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Best Coding Apps for Beginners to Learn to Code for Free in 2021

If you have a little bit of time on your hands and are looking to pick up a new skill, you should consider learning how to code. One of the main reasons why people are learning coding is because of the numerous job opportunities that come with programming skills. 

There has never been an easier time in history to learn new skills. But figuring out where to start is usually the hardest part for most aspiring programmers. For this reason, we’ve come up with an article featuring our favorite coding apps for beginners. This article will also cover how to learn to code for free. 

What Are Coding Apps?

Coding apps are educational tools used by aspiring programmers or developers to learn to code. Some people might not always find the time or resources to attend a coding class; coding apps offer a great alternative to teach students more about coding. 

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There are tons of learning resources available online, but coding apps are ideal for beginners or slightly advanced learners. With these apps, you can practice coding every day, which is important to master this skill. You can use a coding app to study basic and advanced concepts in coding.

Benefits of Learning to Code

There are plenty of benefits that come with learning to code. For one, learning how to code increases your marketability when looking for jobs. Demand for coding-related jobs has been gradually increasing over the past few decades. 

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that the demand for software developers will increase by 22 percent over the next decade, which is significantly higher than the average demand for other occupations.  

Learning to code also increases your chances of landing a job with a high salary and benefits. Software developers in the United States earn approximately $110,140 per year ($52.95 per hour). Plus, coding-related jobs offer great flexibility as there are many career options that you could pursue after learning to code. 

Best Programming Languages to Learn

There are many programming languages that you could learn today. These languages are always evolving, creating more programming languages in the process. As a result, demand for each language waxes and wanes so the most popular ones tend to change.

To avoid picking up outdated coding skills, consider the best programming languages listed below. They will help you increase your chances of a successful career in coding. 


Python is a popular programming language used in software development to create web applications and connect database systems. Python’s simple and easy-to-learn syntax has made it a popular choice for developers when writing programs.  

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework commonly used to build modern web applications. It is free to use and any developer can contribute to its development. Popular web applications built with Ruby on Rails include Hulu, Twitch, and SoundCloud. 


JavaScript is a programming language designed to help developers enhance web pages by making them more interactive and engaging. In combination with HTML and CSS, JavaScript can be used to calculate, manipulate, and validate data. 


Java is one of the oldest and most popular programming languages used for developing games, database connections, and web applications. It works on just about all operating systems including Windows and macOS.

Java is easy to learn, simple to use, free, and open-source. It is supported by millions of developers worldwide. 


C# is an object-oriented programming language used by developers to build a wide range of applications and software components from desktop applications to web services in the .NET ecosystem. It is a popular choice for many developers as it helps create robust and durable applications. 

15 Best Coding Apps for Beginners 

Many apps are available for Android and iOS users. Here are 15 of the best coding apps for beginners including programming apps to help you on your learning path. 


Grasshopper is a top coding app designed for beginners with little to no background in programming. It is a fun way to learn to code with coding games. Grasshopper was created by a team of developers from Google and focuses on teaching students the basics of JavaScript. 

This app will also teach you the basics of programming languages like HTML and CSS, and how they are combined to create the ideal web page. This app will also teach you how to use code editors and create animations.

Due to the app’s play-based learning approach, there is little room for boredom. The students are required to complete coding games and exercises set up like puzzles. The exercises are short and interactive. 


According to their official website, Mimo has over 10 million downloads, making it one of the most popular coding apps worldwide. With a friendly interface, the app is designed to help students learn to code using a daily routine that only takes a few minutes. Here, you can learn popular programming languages like Python, JavaScript, SQL, and HTML. 

The app lessons and exercises are designed to help you squeeze in a few coding lessons every day. This is a great option for any student with a busy schedule. You also get to experiment with examples and write and run your own code. 

Programming Hub

Are you interested in mastering HTML, JavaScript, Python, and Java through play-based learning? Then consider Programming Hub, which is designed to help you become an expert in coding. The app was developed in collaboration with experts from Google to deliver the ideal learning experience. 

Programming Hub is a fun and interactive way to learn to code. The lessons and exercises are carefully designed to accommodate those with busy schedules with bite-sized lessons. You will learn quickly and more efficiently. 

Features of the app include audio learning, interactive quizzes and puzzles, visual illustrations, and verified certificates upon completion of each course. These certificates can be used in resumes and LinkedIn profiles. 


SoloLearn has one of the world’s largest collections of free learning material which can help you elevate your skills from beginner to pro. You can learn just about all programming languages on this free coding app including Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. But first, the application will introduce you to basic coding concepts to get you started. 

The app features a ton of practice questions and quizzes to help you improve on a daily basis. Not only that, but the content has been broken down and simplified for students to learn fast. App users can always consult with others if they get stuck as SoloLearn gives you access to a huge community of online developers.


With over 500,000 downloads on Google’s Play store, Encode is a popular choice for most coding newbies. This attractive coding app focuses on teaching you how to code by yourself from the very beginning. 

Encode, like many top coding apps, has broken down tough coding concepts into bite-sized lessons. This allows those on a busy schedule to find a few minutes every day to learn to code efficiently. This app also allows learners to test their understanding through mini coding challenges with real-world examples. Encode is available for both online and offline use.


Enki is a popular coding app, downloaded over a million times on Google’s Play store. This app has a huge library of coding topics so that you can improve your coding skills. Enki utilizes sophisticated artificial intelligence to deliver an enjoyable learning experience. Through this app, you can learn in-demand coding languages including SQL, JavaScript, and Python.

You’ll enjoy a flexible learning experience, meaning you can tailor the curriculum to match what you want to learn. Not only that, but concepts are broken down into small lessons to make them more riveting. The app starts with an introduction to programming and tests your understanding of each lesson with challenging quizzes.


CodeHub is one of the few apps that offer coding lessons in languages other than English. This app focuses on web development as students learn only HTML and CSS. The app also helps you work on your problem-solving skills through intuitive puzzles and quizzes. 

Lessons are divided into small units for easy and quick learning. If you find yourself stuck, you can use the app’s messaging feature to seek clarification from other learners.

Programming Hero

With over 500,000 downloads on Google’s Play store, Programming Hero is a popular choice for many aspiring developers. Unlike most apps featured in this article, Programming Hero focuses on teaching its users how to write actual code for games. In a short time, you’ll have the skills to start coding your own interactive games.  

The app also teaches programming fundamentals with lessons on Python, JavaScript, and HTML. Programming Hero uses fun and interactive quizzes to guarantee learners have a good time while studying.


Are you looking to learn web development or data science? If so, we recommend downloading Codecademy. With over 500,000 downloads on Google’s Play store, Codecademy is a popular choice for aspiring computer programmers. 

This app has many features to keep you focused while learning. For instance, the app tracks your progress, including the number of days that you have logged in. Codecademy also has a “practice on the go” feature, which breaks lessons down into small, easy-to-consume units for those with busy schedules. 

Learn Java

This app is designed to help aspiring programmers learn Java, one of the most popular programming languages, fast and effectively. The app has 64 lessons covering Java basics, conditional statements, loops, arrays, and threads. There are also more advanced lessons that go into exception handling and encapsulation, among other topics. 

The app is designed like a game that keeps rewarding you and unlocking new information as you climb through the ranks. You also get to see how fellow students are doing in an online community linked through the app. In sum, this is a great app for Java learners of all skill levels.


Dcoder is a mobile coding app that allows users to run projects and learn algorithms. The app is suited for all skill levels. Among other features, you’ll learn how to use a code editor and the terminal to run commands.  

Just like most apps on this list, Dcoder is designed to function like a game that allows you to test your coding skills against your peers worldwide. However, beginners might find this free app too challenging. 

Master Coding 

Are you looking to learn more about the Android operating systems, Java, and Kotlin? Consider Master Coding, which features over 400 coding lessons and explanations. This app also features programming exercises that include related questions and their answers. 

The lessons are very short, so you can always take a few minutes off your busy schedule to learn how to code. From video tutorials to night mode, the app has a lot of useful features aimed at delivering a great learning experience. Master Coding also features a community of developers that can help you when you find yourself stuck.

Learn C++

Learn C++ is part of a line of products from SoloLearn, who also features on this list. Learn C++ focuses on helping students learn C++. This app is packed full of tutorials, starting with the basics of this popular programming language. 

Just like most apps on this list, Learn C++ also has quizzes to test your knowledge at every step of the way. You can also use the app to challenge your fellow peers in exercises that test your understanding of C++. This app can be used by coders of all skill levels.

Learn HTML

Learn HTML is an app developed by Codecademy, a company already featured in this article. HTML is a simple and easy-to-learn language that is essential in the web development process. 

The Learn HTML app has over 50 classes loaded with explanations that can be accessed offline. The app is easy to navigate and use, adding to the great learning experience. You also get a certification of completion when you finish this short mobile course. 

How to Develop Your Programming Skills

Mom and daughter learning visual programming Best Coding Apps for Beginners
You can find coding apps for students of all levels

Apps are a great way to learn to program. Most coding apps are designed to allow students to study by themselves anywhere, anytime. However, to become a professional developer, it would be best to consider other options. For instance, enrolling in online coding bootcamp classes could effectively help you gain the necessary skills in a shorter time. 

You could also enroll in coding classes offered by a college or university, which often award certificates to students. These certificates significantly increase your chances of landing a job because most employers prefer candidates with such credentials. 

At the end of the day, however, the most important thing you can do to develop advanced coding skills is to accumulate actual coding experience. The old adage “practice makes perfect” rings particularly true when it comes to coding. No matter which learning path you choose, remember to set some time aside each day to practice.

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