Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp Reviews and Complete Guide

The Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp is connected to the University of Pennsylvania. It can teach you different tech skills like coding, cyber security, data, and fintech.

If you want to enroll in this bootcamp, read this comprehensive review. You can learn about Penn LPS tuition costs, job placement, the application process, and financing options.

What Do You Need to Know about Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp?

This coding bootcamp is offered by the College of Liberal and Professional Studies of the University of Pennsylvania. Penn LPS attracts students from all backgrounds who want to develop their tech skills.

Locations Philadelphia, Online
Tuition Full-Time: $14,495, Part-Time: $12,495
Financing Options Private Loans, Upfront Payment
Start Dates Rolling Start Dates
Program Types Full-time, Part-time
Courses Coding, Cyber Security, Data Analysis and Visualization, FinTech

Where Are Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp’s Campuses Located?

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The coding bootcamp has a campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can also take its courses online.

How Much Is Tuition At Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp?

Tuition at Penn LPS costs $12,495 part-time or $14,495 full-time.

How Can You Pay Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp Tuition?

Penn LPS provides different financing options to help you cover your tuition fees. Read below to discover the best payment option for you.

Penn LPS Scholarships

Penn LPS offers coding bootcamp scholarships for some of its programs. You can get a scholarship based on merit, financial need, and other criteria. Check to see which scholarships Penn LPS is offering when you apply. This is a great way to finance your tuition because you never have to pay the money back.

Monthly Installments

The school also provides flexible payment plans. This is an interest-free way to break up your tuition payments. You can pay an initial amount then cover the rest in small monthly installments.

Upfront Payment

If you have the means, you can cover your tuition expenses before beginning any classes. This will help you focus on your studies. You can get a discount if you register for the courses early and pay upfront.

Loan Financing

Penn LPS partners with different loan providers to help you finance your education. These institutions can lend you money to cover your tuition fees, and you can pay them back with interest.

Can You Use the GI Bill at Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp?

Yes, some of the Penn LPS courses are approved for the GI Bill. If you are an eligible veteran, you can apply the benefits toward tuition fees.

What Courses Does Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp Offer?

Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp offers many training courses to help you become a tech professional. You can become a data analyst, cyber security engineer, web developer, or fintech advisor. Penn LPS also has great career services with every course to help you get a job after graduation.

Cyber Security – Part-Time – In-Person | Online

The school offers a part-time cyber security course to help you gain hands-on experience. It can teach you networking, web technologies, and defensive and offensive cyber security. This program adopts a multidisciplinary approach to tackle modern networking systems. The instructor will cover cryptography, ethical hacking, and penetration testing.

Data Analysis and Visualization – Part-Time – In-Person | Online

You can take this part-time program to learn data analysis. The lessons cover machine learning, Python, data analysis, CSS, Excel, and Hadoop. Experienced professional instructors lead the classes. This project-based program can help you learn practical skills to solve data-related problems.

Financial Technology – Part-Time – In-Person | Online

This program will teach you financial technology processes, principles, and tools. You’ll learn how to use Python in programming, machine learning algorithms, and financial libraries. You will also learn Blockchain, Excel, cryptocurrency, machine learning, Python, and SQL. This is a great, all-inclusive fintech course.

Full Stack Web Development – Full-Time – In-Person | Online

The coding bootcamp will cover popular programming languages like HTML, CSS, and jQuery. You’ll also learn how to use programs like Node.js and MySQL. This full stack web development program will teach you everything you need to know. You will graduate with a portfolio and a certificate.

How to Get Accepted Into Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp

To get accepted into Penn LPS coding bootcamp, you will need to demonstrate passion and motivation. The school does not enroll students based purely on academic qualifications. It accepts students who want a career change or a new set of skills.

Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp Acceptance Rate

Penn LPS coding bootcamp has not publicly declared its acceptance rate.

Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp Application Process

Penn LPS does not have open enrollment, and you need to complete an application first. Follow the steps below to apply and get into Penn LPS.

  1. Fill out the school’s contact form or make a direct call to the admissions department.
  2. Complete a phone interview with a career advisor from the school.
  3. Wait to see if you’ve passed the interview.
  4. Take a critical thinking and problem-solving assessment.

Penn LPS Coding Bootcamp Interview Questions

The admissions team at Penn LPS seeks students who are passionate about coding. The interview is based on your personal drive and any experience you have. Below are some topics that your coding bootcamp interview may cover.

  • Your passion for learning code
  • Your experience
  • Your career objectives
  • Your preferred learning schedule

How Can You Prepare for Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp?

Even beginners can take courses at Penn LPS, so you don’t have to worry about preparing. It offers a pre-course tutorial before you get started. However, you should have a bachelor’s degree or similar experience before you apply.

Is Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp Worth It?

Yes, Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp is worth it. This bootcamp is an excellent alternative to university. It can help you develop marketable skills with guidance from experienced instructors. You can go from beginner to expert in just a few months.

Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp Job Placement

Penn LPS does not disclose its job placement statistics. However, it does provide robust career guidance to help you get a job as soon as possible after graduation. Penn LPS can pair you with a career director and a profile coach team. You will also have access to its resume and social media support.

This bootcamp also partners with Trilogy of Education Services, which works with many universities in the US. This service aims to close the digital skills gap and help people develop useful and industry-ready skills.

Does Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Penn LPS does not offer a job guarantee. Instead, it provides other resources to ensure you succeed in your job search. Its career support team will work to ensure you find a job upon graduation with individualized services.

Should You Apply to Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp?

Yes, you should apply to Penn LPS coding bootcamp. The school offers expert instructors to help you develop essential tech skills. You can develop data science, financial technology, web development, and cyber security skills. The intense curriculum helps novices become experts in 24 weeks or less.

With real-world projects, personalized career coaching, and more, you should look into Penn LPS. The programs will prepare you to navigate the current job market with ease. Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp is an excellent choice in 2021.

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