Fullstack Academy Reviews and Complete Guide

Fullstack Academy is a coding bootcamp for people who want to secure a career in software engineering, full stack development, or cyber security.

But, is Fullstack Academy the right coding bootcamp for you? We’ll find out as we review what this institute has to offer in our Fullstack Academy review below.

What Do You Need to Know About Fullstack Academy?

Fullstack Academy is an on-campus and online bootcamp that teaches students the skills they need to start a career in tech. The school is a good fit for both newbies and experienced coders. It even offers prep courses to ease students into the learning process.

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Full-time and part-time courses are available in software engineering, data science, and cyber security.

Locations Chicago, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, New York City, San Diego, New Orleans, San Luis Obispo
Tuition $13,980 – $17,910


Income Share Agreement (ISA), Private Loan, Scholarships, Upfront Payment
Start Dates Rolling Start Dates
Program Types Online, Full-time, Part-time
Courses Software Engineering, Data Science, Cyber Security Analytics, Cyber Security Engineering

Where Are Fullstack Academy’s Campuses Located?

Fullstack Academy has locations in several US cities. Some campuses teach special courses that aren’t available online.

  • Chicago
  • Baton Rouge
  • Jacksonville
  • Los Angeles
  • New Orleans
  • New York City
  • San Diego
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Online

Currently, all courses are being taught remotely due to COVID-19, but the school has plans to return to in-person learning. Also, note that the New York and Chicago campuses have suspended some courses due to the pandemic.

How Much Is Tuition at Fullstack Academy?

The tuition for this bootcamp varies depending on the location and the program. For instance, full-time students at the Chicago campus pay $15,910, while those in New York pay $17,910.

For part-time courses, Chicago and New York City students pay $13,980 and $15,980, respectively. Online courses also have different prices.

How Can You Pay Fullstack Academy Tuition?

Fullstack Academy has an impressive list of financing options for its students. It offers income share agreements, private loans, and scholarships.

Fullstack Academy Scholarships

This coding bootcamp has scholarships for both women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and veterans.

Also, gender-nonconforming applicants and LGBTQ+ women are eligible for a scholarship covering half of their tuition. Other women-identifying students who pay upfront can receive a $1,000 scholarship.

There are also some discounts offered for specific courses. Students in the part-time flex coding course in New York can apply for a $1,000 scholarship, as can those attending the Software Engineering Immersive in Chicago and New York.


Fullstack Academy’s income share agreement involves waiving the upfront tuition payment and requiring students to pay back the cost of the course only after they have landed a well-paid job. At that point, the graduate will be required to make monthly payments of a certain percentage of their salary.

Loan Financing

Fullstack Academy has a loan financing in partnership with the lending service Ascent Funding. It offers several loan options and repayment plans. The loan terms and interest rates will depend largely on the credit history of the applicant.


When paying in installments, the student will make a deposit before their course starts. Then, the remainder of the tuition will be paid in smaller pieces each month.

Can You Use the GI Bill at Fullstack Academy?

Fullstack Academy does not accept the GI Bill, but it does provide discounts to veterans via the VET TEC program. Veterans who still have one day of unexpired GI Bill entitlement can apply to VET TEC.

What Courses Does Fullstack Academy Offer?

Fullstack Academy offers 24 courses for students seeking careers in cyber security, software engineering, or web development. The programs are mostly at the intermediate level. However, those with no coding experience can still catch up by taking advantage of prep courses to get familiar with basic computer science concepts.

Full-Time Software Engineering Immersive – In-Person | Online

This course teaches cutting-edge software development technologies. The goal is to prepare students for roles as software engineers at top tech firms. The curriculum focuses on JavaScript, and teaches students how to use the language along with programs like Postgres, React.js, and Node.js to build interactive websites.

Part-Time Flex Immersive – Online | In-Person

This course can either be attended online or in-person. The curriculum covers HTML, CSS, web development, advanced JavaScript closure, and recursion. It also introduces students to front end and backend development, and how prototypal inheritance works with JavaScript.

Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp – In-Person

The curriculum for this full-time or part-time course includes technical training on simulated cyber attacks and lessons based on current trends in cyber security. By the time they graduate, students will be prepared for a role as a penetration tester or security analyst.

Web Development Fellowship – In-Person

Students in this program go on to take up tech roles as security engineers, cyber security analysts, and cyber threat analysts. During the course, they will study threat modeling, testing methodology, and how to conduct vulnerability scans. They will do this using tools like Command Line, Kali, Linux, Python, and Nmap.

Summer of Code – In-Person

This coding education program is one of a kind. It is designed for college students who want to learn real-world coding skills to supplement their traditional education. They will build impressive portfolios in the process.

Cal Poly Extended Ed Coding Bootcamp – Online

This program is a partnership between Fullstack Academy and the California Polytechnic State University. It is a beginner-friendly course with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Redux, React.js, and GitHub as the main focus. At the end of this course, students will have completed several projects for their portfolio which they will use in their job search.

Cal Poly Extended Ed Cyber Bootcamp – Online

This 26-week program offered via the California Polytechnic State University is beginner-friendly and teaches students the skills they need to start a career in cyber security. It focuses on important tactics, methods, and tools for a cyber security career. Some include Command Line Input, Linux and Python, vulnerability discovery, pen testing methodology, and threat modeling.

Louisiana State University Coding Bootcamp – Online

This coding course offered by Full Stack Academy in partnership with LSU’s continuing education department is beginner-friendly. It covers CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and GitHub. It is similar to the course offered at Cal Poly.

How to Get Accepted Into Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy is a tough coding bootcamp to get into. The acceptance rate is quite low. The school encourages potential applicants to read up on the basics of programming before they apply. It also offers prep courses to help students figure out which program they would like to attend.

Fullstack Academy Acceptance Rate

Fullstack Academy has an acceptance rate of around eight percent.

Fullstack Academy Application Process

The application process for Fullstack Academy is simple. It includes an application, assessment, and interview.

  1. Learn computer science concepts.
  2. Complete the application on Fullstack Academy’s website. This should take about 30 minutes.
  3. After you have applied, complete the online assessment. This involves five coding challenges and takes 75 minutes.
  4. If you pass the test, you will move on to the interview. The interview is conducted on Skype by a Fullstack Academy instructor. It is a technical and behavioral interview.
  5. If you are successful, the admissions team will contact you.

Fullstack Academy Interview Questions

Fullstack Academy’s interview covers a variety of topics to determine whether a potential student will fit in at the school. The questions will be related to your personality and your skills. Some possible coding bootcamp interview questions include the following.

  • Why do you want to become a software engineer?
  • Have you attended any other coding schools?
  • Coding experience
  • Problem-solving questions

How Can You Prepare for Fullstack Academy?

Like many other coding bootcamps, Fullstack Academy requires some pre-work. Below are some of the institute’s bootcamp prep courses that will help students ease into their curriculum.

  1. Intro to Coding – This prep course includes workshops, lectures, coding challenges, pair programming, and a final project.
  2. Bootcamp Prep in a Week – This course teaches programming fundamentals. Students will learn how to use languages like JavaScript to solve coding problems.
  3. Bootcamp Prep in a Month – This course also teaches programming fundamentals, but it is more geared toward people who already have some programming experience.
  4. Hacking 101 – This self-paced course is an introduction to cyber security. By taking it, students can determine if this is a good career path to consider.
  5. Cyber On-Ramp – This online course focuses on the basics of Linux Command Line.

Is Fullstack Academy Worth It?

Fullstack Academy has a lot of immersive course options with flexible schedules. If you want a program that will prepare you for a career in tech, Fullstack Academy is worth it.

The coding bootcamp has a lot to offer, but it still lacks courses in data science and digital marketing. If you are considering a career in those areas, you may need to look elsewhere.

Fullstack Academy Job Placement

Over 97 percent of Fullstack Academy students land a job within 180 days of graduation working with top tech firms around the country. The school achieves these impressive results by arming its graduates with in-demand skills.

Does Fullstack Academy Offer a Job Guarantee?

Fullstack Academy doesn’t offer a job guarantee. This means students who are not hired into a tech job after graduation will not receive a refund on tuition.

Should You Apply to Fullstack Academy?

Fullstack Academy is among the top-rated bootcamps in the US. The acceptance rate is low, but it has one of the highest job placement rates. The tech training institute also has some impressive scholarships to make tuition more affordable.

If you want to switch to tech, one of these intensive programs with part-time and self-paced options is a good jumping-off point.

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