UCLA Extension Boot Camps Reviews and Complete Guide

UCLA is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the country. But many people might not know that it also has a tech bootcamp offering courses in coding, cyber security, and product management through UCLA Extension.

If you’re interested in acquiring the skills and knowledge to push your career to the next level, then this coding bootcamp may be the perfect fit for you. In this complete review of UCLA Extension Boot Camps, we’ll go over everything you need to get started.

What Do You Need to Know About UCLA Extension Boot Camps?

Today, the need for professionals and experts in the world of computer science is booming. UCLA Extension Boot Camps is working in collaboration with Trilogy Education Services to provide three coding bootcamps, open to beginners and veterans alike.

Programs Offered Coding, Cyber Security, Product Management
Location Los Angeles, Online
Tuition Coding: Part-Time, $11,495, Full-Time, $12,495
Cyber Security: Part-Time, $12,495
Product Management: Part-Time, $9,995
Financing Options Interest-Free Payment Plan, Scholarships, Early Registration
Start Dates Coding: Full-Time, May 5, Part-Time, April 7
Cyber Security: Part-Time, April 27
Product Management: Part-Time, May 19
Program Types Full-time, Part-time, Online

Where Are UCLA Extension Boot Camps Located?

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UCLA has several campuses and extensions scattered throughout Los Angeles, covering Westwood, Woodland Hills, and Downtown Los Angeles. For the health and safety of students, all of UCLA’s on-campus classes are now being taught in the virtual classroom format due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Much Is Tuition at UCLA Extension Boot Camps?

Part-time programs at UCLA Extension Boot Camps cost around $11,495, while students enrolled in full-time programs can expect to pay around $12,495. These rates are expected to change in the near future and can vary if you receive financial aid.

How Can You Pay UCLA Extension Boot Camps Tuition?

UCLA Extension provides several financing options. This includes interest-free payment plans, scholarships, and early registration discounts. It is strongly recommended that you look over your finances and speak with a financial planner before deciding how to pay for your course.

UCLA Extension Boot Camps Scholarships

Scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for your bootcamp. UCLA Extension offers a variety of scholarships. To find out if you qualify for any of these, you should contact the school.


With an income share agreement, students don’t have to pay their tuition until after they have been hired. However, UCLA Extension Boot Camps does not offer an ISA.


UCLA does not have any partnerships with loan providers. Still, students may secure a private loan to cover the cost of their tuition.


If you would prefer not to take out a loan, paying for your tuition in interest-free installments is a good alternative. With this option, you must first pay an initial deposit upfront. Then you will pay the remainder of your tuition cost on a monthly basis while completing your course.

Upfront Payment

Paying your full tuition upfront is the best choice, if you can afford it. UCLA Extension Boot Camps offers a discount for students who register early and pay their full tuition upfront. Since these courses fill up quickly, this is a good way to secure your spot for the upcoming start date.

Can You Use the GI Bill at UCLA Extension Boot Camps?

No, the GI Bill can’t be applied to UCLA Extension Boot Camps.

What Courses Does UCLA Extension Boot Camps Offer?

UCLA Extension offers courses for students seeking careers in coding, cyber security, or product management. You do not need to have tech experience or be a registered UCLA student to sign up for a course. All you need is a laptop, a stable WiFi connection, and a willingness to learn.

Coding – Online | Full-Time, Part-Time

The coding bootcamp at UCLA Extension will teach you how to become a full stack web developer in either 12 or 24 weeks.

In this fast-paced course, students will cover front end fundamentals, advanced front end frameworks, and data structures and algorithms. Graduates can expect to have a firm grasp of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, and several other programming languages and libraries.

Cybersecurity – Online | Part-Time

The Cybersecurity Boot Camp at UCLA Extension is a challenging but flexible part-time program. Students will take a multidisciplinary approach to learning all about IT, networking and information security. The curriculum covers many topics, from Windows administration to packet analysis and ethical hacking procedures.

Moreover, students will also gain experience with important tools such as Kali Linux, and will be eligible for certifications such as CEH and Network+ by the time they graduate.

Product Management – Online | Part-Time

The Product Management Boot Camp at UCLA Extension has been carefully crafted to ensure that graduates can pursue an exciting career in product creation and management. Through interactive online classes that use real-world applications, this 18-week course will leave you fully prepared for a career in product management.

This program is an excellent choice for engineers or researchers who want to learn how to solve problems that arise in a product’s development lifecycle.

How to Get Accepted Into UCLA Extension Boot Camps

UCLA Extension is for students of all levels who want to learn new skills or start a new career. As long as you are adequately prepared and eager to learn, you should be able to get accepted into the bootcamp.

Read on to see how you can increase your chances of getting in.

UCLA Extension Boot Camps Acceptance Rate

UCLA Extension has not made its acceptance rate public. However, because the courses were made for absolute beginners, it’s safe to say it is not difficult to gain admission.

UCLA Extension Boot Camps Application Process

The application process for the bootcamp is fairly easy. Below are some main tips and things you should know about the application process.

  1. As you prepare to apply, remember that background experience in the program of your choice isn’t necessary, but it can help you. Before you apply, you should read up on coding, cyber security, or product management basics.
  2. Next, you should fill out and submit an application form online.
  3. You will then be contacted by an adviser for an initial phone interview. In this interview, you’ll discuss your goals and your background. This is also your chance to ask questions to learn more about the program you’re interested in.
  4. If you pass the interview, you will be asked to complete a critical thinking and problem-solving assessment.
  5. UCLA Extension will contact you soon after the test to let you know if you’ve been accepted into the bootcamp.

UCLA Extension Boot Camps Interview Questions

Interviews can be daunting. However, the interview for UCLA Extension Boot Camps is not difficult. Below are some topics you may be asked about.

  • Your career goals
  • Why you’re interested in the program
  • Why you think you deserve a spot in the course
  • If you have any questions about the course to which you’re applying

How Can You Prepare for UCLA Extension Boot Camps?

  1. Pre-course tutorials – One of the best things about UCLA Extension Boot Camps is its pre-course tutorials. For the coding and cyber security bootcamps, you don’t need any prior experience. The pre-course tutorials will adequately prepare you for the course.
  2. Practice your interview – Even though your interview will be conducted by phone, this doesn’t mean it will be casual. You should practice speaking professionally and make sure you are able to clearly explain why you’re passionate about the course to which you’ve applied.
  3. Practice your critical thinking and problem-solving skills – As stated above, potential students must pass a basic assessment. To prepare, you can read up on course material, solve puzzles, or take basic skills tests online.
  4. Be committed – A bootcamp is a major commitment. Several online testimonials cite that their UCLA Extension Boot Camps program was hectic and fast-paced. To avoid being overwhelmed, you should work on your time management before your course begins.

Is UCLA Extension Boot Camps Worth It?

UCLA Extension has many benefits that make its courses worthwhile. Students who are overwhelmed by traditional forms of study will be pleased with its flexible, part-time programs.

Furthermore, UCLA Extension partners with Trilogy Education Services to create industry-standard curriculums, and only hires instructors with experience in tech. Students will also receive support from the school’s professional development services.

In general, graduates were particularly impressed with the quality of instruction and the volume of material covered. Another recurring highlight was the ample career support for graduates.

UCLA Extension Boot Camps Job Placement

UCLA Extension has not made its job placement rate public.

Does UCLA Extension Boot Camps Offer a Job Guarantee?

UCLA Extension does not offer a job guarantee. Even so, many graduates have spoken highly of the career services at UCLA Extension Boot Camps. According to online reviews, thanks to UCLA Extension’s connections with local companies, recruitment officers take a keen interest in students’ projects. Some even receive job offers before they graduate.

Should You Apply to UCLA Extension Boot Camps?

UCLA Extension Boot Camps is relatively new, but it is quickly gaining popularity in LA. This is due to its flexible yet intense programs, and the strong career services offered to students. Furthermore, students can choose several financing options, from scholarships to interest-free installments.

Bootcamps are a massive commitment, so it is important you determine if they are worth it for you. Once you have decided what topic you’re interested in, and what your goals are, you will be ready to apply for UCLA Extension Boot Camps.

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