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Advance Your Career with These Coding Bootcamp Interview Questions

A new career in technology is calling out to you. You’ve explored job opportunities and the variety of fields that this versatile and growing industry offers. Now, it’s just a matter of passing the interview. With our coding bootcamp interview questions, you can prepare your answers ahead of time.

Coding bootcamp programs are increasing in popularity. They are a great way for you to nurture your skills in a hands-on and practical environment. They can lead you to a tech career of significant growth. In many cases, coding bootcamp graduates find instant employment.

There are a lot of opportunities for bootcamps, each offering something of value to students like you. From in-person intensive programs or all online coursework, you can find a coding bootcamp that meets your needs. No matter what your situation may be, the right bootcamp can get you to where you want to be with a new career.

The Coding Bootcamp Interview

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Once you’ve done your research and settled on your bootcamp of choice, a key step in most application processes is the interview. Just like with a job application, college admission, or other hiring processes, an interview for a bootcamp helps you move forward toward your goals.

But, an interview is no reason to be nervous. With the right preparation and planning, you can excel in your interview with the opportunity to showcase your skills and passion for technology. Whether you’ve got an interview date set on your calendar or are still searching, now is a great time to start preparing. This important conversation is vital to you being accepted into your dream coding bootcamp.

This guide is to help you get started in preparing and growing in confidence. We share some of the top technical and non-technical questions you can expect to answer. We also offer some great interview tips to increase your chances of getting into your dream coding bootcamp.

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A bootcamp interview often involves technical and non-technical questions that you should be ready to answer.

Technical Coding Bootcamp Interview Questions 

A key component of your coding bootcamp interview is assessing your technical competence. The purpose of you going to a coding bootcamp is to advance your skills. However, it’s also important to have an initial foundation of coding familiarity. Here are some questions you might be asked during your coding bootcamp interview that relate to your coding experience.

Complete a Coding Challenge

A common way for the admissions team to determine your skill level with coding is through a coding challenge. While not all code schools have this requirement, it’s helpful to have basic skills as this may increase your chances of being admitted.

Go to your coding bootcamp and see if they have any introductory courses in coding. Many of them offer free coding resources. If you’re new to coding, don’t worry. You don’t need to be an expert for acceptance.

What’s Your Experience with Coding?

Coding involves a lot of components. Whether you’ve got a few years of experience navigating various programming languages or are brand new to the field, your interviewers would want to know. They need to determine how this program can help you advance in your personal and professional goals. If this question pops up, answer honestly and illustrate your proficiency in simple, short sentences.

Non-Technical Coding Bootcamp Interview Questions

In addition to technical interview questions, you can also expect to answer some non-technical questions during your interview. These questions tend to align more with who you are as a person and whether you and your goals align with the program well. Here are just a few of the non-technical questions you can prepare for.

Tell Me About Yourself

This is a standard interview question. It invites you to respond with your pitch about who you are, your key accomplishments, and where you aspire to grow your career.

Be sure to keep this response succinct and focused on the conversation at hand. Spend this time reviewing some relevant experiences in your career or other projects you’ve worked on. Make sure they pertain to your aspirations in technology and coding.

What Motivates You to Pursue Coding?

Regardless of your experience in coding, your prospective coding bootcamp wants to hear what inspires and motivates you to pursue a certain tech field. It’s somewhat easy to teach someone programming languages but not as easy to teach motivation and perseverance. Sharing your career goals or what motivates you to pursue your chosen career path is something that will intrigue your interviewers.

What Experiences Do You Have Leading or Working in Teams?

Contrary to what many may think, careers in technology require a great deal of teamwork and interpersonal communication skills. Use this question to showcase past examples of leading others through projects or working together to accomplish a goal. Whether that’s through a sports team, a project at work, or another team environment, highlight your ability and willingness to collaborate and help others.

Coding Bootcamp Interview Tips and Advice

Technology and coding are often not for the faint of heart. But with your tenacity and dedication, an interview is just one step forward toward accomplishing your goal. Remember what you’ve set out to do and why you’re doing it. Here are some additional tips and advice to ace your coding bootcamp interview.

Be Confident But Humble

In interviews, there’s often a fine line between confidence and bragging. As you talk about your skills and experiences, be confident about what you’ve accomplished and where you aspire to go. But remember to discuss such accomplishments through a lens of humility and teamwork to promote a positive impression.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

You can have all the coding experience and aspirations in the world, but it’s important to communicate that in your interview. By spending time preparing and rehearsing key questions like these, you can advance in your interview with confidence as you pursue your career goals. With the right preparation, you’ll be set for success in your coding bootcamp interview and beyond.

Ask Your Interviewer Questions

Make sure to have a list of questions to ask your interviewer. Show them you’re interested in the Bootcamp and what the experience can do for your career. Some common questions to ask your interviewer include the following:

  1. Who are the instructors and what is their experience?
  2. What level of coding knowledge is needed before the first day of class?
  3. What career services are available to help students after graduation?
  4. What hiring partners do you have, if any?
  5. What are financing/scholarship options available?
  6. Do you have a job guarantee?
  7. What is the curriculum like?
  8. What is your job placement rate?

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