Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Although John Hopkins is a renowned medical school, it also has a tech bootcamp that’s worth checking out. If you’re on the lookout for an immersive web development or data program, this might be the coding bootcamp for you.

Read our Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp review below to get a better idea of what the school has to offer and how you can work toward becoming a full stack web developer or data analyst by taking its programs.

What Do You Need to Know About the Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp?

The coding bootcamp at Johns Hopkins Engineering is offered in partnership with tech education provider Trilogy Education Services. Through this collaboration, the university aims to ensure graduates of the program will go on to enter high-quality digital careers.

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The platform’s 24-week course will give students all the tools they need to become a full stack web developer. Students who attend the Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp will also receive tutoring and career assistance.

Locations Baltimore
Tuition $10,995
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Scholarships
Start Dates May 11
Program Types Part-Time, Online
Courses Data Analytics, Coding

Where Are the Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp Campuses Located?

The Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp is located at John Hopkins’ Engineering School in Baltimore.

How Much Is Tuition at the Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp?

Tuition at Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp is $10,995, but the price can vary depending on the program and schedule you choose.

How Can You Pay the Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp Tuition?

At Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp, students can choose between several payment methods, including coding bootcamp scholarships. We’ll go over these financing options below.

Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

The school offers a $500 scholarship for new learners. This award can’t be used along with other discounts.

Upfront Payment

If you can afford it, paying for our course upfront is a good choice. This will alleviate any financial distractions as you attend your lessons. If you choose this option, you will have to pay in full before class commences.

Can You Use the GI Bill at Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp?

Yes, you can use the GI Bill at Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp. The school will cover a percentage of the tuition fee.

What Courses Does the Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp Offer?

Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp offers courses in web development and data analytics. These courses help students become data analysts or web developers. Below is a breakdown of what you’ll learn in each course.

The Coding Boot Camp at Johns Hopkins – In-Person | Online

The program follows a market-driven curriculum that covers all the essential elements of coding. The instructor will teach you programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, plus libraries like jQuery and Express.js. It also goes over Agile methodologies and database theories.

By the end of the class, you will have a portfolio full of the web applications you’ve created to validate your skills. The school ensures that it accommodates all students who want to become software engineers by offering this course on a part-time schedule. Classes take place in the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday, and Saturday morning.

The Data Analytics Boot Camp at Johns Hopkins – In-Person | Online

In this 12-week program, you will learn multiple data analysis and visualization techniques. The bootcamp features an introduction to SQL and Python. You will also cover different data models and relational databases. The expert instructor will help you apply your critical and strategic thinking abilities to data analysis.

To complete the program, you must finish a capstone project and attend career services
sessions. Its career services include career coaching, alumni panels, workshops, and employer information sessions.

How to Get Accepted Into the Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp

Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp has a relatively high acceptance rate compared to other bootcamps such as Flatiron School.

Since the program targets beginners, it is relatively easy to get in.

Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp Acceptance Rate

Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp has an acceptance rate of 13 percent overall and accepts 52 percent of women applicants.

The Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp Application Process

The bootcamp’s application process is straightforward and is similar to a university application. To get started, follow the steps below.

  1. If you’ve made up your mind that you want to attend this bootcamp, you can apply under its early decision policy for the course that begins in May.
  2. Fill out the form on the bootcamp’s website. The application form contains additional options for students to upload content showcasing their achievements in extracurricular activities, and their teamwork skills. Doing this can improve your overall score, which will be used to determine whether you’ll be admitted.
  3. You must also write an emotive narrative essay to convince the admissions team that you’re worth accepting.
  4. The admissions team will contact you for an interview
  5. If your application is successful, the admissions department will let you know.

The Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp Interview Questions

In the interview to get into Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp, you will be asked about your technical and soft skills.

Remember that the admission team is not only looking at your coding ability. They are looking for certain personality traits that they think will be a good match for their program.

Below are some of the topics you may be asked about as part of your coding bootcamp interview.

  • Your aspirations
  • Your technical ability
  • Career background
  • Achievements in programming

How Can You Prepare for the Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp?

The Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp is happy to accept beginners in its six-month coding and data analytics courses. However, it recommends that students in the data analytics course have either a bachelor’s degree or two years of work experience in a related field, such as business.

To prepare for the coding bootcamp, you can familiarise yourself with basic programming languages. Students attending this course are also expected to complete pre-course coding tutorials before their class begins.

Is the Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp Worth It?

Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp is worth it. The data analytics and coding programs are thorough and are conveniently spread out over six months on a part-time schedule. The quality of education is also undeniable. The school employs expert instructors and provides an up-to-date curriculum.

The school also provides networking opportunities, such as the quarterly Demo Day, which is a chance for students to display their final projects to industry professionals.

The platform will also provide you with career coaching well after graduation until you’re able to find a job. The bootcamp’s career advisers will also help you build your professional portfolio, prepare for job interviews, and update your resume and social media profiles.

Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp Job Placement

Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp has a job placement rate of 97 percent, meaning graduates were employed in fellowships or full-time jobs within six months of graduation.

Former students of Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp work in diverse areas of tech, such as IT, consulting, finance, health care, engineering, or research. Some are employed at major tech firms like Deloitte, Epic, ScribeAmerica, Amazon, and Google.

Does Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, the coding bootcamp does not offer a job guarantee. However, it features career services to ensure that students are successful.

Should You Apply to the Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp?

Yes, you should apply to Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp. The coding and data analytics bootcamps provide students with an opportunity to grow their programming and data skills.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, web development is one of the fastest-growing careers in the country. A 2018 report predicts that by 2026, there will be a 15 percent increase in the number of web development jobs in the nation.

Through hands-on experience, Johns Hopkins Coding Bootcamp gives students the skills they need to meet this high demand. So, if you’re interested in data or coding, it might be time to apply to this school.

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