What Do You Need to Know About UC Berkeley Boot Camp?

UC Berkeley’s coding bootcamp offers professional development courses in software engineering, data science, UX/UI web design, and several other areas of tech. These courses are perfect for anyone seeking a career in technology, or a promotion at their current job.

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The school offers these courses in a variety of formats, including remote, on-campus, and part-time. It even has a free online course if you want to learn computer science basics before committing to a longer-term course.

The school also provides many career services. Starting in the second week, students are assigned what is known as a Profile Coach, whose primary job is to get to know you and the projects you’re working on. They’ll also help you with career training so you can get the job you want when you graduate.

Locations Online
Tuition $8,995 to $13,245
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Scholarships, Loans, Installments
Start Dates Varies
Program Types Online, Part-time, Full-time
Courses Coding, Data Analytics, UX/UI, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, FinTech, Tech Project Management

Where Are UC Berkeley Boot Camp Located?

UC Berkeley’s campus is located in Berkeley, California. However, all of its coding bootcamps are currently offered online only due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These safety restrictions will likely continue through summer 2021, according to the school’s website.

How Much Is Tuition at UC Berkeley Boot Camp?

The tuition at UC Berkeley Coding Boot Camp varies depending on which course you have chosen. The cheapest is the Tech Project Management course, at $8,995, and the most expensive is the Online Data Analytics course, at $13,245. The basic Coding course costs $12,495.

How Can You Pay UC Berkeley Boot Camp Tuition?

Students at UC Berkeley Boot Camp can pay their tuition in a number of ways. This includes loans, scholarships, and installments. Keep in mind that students who choose to pay their tuition early will receive a $1,000 discount.

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Scholarships

If a student has graduated from UC Berkeley and is applying to a UC Berkeley Extension bootcamp, they will receive a $500 alumni discount.


UC Berkeley Boot Camp does not offer an income share agreement.

Loan Financing

Students at UC Berkeley are eligible to receive private loans through Sallie Mae.


Bootcamp students who can’t afford to pay for their course upfront may want to pay in installments instead. UC Berkeley Boot Camp offers a six-month zero-interest installments payment plan.

To do this, students must first pay a $1,000 deposit to secure a seat. The student will then make monthly payments of around $1,900 a month. This will vary based on the course the student has selected. The bootcamp also offers a 24-month, zero-interest payment plan.

Can You Use the GI Bill at UC Berkeley Boot Camp?

UC Berkeley does not accept the GI Bill. There is a chance that this will change, but students should not count on it.

What Courses Does UC Berkeley Offer?

UC Berkeley Boot Camp offers seven programs through its partnership with Trinity Education Services. These part-time courses cover a broad range of topics, including coding and more specialized offerings in fintech and technology project management.

Coding – In-Person | Online

UC Berkeley’s software engineering program starts with a seven-week prep course. When the official twelve-week program begins, students will begin learning full stack JavaScript web development techniques as they build their own interactive application.

The course utilizes teaching methods such as pair programming and group work so that students can practice Agile methodologies for software development.

After the course is finished, UC Berkeley’s career services department will help graduates navigate the job market through its extensive hiring network.

Data Analytics – In-Person | Online

This 24-week program teaches students how to organize and analyze data to make informed decisions. Students will learn statistics basics, Python programming, and database management tools. They will also study HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to use in front end web visualization. Near the end of the course, the curriculum deals with big data sets and machine learning.

By the end of this part-time course, students will be prepared to enter an entry-level data science or data analysis role.

UX/UI – In-Person | Online

The bootcamp’s UX/UI course covers all aspects of web design. Students will learn how to create appealing user interface prototypes using colors, typography, graphics, and interactive features. To do this, they will study programs like Github and Bootstrap, and coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In the user experience design portion of the course, students will learn about the research that goes into this aspect of web design. This includes identifying users’ needs, and storyboarding a prototype based on these findings.

Cybersecurity – In-Person | Online

This course teaches students cyber security through hands-on experience. Lessons include networking, cyber security, and ethical hacking. Near the beginning of the program, students will learn about risk management, vulnerability assessment, and how to protect cloud networks.

By the end, they will have plenty of practice protecting vulnerable systems and identifying any threats through ethical hacking software like Hashcat and Kali Linux.

Digital Marketing – In-Person | Online

In the digital marketing course, students will learn how to develop and monitor their own marketing campaigns. They’ll learn tools like Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, and WordPress.

The 18-week course begins with basics like brand building and content strategies, before getting into digital marketing topics like paid social media advertising, and how to measure and optimize content in your marketing campaigns.

Financial Technology – In-Person | Online

Students in this program will learn how to collect and analyze financial technology data. They will begin with financial fundamentals, and will quickly move on to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

A large portion of the program is spent on the possible applications of machine learning in finance. This includes algorithmic trading, linear regression, and forecasting. They will also learn how to organize financial data with Python, pandas, and PyViz.

Technology Project Management – In-Person | Online

This 18-week course will teach students how to lead a tech project in a variety of industries. Topics covered include process mapping, project management lifecycles, resource planning, and modern project execution methodologies like Agile and Scrum.

Students will learn how to use these methods along with project management software like Jira and Smartsheet. When the class ends, graduates will be prepared to take the Professional Scrum Master Level 1 Certificate test.

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Acceptance Rate

UC Berkeley Boot Camps has an acceptance rate of around 50 percent.

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Application Process

Thankfully, the application process for UC Berkeley is simple. Just follow the steps below.

  1. First, you should fill out the online application with your basic personal information.
  2. Then, you will be invited for a phone interview with a recruiter from UC Berkeley Extension.
  3. If you have applied to a technical course, such as the coding bootcamp, you will be asked to complete a technical quiz. If you applied to the coding bootcamp, this will be a 20-question quiz that lasts 40 minutes. If you pass your technical exam, you will be admitted. The technical assessment can be taken three times.
  4. Once you get in, UC Berkeley Extension Boot Camp will then confirm your payment option and allow you to enroll in your chosen course.

UC Berkeley Interview Questions

According to several accounts, UC Berkeley’s interview process lasts around an hour. A recruiter will call you to ask you some basic questions. Below are some of the topics that might come up during your discussion.

  • How extensive is your background in coding?
  • How much time can you commit to the bootcamp
  • Do you have dual monitors so that you can see your live classroom session while you work on the other screen?
  • Are you prepared for a career as a web developer?

How Can You Prepare for UC Berkeley Bootcamps?

Some courses at UC Berkeley require that you complete pre-work. This is particularly important in the courses that rely heavily on coding. Students must all start on the same level so that they can keep up with the curriculum.

The school also provides one hour of private tutoring per week to each student, so you could choose to use this hour to sit down with a tutor before your class begins.

Are the UC Berkeley Coding Boot Camp Worth It?

Yes. The bootcamp’s true purpose of existence is to provide a bridge from education to career. Students have tutors available to them throughout the bootcamp. The classrooms work in a team setting.

During class times, students work together as if they were in an office. Students receive a full six month of career training. Students also hear from the Career Director. Students do both mock and behavioral interviews. Students also work with UC officials for LinkedIn profile development, as well as resumes and cover letters.

UC Berkeley Boot Camp Job Placement

UC Berkeley bootcamp does not make its job placement rate public. However, the school does have a career services team that helps students get job-ready throughout their course.

They do this by holding one-on-one meetings with each student to see what their career goals are. Another key part of the process is resume reviews, mock interviews, and assisting students in preparing professional social media profiles.

Does UC Berkeley Boot Camp Offer a Job Guarantee?

Unfortunately, UC Berkeley does not offer a job guarantee for its graduates.

Should You Apply to UC Berkeley Boot Camp?

You should apply to UC Berkeley Extension Boot Camp if you are interested in a career in the subjects listed in the courses section above.

The school offers all of these courses on a part-time basis so that students from all walks of life can attend. UC Berkeley Extension also provides robust career services to its graduates, making sure they get the attention they need to find a job that suits them.

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