UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps Reviews and Complete Guide

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps is a respected coding bootcamp in San Diego, California. As you will see in many UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps reviews, the school covers a range of tech disciplines including full-stack web development, cyber security, and data science.

What Do You Need to Know About UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps?

This bootcamp is an extension of the University of California San Diego, but you do not have to be a student of the university to attend the bootcamp. The bootcamp is sponsored by training program organizer Trilogy Education Services.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps usually offers its courses on-site. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, classes have been temporarily moved online for the safety of students and instructors.
The coding bootcamp at UC San Diego offers full-time courses that last 12 weeks, and part-time courses lasting 24-week in order to accommodate working students.
By the time students complete their bootcamp, they will have all the knowledge they need to start a career in the tech industry.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp Key Information
Locations San Diego, California
Tuition Full-time $12,495 – $12,745, Part-time $10,995 – $12,995
Financing Options Upfront, Scholarship, Payment Plan, GI Bills
Start Dates Rolling Start Dates
Program Types Online, Full-Time, Part-Time
Courses Coding, Cyber Security, Data Science

Where Are UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps Campuses Located?

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The UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps campus is located in San Diego, California, but classes are currently held online.

  • San Diego
  • Online

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps emphasizes on-site learning because it gives students a chance to network and socialize in a way that virtual classes do not. But for now, online classes are the only option at the training institute due to COVID-19.

The school has reported that its career support services are still in full swing and that its job placement rate is the same as when its classes were held in-person.

How Much Is Tuition at UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps?

Tuition at UCSD Extension varies based on the course. Most of the school’s full-time coding bootcamps cost $12,995, while most of the part-time courses cost $10,995.

How Can You Pay UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps Tuition?

Like other coding bootcamps, UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps has several financing options. Below, we’ll go over those options in detail.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps Scholarships

If you’re a student or graduate of the University of California San Diego, you will be automatically entitled to a $500 scholarship once you’re admitted into the bootcamp. Still, you will need to apply to the program like anyone else.


Income share agreements (ISAs) allow students to study first and pay their tuition only after they have gotten a job. UCSD’s bootcamp does not offer an ISA.

Payment Plan

This is the most popular payment option at UCSD’s bootcamp. Students pay an initial deposit upfront, then the rest of their tuition is divided into interest-free monthly installments.

Can You Use the GI Bill at UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps?

Yes, veterans and students from families of veterans can enjoy tuition discounts at UCSD Boot Camps in accordance with the GI Bill. If you fall into this category, contact the bootcamp for more information.

What Courses Does UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps Offer?

The programs in UC San Diego’s bootcamp cover more topics than many other bootcamps in the country. There are courses for amateurs and experienced tech experts alike.
Students with little to no coding experience can take the free prep courses at UC San Diego Boot Camps to prepare for their chosen course.

Coding – In-Person | Online

The full-stack web development program at this bootcamp is available for full-time and part-time students.

The full-time program is 12 weeks long and requires a commitment of 20 hours a week. The part-time option runs for 24 weeks, and you’ll be expected to dedicate 10 hours to it weekly.
Both programs start with courses on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You’ll also learn about backend and front-end web programming concepts and frameworks like React.js, Node.js, jQuery, MongoDB, Git, and MySQL.

Cyber Security – In-Person | Online

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp’s cyber security course is highly regarded. It is only offered on a part-time basis over 24 weeks.

These cyber security lessons will prepare students for jobs both in and outside of the tech industry. They will learn how to deploy and secure operating systems, test them, and protect them from external breaches. The bootcamp also teaches students about ethical hacking, cryptography, and coding with Python.

Data Science – In-Person | Online

Data science is a huge emerging field of tech. Whether you want to become a data analyst, data scientist, or IT specialist, this data science and visualization program at UCSD Extension could be hugely beneficial.

The course covers machine learning, SQL databases, and programming languages like CSS and Python. It is one of the most comprehensive data science courses out there.

How to Get Accepted Into UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps is open to beginners and experienced tech professionals who want to boost their skills. You will likely need to take a few prep courses before you start the program, especially if you are new to the tech industry.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at UC San Diego Boot Camps is higher than many other technical training institutions. However, the exact acceptance rate has not been made public.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps Application Process

You can fill out the application for UC San Diego Boot Camps online. Before COVID-19, started, students could visit the San Diego school to submit a written application, but this is currently not an option.

  1. Visit the official UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps website to start the admissions process.
  2. Fill out the application form. Note that you can call the school directly if you have any questions while completing the form.
  3. Attend an initial phone interview with an adviser.
  4. If the adviser recommends you for admission, you will have to complete a critical-thinking and problem-solving assessment.
  5. If you pass the assessment, you will be admitted into the bootcamp.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps Interview Questions

The interview is arguably the most important part of the interview process. Because the school doesn’t require applicants to have years of experience in tech, the coding bootcamp interview process is a casual affair that gives the admissions board a chance to get to know you.

The interviewer will ask you questions about your experience with tech over the years and your goals moving forward. You should expect questions similar to those listed below.

  • How long have you been interested in diving into the tech industry?
  • Which of our courses interests you the most?
  • Why did you choose UCSD Extension?

How Can You Prepare for the UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps?

Regardless of which course you choose, taking prep courses is a good idea. Whether you are experienced or not, you could learn something from these free lessons. Unfortunately, you can only get access to the pre-course work after you have completed the application process.

Is UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps Worth It?

Yes, UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps is worth it. The certification you receive upon finishing the course is an ideal alternative to a college education. Instead of spending years in college preparing to join the tech industry, you can learn everything you need to know in a matter of months at UCSD Extension.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps Job Placement

All of the courses at UC San Diego Boot Camps are based on experiential learning. This allows students to build their portfolios while they study. The Data Science courses also utilize real datasets.
This bootcamp also provides solid career support to its students. Some of its career services include resume reviews, social media support, portfolio reviews, and career coaching. The starting salary for a UC San Diego Boot Camps graduate is within the national average for bootcamp students, at $66,000 to $70,000.

Does UC San Diego Boot Camps Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps does not offer a job guarantee. There is a strong chance that you will get a job after graduating, but the school doesn’t provide refunds to those who don’t secure a job.

Should You Apply to UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps?

Yes, you should apply. It has a good variety of tech classes, whether you want to become a data scientist, web developer, or software engineer.
The top-tier training provided by this institution combined with the career services on offer makes this bootcamp a great career move. After graduating from one of these programs, you’ll be ready to launch your technology career.

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