Product Gym Reviews and Complete Guide

Product Gym is a New York-based membership association for aspiring product managers. This exclusive 6-week program gives product managers the chance to network, improve their skills, and make major career advancements. While there aren’t many Product Gym reviews available online, the ones you will find are all positive.

Why are there so many positive reviews about this association? Are these reviews unbiased? Is Product Gym worth it for new and experienced product managers? In this article, we’ll answer these questions and give you all the essential information you need to know about this organization.

What Do You Need to Know About Product Gym?

Product Gym is located in New York and San Francisco, but the organization has a comprehensive online platform as well. Members can use the online platform to network, interact, and get the support they need. Some instructors even use the online platform to provide live classes to members.

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Members learn all the critical aspects of product management, focusing on a mix of soft skills and tech skills. Some of the product management fundamentals covered include product road mapping, business and market analysis, wireframe and prototype testing, and building stakeholder consensus.

The organization’s ultimate goal is to make sure that all members have a well-rounded knowledge of product management.

Product Gym Key Information
Locations New York City, San Francisco, Online
Tuition $6,000
Financing Options ISAs, Installments, Upfront
Start Dates February 6, 2021
Program Types Online, Full-Time
Courses Data Science for Product Managers; Product Management Fundamentals; Preparing for Product Launch; Engineering and Product; Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter

Where Are Product Gym’s Campuses Located?

Product Gym has just two campuses in the US, one in New York and the other in San Francisco. Members also have access to an online platform that they can use to interact with each other and attend virtual classes with live instructors.

  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Online

Online classes are available in London, Singapore, and some other undisclosed locations. Members receive their classes through live streaming channels, recordings, and online workshops. They can also use the online platform to communicate with their coaches.

How Much Is Tuition at Product Gym?

The tuition at Product Gym is $6,000. It is a flat fee for both online and onsite membership. Unlike other associations that have different courses at different prices, Product Gym offers just one price for all its classes.

How Can You Pay Product Gym Tuition?

The primary payment method for Product Gym tuition is upfront payment. However, there are other options available for those who cannot afford to pay the full $6,000 upfront.

Product Gym Scholarships

Product Gym does not offer any scholarships at this time. However, members can opt for scholarships from external sources. Since it is a membership community and not a coding bootcamp, members may find it difficult to tap into scholarships from external sources.


Product Gym currently offers Income Share Agreements (ISAs) in partnership with Meratas. This ISA is meant to make things easier for members by deferring tuition payments until the member gets a high-paying job in product management. After you reach a minimum salary threshold, a percentage of your pre-tax salary will be taken monthly as repayment to Meratas funding.

Loan Financing

Product Gym is not affiliated with any loan financing firms at this time. Members can, however, request private loans from lenders like Ascent Funding and Climb Credit.

With Ascent Funding, you’ll have up to 42 months to repay your loan and repayment will only start after you get a job. Alternatively, with Climb Credit, you will have 36 months to repay your loan. Keep in mind that Climb Credit’s loan accrues interest and your total tuition will be higher than $6,000.


If you cannot access loans, another option you can explore is installment payments. You can split your tuition into two or three payments instead of one lump sum payment. If you choose two payments, you will pay $3,750 for each payment. With the three-installment option, you will have to pay three payments of $3,000.

Can You Use the GI Bill at Product Gym?

No, you cannot use the GI Bill at Product Gym.

What Courses Does Product Gym Offer?

Product Gym offers a range of product management classes to help members become more efficient product managers. It currently has 12 classes that run for 30 to 45 minutes each for six weeks. Below is a list of the top five classes.

Data Science for Product Managers – In-Person | Online

This class focuses on teaching members how to make data-driven decisions when they are supervising data scientists. Apart from the fundamentals of data science and its application in product management, you will also learn how to pass job interviews with data.

Product Management Fundamentals – In-Person | Online

As the name implies, this class teaches the fundamentals of product management. It includes but is not limited to evaluating KPIs and OKRs, defining MVPs, understanding wireframing, conducting thorough market analyses, and creating a product roadmap. It also teaches future product managers how to build stakeholder consensus, and how to oversee prototype testing.

Preparing for Product Launch – Online | In-Person

This class offers a vivid analysis of the crucial steps product managers should take when they are preparing for a product launch. You will learn best practices for positioning products ahead of a launch as well as every detail of preparing for a product launch.

Engineering and Product – In-Person | Online

You do not need to learn how to code to build a successful career in product management. However, having a fundamental knowledge of technical concepts will help you advance in your career. You might even be more likely to get a job than someone who doesn’t know how software engineering works. You will also learn the difference between user designers and visual designers.

Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter – In-Person | Online

There is a lot of competition in the product management job space. Your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter must be perfect if you are to convince a company that hiring you is a good idea. The recommended style and best practices for resumes and cover letters change all the time, so Product Gym will make sure you know how to stay up to date.

How to Get Accepted into Product Gym

Getting accepted into Product Gym isn’t easy. The association is exclusive and it doesn’t have an open application policy. You will have to contact a representative to schedule a call and make inquiries about the process. The representative will advise you from there.

Product Gym Acceptance Rate

Product Gym does not publish its acceptance rate at this time.

Product Gym Application Process

There isn’t a lot of information available about the application process online, undoubtedly because it is an exclusive program. In absence of formal guidance, we suggest you follow the steps below to get your foot in the door.

  1. Read the terms and conditions on the Product Gym website to make sure that you are doing the right thing.
  2. Go to the contact page and reach out to a representative via email.
  3. Make all the inquiries about membership or career placement and schedule an official interview.
  4. If you’re a good fit, you will be contacted by an interviewer to join the community by making payment.
  5. Create an account following the instructions from the interviewer. You can always access your account directly from the official website.
  6. Go back to the website. Scroll to the end of the home page and you will see a payment link.

Product Gym Interview Questions

Product Gym does not have a standard set of interview questions. However, the structure of the interview is pretty ordinary. You can expect to be asked about some, if not all, of the topics below.

  • The motivation behind your interest in product management.
  • Your progress in the product management industry so far.
  • Your long-term goals in product management.

How Can You Prepare for Product Gym?

There isn’t much preparation to be done to become a Product Gym member, as the association does not have rigid requirements. However, those who already have at least two years of experience in product management might find it easier to get accepted into the program.

Reading introductory information about all the topics at Product Gym before you enroll might also give you an edge. It’s even better if you are already in the tech industry and you are trying to get into product management.

Is Product Gym Worth It?

Yes, Product Gym is worth it. It stands out from other free product management associations because of the career assistance and advancement opportunities it offers.

However, the lack of traditional bootcamp scholarships and the high cost of tuition might be discouraging.

Product Gym Job Placement

While Product Gym’s job placement rate has not been publicized, the organization does have an extensive career placement program. Members have access to industry leaders and can access private coaching for an additional $10,000. And when you get a job offer, the advisor will help you with salary negotiation to ensure that you get the best deal.

Does Product Gym Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Product Gym does not offer a job guarantee. It does, however, prepare product managers for everything they will face in the job market. It has a vast network and is affiliated with many companies that offer product management positions.

Should You Apply to Product Gym?

Yes, you should apply to Product Gym if you are a product manager who is looking for more opportunities in the industry. It is also perfect for anyone who wants a resume boost or simply intends to learn more about product management.

The average salary for product managers in the United States is $111,213. So, you can see why many people are diving into this industry. It is one of the highest-paying careers in tech. The membership cost might be high, but it will be worth it.

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