DigitalCrafts Reviews and Complete Guide

Are you ready to become a web developer? Do you want to master front-end, backend, and full stack development? Coding bootcamps are an excellent way to immerse yourself in the knowledge you need to succeed in the real world.

DigitalCrafts, a coding bootcamp specializing in full stack web development, is a great option. Read below to find out more about DigitalCrafts and how it can get you your dream web development job.

What Do You Need to Know about DigitalCrafts?

DigitalCrafts is a coding bootcamp that offers a full-time or part-time immersive course in web development. This covers front-end, backend, and full stack web development. The curriculum includes data analytics, software development, and programming languages.

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With DigitalCrafts, you can go from beginner to expert in as little as 16 weeks. The course can teach you Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and other real-world web tools. If you want to build a career in web development, this is a great place to start.

Locations Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Tampa, Online
Tuition Full-time: $14,950, Part-time: $9,950
Financing Options Loan Financing, Scholarships, Upfront Payment, Installments
Start Dates Rolling start dates
Program Types Online, Full-Time, Part-Time
Courses Web Development

Where Are DigitalCrafts’ Campuses Located?

You can attend DigitalCrafts in various locations. If you live in the American South or Pacific Northwest, you have the added benefit of campus access. However, DigitalCraft’s new, highly-rated online program lets you take the course from all over the world.

  • Atlanta
  • Houston
  • Seattle
  • Tampa
  • Online

How Much Is Tuition at DigitalCrafts?

The full-time web development immersive bootcamp costs $14,950, and the part-time option costs $9,950. These prices are identical to their online equivalents.

How Can You Pay DigitalCrafts Tuition?

There are a few ways to pay for your bootcamp education. DigitalCrafts offers many scholarships and other flexible tuition options to help you on your journey. Read about them below to see which one works for you.

Upfront Payment

Upfront payment is the most straightforward way to pay for a coding bootcamp. If you have the means to do so, you can pay for your program before it even starts. This allows you to dive right into both the immersive bootcamp and flex program.

DigitalCrafts Scholarships

A great way to pay for a program is a coding bootcamp scholarship. DigitalCrafts offers the You Belong In Tech Scholarship, which was created to help serve underrepresented communities. You can win $1,500 off the immersive bootcamp and $1,000 off of the flex program.

DigitalCrafts also offers the Builder Scholarship for those with inspiring backgrounds. For this option, you must meet specific criteria and get approved by a DigitalCrafts committee.

Loan Financing

Loan financing is a helpful way to pay for your tuition. DigitalCrafts uses its partners, Sallie Mae and SkillsFund, to help you finance loans. Sallie Mae offers five-to-15-year options, and SkillsFund offers three-to-five-year options. However, you can use other local banks or financial institutions.


Installments are an easy traditional way to pay for tuition. Instead of all at once, installment payment plans can help you pay your tuition over a short period of time. If you attend the flex program, you can pay your tuition over 26 weeks. This is a good option if you can’t afford to pay upfront but still want to get your payments out of the way.

Can You Use the GI Bill at DigitalCrafts?

Yes, at DigitalCrafts, qualified veterans and the family members of veterans use the GI Bill. However, DigitalCrafts students can only receive GI Bill benefits in Atlanta. DigitalCrafts is working on extending GI Bill eligibility to its other locations.

What Courses Does DigitalCrafts Offer?

DigitalCrafts offers one full stack web development course, which you can take full-time or part-time. Instead of covering many topics, DigitalCrafts has one specialized course. This means you’re getting the best web development education possible. Read below to find out more about this program.

Web Development – In-Person | Online

DigitalCrafts offers two versions of its full stack web development program: the immersive bootcamp (full-time) and the flex program (part-time). The curriculum for both options is the same. The course is aimed at training up new software engineers and web developers. You’ll take various modules to learn about the industry and the skills you’ll need to succeed.

For the full-time option, you’ll learn from 9 am to 4 pm. While it may be intensive, you will thoroughly learn the material quickly. The flex program is, as the name suggests, more flexible with its schedule. This is perfect for those whose days are a little more crowded.

In both programs, you’ll learn top programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. You’ll also build other skills like React.js, Terminal, PostgreSQL, and more. This course can truly teach you everything you’ll need to know. You can also receive career services to help you get started in the field.

How to Get Accepted into DigitalCrafts

DigitalCrafts has a relatively simple application process. As with the majority of coding bootcamps, there are various steps to take, and most are online. If you want to get accepted into DigitalCrafts, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

DigitalCrafts Acceptance Rate

DigitalCrafts does not publish its acceptance rate.

DigitalCrafts Application Process

There are four main steps in the DigitalCrafts application process.

  1. Fill out and submit your application. The application will ask for your name, address, and preferred program.
  2. Complete an interview with a DigitalCrafts team member. The interviewer will ask about your goals, aspirations, and passions to find out whether you’re a good fit.
  3. Take a coding test. This JavaScript assessment will measure your knowledge and determination with full stack development.
  4. Wait for your test results. This usually takes about a day. If you pass the test, DigitalCrafts will send you all the information you need to start your program of choice.

DigitalCrafts Interview Questions

DigitalCrafts does not make its interview questions public. However, coding bootcamp interview questions, like job interview questions, are similar across the board. Below are some common questions you may be asked.

  • What is your passion for coding?
  • Why did you choose DigitalCrafts?
  • What are your goals going into this immersive bootcamp?
  • Why do you want to be a software developer?
  • Why do you want to learn full stack web development?

How Can You Prepare for DigitalCrafts?

If you want to prepare for your DigitalCrafts course, you should try taking a prep course. Familiarizing yourself with web development is a great way to get more comfortable with the material.

DigitalCrafts does not offer its own prep courses for future students. However, there are other terrific options to help you hone your full stack knowledge.

  1. Learn JS – One of the recommended resources for prospective students is Learn JS. You can learn JavaScript, one of the most important languages in web development. This tutorial is perfect for those who have no prior coding knowledge.
  2. Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set – If you like to read, Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set by Jon Duckett can help you prepare for DigitalCrafts. It can teach you the basics before you get started online.
  3. freeCodeCamp – freeCodeCamp offers a more intermediate experience for JavaScript and web development students. This course is a great free way to learn the concepts and principles you need to master the DigitalCrafts code assessment.
  4. Web Development Roadmaps | w3schools.com – The Web Development Roadmaps section of w3schools is a reliable way to learn web development basics. You can learn nearly anything involving software engineering and full stack development. With excellent pacing and in-depth modules, it’s worth exploring before you start an immersive bootcamp.
  5. Codecademy Courses – If you are looking for prep courses, Codecademy offers great options for potential web developers. While you can pursue any web development concepts, try taking a course on a specific programming language. This is especially beneficial if you haven’t yet taken the DigitalCrafts coding assessment.

Is DigitalCrafts Worth It?

DigitalCrafts is worth it if you want to take a high-quality full stack development course. Coding bootcamps are fantastic alternatives to traditional bachelor’s degrees in computer science. You will likely learn more in-depth concepts and useful principles to use in the real world.

If you are searching for immersive bootcamps on different topics, like UX/UI design or cyber security, DigitalCrafts isn’t for you. However, if you want to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then DigitalCrafts can be a great resource.

DigitalCrafts Job Placement

DigitalCrafts graduates find jobs with a placement rate of 80 percent. This coding school offers great job assistance programs and resources. It also hosts a career week to help soon-to-be graduates find a job.

Does DigitalCrafts Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, DigitalCrafts does not offer a job guarantee. The coding bootcamp makes up for it with comprehensive career services. DigitalCrafts also offers a vast employer network to help you get a job.

Should You Apply to DigitalCrafts?

DigitalCrafts is a solid bootcamp if you want to focus on full stack web development. If you are searching for something other than software development and web development, then DigitalCrafts may not be for you.

DigitalCrafts comes highly recommended from previous students who now have jobs in the industry. With amazing instructors, useful portfolio projects, and immersive and flex options, DigitalCrafts is worth a look.

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