Codeworks Reviews and Complete Guide

Codeworks is a software engineering and web development bootcamp with campuses in Europe and Canada. This technical training institute aims to turn its students into full stack developers ready for a programming career. In this Codeworks review, we’ll look at the courses offered, the financing options, and the application process.

What Do You Need to Know About Codeworks?

Codeworks is a coding bootcamp for aspiring software engineers. Through its programs, you will learn what it takes to become a full stack developer. The school mainly focuses on JavaScript, as this programming language runs smoothly on all browsers and servers.

Locations Barcelona, Berlin, London, Toronto
Tuition $6,300 – $11,875
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Student Loan, Pay When You Get a Job
Start Dates March 1, April 19
Program Types In-Person, Online
Courses Software Engineering Immersive, Web Development Immersive

Where Are Codeworks’ Campuses Located?

At present, Codeworks only offers remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it normally offers classes at its four global locations.

  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • London
  • Toronto
  • Online
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Each of these cities was chosen due to its growing tech industry and abundance of potential talent.

How Much Is the Tuition at Codeworks?

The tuition at Codeworks differs by course and whether you choose to study online. The Software Engineering Immersive costs $11,875 if attended in person, and $9,450 online. The Web Development Immersive costs $7,880 onsite, and $6,300 online.

How Can You Pay Codeworks Tuition?

Codeworks understands that not all of its students can afford to pay upfront. So, the school offers several other ways to pay for prospective students.

Upfront Payment

If you already have the money saved up, then you can pay for the course before it starts. With this payment method, you can also qualify for discounts if you pay early.

Student Loans

Codeworks has partnered with several companies to offer loans. Once you have been accepted to Codeworks, you’ll be informed of the repayment plans that are available. You can also find your own loan provider if you aren’t interested in the plans that the school offers.

Pay When You Get a Job

Instead of an income share agreement (ISA), Codeworks has a deferred payment option. You must still pay a deposit to secure your spot in the class. Then, after you graduate and secure a job, you will be required to start paying off your remaining balance.

What Courses Does Codeworks Offer?

Codeworks offers two courses, one in software engineering and one in web development. Each course is taught via online lectures and live learning sessions with a group.

To make it easy for you to attend these live sessions, Codeworks will only group you with students who are in a similar time zone.

Software Engineering Immersive – In-Person | Online

Through this 12-week course, you will learn how to build complex applications using JavaScript. This programming language is the basis for most websites, so it’s a key skill if you want to become a software engineer.

In this rigorous program, you will be studying six days a week. Topics covered include advanced JavaScript, backend and front-end frameworks, and how to make sure your software products are secure.

Codeworks understands the need to prepare its students for practical challenges, so its curriculum includes three main coding projects. These projects are your chance to apply what you have learned.

Web Development Immersive – In-Person | Online

This eight-week course covers some of the same subjects as the previously listed class. Students will learn what it takes to build full stack applications and become web developers.

The first three weeks are spent learning JavaScript, data structures, and networking, before moving on to lessons on front-end and backend web development. You will also learn how to test software and protect it from security threats. Some of the tools you will master in this program include Angular, React, Node, and Git.

How to Get Accepted into Codeworks

Codeworks only accepts students who are serious about finishing their course. The application process isn’t easy, and you will need to prepare for it.

Codeworks Acceptance Rate

Codeworks does not make its acceptance rate public, but it does claim to have a very difficult admissions process, and only allows 20 students per course. According to a 2017 report by Barcelona Startup News, Codeworks Barcelona has a 2 percent acceptance rate.

Codeworks Application Process

Codeworks follows an online application process that involves interviews and assignments. Below is a step-by-step breakdown of what you need to do to get in.

  1. Fill out the online application form and complete a four-week Admission Challenge. This remote work is meant to bring applicants with no prior coding knowledge up to speed on the basics.
  2. Once you have passed this challenge, you will be asked to attend a basic interview on your background, and why you’re interested in Codeworks.
  3. Then, you will attend a 30-minute technical interview to test your coding knowledge.
  4. If you pass both of these interviews, you’ll be given a coding assignment and will have a number of weeks to turn it in.
  5. If your work on the coding assignment satisfies the admissions team, you will be permitted to enroll in your chosen course.

Codeworks Interview Questions

The introductory interview at Codeworks involves some common bootcamp interview questions on the applicant’s background. However, the main focus is on coding.

The technical interview is not really about exchanging pleasantries. The assessors want to get to know you through your skills. Hence, it is important to study before you reach the interview rounds. Below are some topics that may be covered in your two interviews.

  • Your interest in Codeworks.
  • Your background in coding.
  • Technical questions to assess your problem-solving ability.

How Can You Prepare for Codeworks?

Codeworks offers a free course that can help you prepare for its immersive courses. The course covers JavaScript since it’s the primary language used at Codeworks.

  • Intro to JavaScript – This course is a great way to brush up on coding basics. It is self-paced and takes between 10 to 20 hours to complete. It covers all the JavaScript fundamentals, including syntax, variables, and control flows.

Is Codeworks Worth It?

Codeworks has had more than 350 graduates, and the school carefully monitors these students to make sure they are successful in starting their careers in tech.

Codeworks Job Placement

According to Codework’s January 2021 data, the school has close to a 100 percent hiring rate. Because Codeworks is known for its intense programs, most of its graduates enjoy a salary that is 12 percent higher than the industry standard.

Does Codework Offer a Job Guarantee?

Codeworks does not offer a job guarantee, but it does help former students find a job that suits their interests. So far, 98 percent of the school’s graduates have found a job in software engineering.

Should You Apply to Codeworks?

Applying to Codeworks is a rigorous process. You will go through two interviews and lots of prep work that will really challenge your coding ability. You must be prepared for this difficult assessment stage, and you should already have some experience with JavaScript before you apply.

One of the benefits of Codeworks is that it will help you develop skills that you’ll need in your professional programming career. Your job search should be smooth, and you’ll be able to find a career that satisfies your goals.

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