LearningFuze Reviews and Complete Guide

LearningFuze is one of the best online coding bootcamps for full stack web development. At this school, you can expect fast-paced courses that will allow you to start a career in the tech industry.

Irvine, California-based LearningFuze offers part-time and full-time immersive programs to accommodate students from all backgrounds. Keep reading to find out if LearningFuze is worth it for a front or backend web development course.

What Do You Need to Know About LearningFuze?

LearningFuze’s engaging coding bootcamps are a great way for aspiring tech professionals in Irvine to gain experience. Due to COVID-19, classes are currently taught live online through video conferencing and work-chat apps.

At this school, students are taught in-demand programming languages and also receive career coaching to prepare them to enter the tech workforce.

Locations Irvine, California
Tuition $95 – $13,995
Financing Options Scholarships, Loan Financing, Deferred Payment
Start Dates March 6
Program Types Online, Full-time, Part-time
Courses Full Stack Web Development, LFZ Prep Course, UI/UX Design Course

Where Are LearningFuze Campuses Located?

LearningFuze’s only campus is located in Irvine. Although the school doesn’t have branches all over the US, its immersive online classes make up for that.

  • Irvine, California
  • Online

Some bootcamps have separate curriculums for online and on-site courses, but at LearningFuze, the curriculums are the same. The school also offers the same job placement and career help to its online students.

How Much Is Tuition at LearningFuze?

The tuition at LearningFuze ranges from as low as $95 to a high of $13,995. The price is subject to change, but it will be the same regardless of whether you choose to take a course online or offline.

How Can You Pay LearningFuze Tuition?

As with other bootcamps, students can cover their cost of learning by choosing from a variety of payment options.

LearningFuze Scholarships

One of the best ways to fund your bootcamp education is to apply for a scholarship. LearningFuze scholarships can cover some or all of your tuition if you qualify.

One of the available scholarships is called the Spring into Tech Scholarship Contest 2021. The winner will receive $2,000 to put toward their tuition.

Women living in the United States and veterans will get a $500 scholarship. Students who pay for their course upfront are entitled to a discount of $1,000, and those who choose early registration will get $500 off their tuition.


Income share agreements (ISAs) allow students to only pay back their tuition once they have secured a high-paying job in tech. Then, they must pay back a percentage of their income each month for a set number of years.

LearningFuze does not have an ISA, but it does offer a deferred payment option, meaning students will pay $22,000 once they are employed. Keep in mind that students who opt for this payment plan don’t qualify for LearningFuze scholarships or discounts.

Loan Financing

The loans at LearningFuze are offered in partnership with Skills Fund. This option allows the student to make an initial deposit of $7,000, followed by monthly payments of $183.74.

If you take out a Skills Fund loan, you can still apply for discounts and scholarships.

Can You Use the GI Bill at LearningFuze?

No, Veterans cannot use the GI Bill at LearningFuze. However, they are entitled to the $500 tuition discount, as listed above.

What Courses Does LearningFuze Offer?

The courses at LearningFuze will mold students into valuable members of the tech community. It has prep courses for beginners and advanced courses for more experienced learners.

LFZ Prep Course – In-Person | Online

LearningFuze has a two-week prep course that costs $95. You will learn the fundamentals of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Students will also get an understanding of Git and other aspects of front end web development.

There are no scholarships or discounts available for this program, and the weekly time commitment is five hours.

Full-Immersion Coding Bootcamp – In-Person | Online

This 14-week, full-stack web development program trains students on front and backend web development. This program has options for part-time, full-time, and remote learning. Throughout the course, students will learn all the soft skills they need to secure a high-paying web development job.

This bootcamp starts off with coding basics, like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and moves on to more advanced platforms used for front end development, such as React.js and Node.js. The coursework involves lots of projects, which students will compile into a portfolio before the course is over.

The course costs $13,995 for full-time and $3,995 for the part-time option.

UI/UX Design – Online | In-Person

LearningFuze stands out from other coding bootcamps because of its UI/UX design course. Only a handful of bootcamps have a dedicated program for user experience and user interface design that also addresses digital marketing.

This project-oriented course is broken into two modules. The first covers core UI/UX skills, starting with how to conduct user research and market analysis, then getting into the technical side of web design, including wireframing and high fidelity designs.

The second module covers advanced web design concepts, such as interaction design, animations, responsive design for apps, and how to use Agile methodologies in software development.

This part-time course for beginners lasts 12 weeks and costs $3,995. It requires that students attend classes three days per week, and dedicate 15 to 20 total hours to learning per week.

How to Get Accepted Into LearningFuze

Getting into LearningFuze is straightforward. Applying takes no more than 10 minutes.

LearningFuze Acceptance Rate

LearningFuze has not published its acceptance rate.

LearningFuze Application Process

The application process is divided into four different categories. You will know if you have been admitted when you reach the final stage.

  1. First, you have to create a student account on LearningFuze’s website. At this point, you will be expected to submit details like your email address, course choice, etc.
  2. Then, choose your start date and your preferred interview date before you turn in your application.
  3. Attend the interview on the scheduled date.
  4. If you pass your interview, you will be invited to take complete the last step in the process, which is a technical assessment. If you pass, you will be admitted.

LearningFuze Interview Questions

At LearningFuze, the interview questions are easy. The interview does not cover many technical aspects since you will still have to take a technical assessment after the interview. You will find some potential coding bootcamp questions below.

  • What are your top four weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to learn how to code?
  • Why did you choose LearningFuze for your training?
  • Are you committed to completing this program?
  • Why did you choose your current course of interest?

How Can You Prepare for LearningFuze?

Your preparation will depend on the course you have selected. If you are interested in the full stack web development bootcamp, you will have to complete the LFZ Prep Course.

For the UX/UI Design program, you only need basic computer skills to get started. Prep courses are provided for all students after registration, but they are not mandatory for experienced students.

Since the prep course is not free, you may want to take introductory CSS, JavaScript, and HTML courses online for free instead.

Is LearningFuze Worth It?

Yes, LearningFuze is worth it. It is an excellent bootcamp that teaches people how to code using modern programming languages. You will not get a degree as you would if you chose a college program, but you are likely to secure a job much faster.

LearningFuze prepares students to be assimilated into the workplace without needing any additional education.

LearningFuze Job Placement

About 96 percent of LearningFuze graduates get a job within two months of finishing their course. This is partially due to LearningFuze’s reliable career assistance services and its partnerships with tech companies.

Does LearningFuze Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, LearningFuze does not offer a job guarantee. However, students are guided through the job search process. One-on-one job coaching allows students to get the help they need anytime during office hours.

Should You Apply to LearningFuze?

Yes, you should apply to LearningFuze. It is one of the few bootcamps in California that provides both web development and UX/UI courses. Most technical training schools offer one or the other. Tuition at LearningFuze might be on the high side, but the intensity of its courses means it’s worth it.

Thanks to the school’s career coaching program and partnerships with leading tech companies, it is almost guaranteed that you will get a high-paying job of at least $60,000 within a few months of graduation.

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