Codesmith Reviews and Complete Guide

Codesmith offers comprehensive online programs for students seeking a career in software engineering. While the school has two campuses, all classes are currently being held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This Codesmith review will highlight the school’s top offerings as well as all the details you need to know about this online coding bootcamp.

What Do You Need to Know about Codesmith?

Codesmith is an online coding bootcamp that prepares students for a career in software engineering. The curriculum focuses on computer science and full stack JavaScript development.

On top of its bootcamps, it offers introductory and prep courses, both of which are available onsite and online. Within 12 weeks, students will be prepared to take on mid- or senior-level jobs in various tech fields.

Locations New York City, Los Angeles, Online
Tuition $19,350
Financing Options Private Loans, Scholarships, Upfront Payment, Monthly Installments
Start Dates February 1st
Program Types Online, Full-Time, Part-Time
Courses Software Engineering Immersive

Where Are Codesmith’s Campuses Located?

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Codesmith is located in two major cities in the United States. Originally, some courses were available on-campus only. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, all courses are only available online.

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles

All campus locations have high job placement rates and most graduates find rewarding jobs at the end of the program.

How Much Is Tuition at Codesmith?

The price for tuition at Codesmith differs depending on the course and schedule chosen. The full-time, onsite software engineering immersive program costs $18,800, while the full-time software engineering immersive course is slightly more expensive at $19,350.

Scholarships and other financing factors can also affect the cost of tuition.

How Can You Pay Codesmith Tuition?

Codesmith offers many viable financing options, including scholarships and loan financing.

Codesmith Scholarships

Codesmith offers an array of coding bootcamp scholarships. Its scholarships focus specifically on underrepresented people in the tech industry, including women, minorities, and LGBTQ individuals.

You should be aware, however, that certain eligibility criteria must be met to qualify for a scholarship. The eligibility criteria are based on a combination of interview performance and application scores. Only accepted students will be considered for a scholarship.

Students must submit scholarship applications 14 days before the start date of the program.


Some coding bootcamps offer Income Share Agreements (ISAs), which allow students to study first and pay later. Students attend the program at a discounted rate and only have to pay after they successfully secure a job.

Codesmith, however, does not offer ISAs to its students. Students must either make an upfront payment or consider other means of financing the tuition.

Loan Financing

Codesmith offers loan financing via its finance partner Skills Fund. Skills Fund provides both multi-year and short-term loans to Codesmith students. On top of loans covering the full tuition, Skills Fund also allows students to borrow for living expenses.

Skills Fund offers flexible repayment options and students don’t need to start repaying the loan until they graduate.


Codesmith offers installment payment options to its students. With this payment plan, tuition is broken down into smaller monthly payments.

After passing the interview, you will be expected to pay a deposit to secure your seat in the class. After the initial deposit, you will need to pay three monthly installments to complete the payment. Full payment is due before the program starts.

Can You Use the GI Bill at Codesmith?

Codesmith does not accept the GI Bill. Although the school does not accept assistance from the GI Bill, it does offer a special scholarship to assist veterans.

What Courses Does Codesmith Offer?

Codesmith offers immersive courses focused on software engineering. Its programs are aimed at driven students who want to improve their coding skills and secure mid- or senior-level roles in the tech industry.

Beginners are also welcome to apply, but they will need to take the prep courses before they can attend the bootcamp. All applicants must have a high school diploma.

Full-Time Remote Software Engineering Immersive – Online

This program teaches computer science and full stack JavaScript development. It is designed for students who want to become software engineers. The curriculum is designed to immerse students in modern web technologies like Node.js and React, while also preparing them for future advancements in the ever-changing tech industry.

Part-Time Remote Software Engineering Immersive – Online

This part-time, fully online course teaches students the same curriculum as the full-time course. The focus here is on learning frameworks like MySQL, AngularJS, MongoDB, and HTML.

Additionally, the course covers Git, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, DevOps, Express.js, React.js, Algorithms, and Linux. And finally, students also learn about data structures, mobile security, Scrum, Node.js, SQL, Python, GitHub, and machine learning.

How to Get Accepted into Codesmith

While Codesmith has a low acceptance rate, it’s definitely not impossible to get into. The school will accept driven students who want an immersive coding program. It also offers prep courses to help beginner students learn the necessary skills before attending the bootcamp.

Codesmith Acceptance Rate

Codesmith has an acceptance rate of 5 percent.

Codesmith Application Process

Codesmith’s application can be a bit complicated. The process involves completing questions about your coding experience as well as completing a coding challenge. Many students do not pass the coding challenge on the first try. However, many are successful on the second attempt.

Applicants who attend a free online workshop to learn JavaScript can get a special admission code to guarantee them an interview and fast-track the application.

  1. Apply online and prepare for a coding challenge.
  2. Complete the online coding challenge.
  3. Attend the non-technical interview with a member of the Codesmith admissions team.
  4. Attend the technical, problem-solving interview. This interview is focused on JavaScript questions.
  5. If you perform well on all of these steps, you will be accepted.

Codesmith Interview Questions

Codesmith’s interview is tough. While the process isn’t easy, if you prepare answers to typical bootcamp interview questions, you’ll do better. Below are some potential questions you can expect in a Codesmith interview.

  • Analytical problem-solving questions. Essentially how you solve problems with code.
  • How do you support others during long and tough work hours?
  • How do you communicate your code to non-technical team members?
  • What is your JavaScript experience?
  • How do you debug and take feedback as a software engineer?

How Can You Prepare for Codesmith?

Prep courses are integral components of many bootcamps. They help students get familiar with coding. Codesmith offers its prep courses for this very reason. Below are some of the prep courses available at Codesmith.

  1. JavaScript for Beginners – This prep course helps students understand programming basics. The focus is on the tools that help them prepare for a more complex course.
  2. CS Prep – This prep course lasts for two weeks. It covers JavaScript concepts, technical communication, and engineering best practices. It also includes daily problem-solving workshops, live online instruction, and access to a coding community.

Is Codesmith Worth It?

Codesmith is a software engineering bootcamp with a lot to offer. People looking for a career in software engineering can benefit from this bootcamp. Codesmith is worth it if you want to learn to code online in an immersive training program with all the perks of an onsite school.

This coding bootcamp might fall short, however, in terms of its course offerings. It does not offer other programs in high-demand fields like digital marketing, data science, UX and UI design, and project management. If you prefer any of these courses, then Codesmith may not be worth it for you.

Codesmith Job Placement

Approximately 86.8 percent of graduates from the New York City campus find a job within three months of graduation. At the Los Angeles campus, meanwhile, about 80.6 percent of graduates secure a job in a tech firm within three months.

The median annual salary for NYC graduates is $120,000 and Los Angeles graduates receive a starting salary of $115,000. The school can achieve such results by providing a curriculum that teaches in-demand skills in the industry.

Students will have access to career services and hiring support including practice interview sessions, mock technical interviews, and resume optimization. The career services team continues to offer support for Codesmith grads even after graduation.

Does Codesmith Offer a Job Guarantee?

Codesmith doesn’t offer a job guarantee, although it does provide hiring support. Students will not be eligible for a waiver or refund of tuition if they do not land a rewarding job within a certain period.

Should You Apply to Codesmith?

Codesmith is a popular New York- and Los Angeles-based coding bootcamp. It might only have a five percent acceptance rate, but it also has a whopping 86.8 percent job placement rate. The school offers flexible financing options to reduce the applicant’s financial burden as well as post-graduation job support services.

You should apply to Codesmith if you’re looking for an immersive program that will lead to a career in software engineering.

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