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Top 5 UI Design Trends You Can’t Miss in 2021

Every year, top web designers and other creatives inject the market with fresh UI design ideas and trends. 2021 is not about to be an exception even with all the disruptions that the pandemic has caused in 2020.

With more businesses going online and competition getting fiercer daily, priority will shift towards pleasing web users first before selling. For this, we expect to see user interface designs that are more personalized, intuitive, and engaging than ever before.

In this article, we share the top five design trends to look out for in 2021. Adopt one of these to be ahead!

Video UI Designs 

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While words are known to tell detail-rich stories, videos also have their space especially when you want to share information without forcing visitors to scroll up and down. 

In 2021, designers will be moving towards developing user interfaces that can accommodate everyone. That means incorporating video UI designs that relay content visually alongside the traditional written content. 

Collaborative Designs

More websites owners are now looking to make user experiences more personalized while increasing options. To achieve this, they need to enhance collaborations between everyone involved in content development and marketing as well as designers.

Collaborative designs allow writers, designers, developers, and marketers to showcase their creative flair simultaneously. In 2021, this will be key to help bring the best out of these creatives. We, therefore, expect collaborative tools such as WriteMaps to become more popular as designers seek to save time and streamline the design process.


Cards are nothing new in the web design space but they don’t seem to be appreciated enough. They are excellent for small-size screens and a lot of clever designers use them to share content in a condensed manner.

Recently, Google added them to its Material Design (also known as Quantum Paper design language). Couple this with the fact that they look so neat on mobile design and you can see why Cards are not going anywhere in 2021.

Deep Gradients

The use of visual designs has been on the rise in the past few years. The trend is expected to grow in 2021 with designers deepening the use of gradients to bring out brighter and more vivid colors.

Today, more internet devices come with technologies that support display of deeper colors and other forms of graphics. This means designers can play around with gradient techniques that create more depth to tell stories even more effectively. 

Enhanced Illustrations

Color and typography form the basis of nearly all popular UI designs today. But the emergence of illustrations seems to be shifting gears. These nifty design elements encourage the use of animations and other micro-interactions to attract visitors. 

By using them, your website comes out as more playful, interesting, and less monotonous. In 2021, expect to see more designers employing illustrations to boost interactions and increase content consumption.

Which other UI design trend do you expect to be a hit in 2021? Let us know below and we will add them to the list.

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